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1117 Tunnel War! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In fact, what Liu Zilang saw was only the tip of the iceberg.

     In this game, Sexypig was seated in P City and personally directed the first line.

     Although everyone in the South Korean team started the game for development, many of them jumped to the wild spots around P City, Dragon Gate Inn and the school area.

     However, after their development, they quickly settled in City P under the command of Sexypig, so Liu Zilang and the others have stabbed a hornet's nest.

     From the smoke side, only the South Korean team in the southeast corner, and South Korean players from other directions also detoured towards the tunnel where the airdrop fell.

     In the fighting fish studio.

     "Hiss—! It feels like Vic and the others are getting bigger, and someone is coming from the side."

     "The main reason is that the South Korean team is really too stable this time. In the first wave of poison, there were 50 people in a group, and no extra development time was given. It is estimated that Vic and Wei Shen did not expect this."

     "But now they have trenches as bunkers, if they really want to fight a tunnel war, maybe they still have a chance."

     "Oh! The smoke is on fire!"

     Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator, the gunfire on the court suddenly became intense.

     In the first official exchange of fire between the two sides, the South Korean team clearly got the iron plate.

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang and Wei Shenke are the captains of the two seeded teams that PCPI is about to participate in the German PGI World Championship, but each other is just a few entertainment anchors.

     In just a blink of an eye, as many Koreans rushed out of the smoke, they were beaten to the ground.Only one or two "lucky ones" in this wave of people saw that the situation was wrong, and immediately turned around in time to escape the catastrophe.

     However, this wave of screens by Liu Zilang and Wei Shen's two teams also exposed the team information.

     In the three-story small building in the middle of P City, Sexypig is arranging the defense around P City in the voice, and the two teams that have transferred to encircle the south of the city and entered the trench to grab the airdrop.

      without omen...

     He glanced unconsciously, and happened to see the Liu Zilang ID brushed on the upper right. The blue veins on his forehead suddenly protruded, and his heart beat unconsciously faster!

     It's him!


     No, no!

     Soon, Sexypig calmed down again.

     Their goal in this game is to win, and they must not be sentimental anymore.

     After all, if they lose even this game, they won't even have the last fig leaf.

     And after losing the first two games, Sexypig summed it up after the game, and quickly discovered that Liu Zilang's bane often happened when he took the initiative to deal with him, causing the rhythm to collapse and collapse again, such as the G in the first game. Port, Picardo in the second game...

     So this game Sexypig decided to take the "treat everyone equally favorably" strategy.

     You force you to be strong, the breeze blows the hills, and absolutely no special treatment, send people to encircle and suppress.

     In this case...

     That guy can't do anything, right?

     After calming down, Sexypig immediately commanded in the team voice:"Don't worry about the rest of the people in the south, wait until the teammates on the flanks are in place to help you harass you with guns, and the teams in other positions in P City are on standby, keeping the direction they want to stare..."

     Hearing the command of Sexypig regular and thorough, everyone in the live broadcast room nodded.

      at the same time, an authentic trench.

     Kang Dang—!

     There is what thing landed.

     At the next moment, one of the two teams lying on the ground suddenly got up and stabbed over to the airdrop box.

      Not surprisingly, these two people are naturally Liu Zilang and Wei Shen.

      to meet face to face on a narrow path, the wise man wins!

     But this time, both are wise men.

     I saw the two sides ran, and a shock bomb slipped out of their hands at the same time, and they threw them towards each other.



     The shock bomb exploded, and there was a stretched buzzing sound in the ear!

     At this moment, the two turned around and flashed back at the same time, avoiding the blinding effect of the shock bomb to the limit.

     When the guide footage arrived, the audience in the live room was stunned when they saw it!

     "What's so special... is it a friendly army?"

     "Tsk tusk, I always thought that only Vic was cunning, but Wei Chen was also very slippery."

     "You don't know this, Wei Jiang, this is a long illness makes the patient into a good doctor, and was pitted by Vic forcibly."

     "Puff haha, how did I hear such an inexplicable bitterness..."


     The friends in the live broadcast room are sighing at Wei Shen's transformation.The two people in the tunnel had approached the airdrop box from the left and right sides like a gust of wind.

     Chuck chuck-!

     "Haha! It's done!"

     At the next moment, only Wei Shen laughed, and a handful of dark green AWM was in his hand.

     Although Liu Zilang's hand speed is not slow in this wave, the distance of his airdrop box is relatively far after all.

     The two seemed to be by the airdrop together, but Wei Shen was actually a step faster, so the AWM at the top of the airdrop box material list was naturally the quick-footed climb up first by him.

     But Liu Zilang didn't get nothing.

     Wei Shen had already recognized Liu Zilang next door, and couldn't help raising his AWM, grinning slightly, "How is it? Is my luck? Come on! Take a look, you're welcome."

     "What am I polite." Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang smiled lightly, "You are on the bullet."


     Wei Shen suddenly "ge-deng" in his heart, there is a kind of bad feeling.

     Almost subconsciously...

     He pressed the R key to play up, but there was a hollow noise in the headset.

     Wei Shen immediately opened his backpack to take a look, his face suddenly dumbfounded!

     Where's my Magnum bullet?

     Such a huge pile of bullets was still here just now, and I obviously pulled it into the bag!

      It should be noted, just to grab AWM, Wei Shen didn't even look at the medical box below.

     When he was in a daze, he suddenly remembered Liu Zilang's words, and immediately reacted, with some flustered and exasperated words in his mouth, "Fuck! It's you! It's you who took my bullet.""It's so unconventional." Liu Zilang scratched his butt and said with a smile, "Let's take it, not grab it."

     It turns out that although Wei Shen’s “drawing” was “drawing”, after he finished licking AWM, Liu Zilang licked the bullet a step faster than him, so Wei Shen’s two draws against Magnum bullets naturally became Invalid operation.

     Wei Shen obviously realized this too, but when he glanced at the AWM of his own hand, the corners of his mouth suddenly rose again, "What's the use of your bullets, let's do it, how about we come to Py?"

     "Py?" Liu Zilang was stunned.

     "You give me fifteen rounds of bullets, and I will shoot you after the shots." Wei Shen simply suggested.

     "Then I only make five shots." Liu Zilang's old face was dark.

     "The gun is mine." Wei Shen didn't let it go, as if he had eaten Liu Zilang to death.

     The clinker two were talking, and a sharp gunshot came from the other end of the tunnel.


     A sniper bullet pierced through a trench of tens of meters in a blink of an eye.


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