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1119 Sparkling Prairie Fire!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

From the footage provided by the director, it seems that the Huaxia team that appeared one after another around P City was obviously not here to support Liu Zilang and Wei Shen.

     Rong Ye and Su Changming were immediately stumped. For a while, they were frowns speechless.

     What on earth is Vic commanding?

     After a little silent for a while, Lord Rong noticed that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing and couldn't help coughing.

     "I think the Huaxia team here should want to relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, attack the South Korean team in other directions and relieve the pressure on teammates."

     But in the end, Lord Rong’s voice is getting lower and lower.

     Because even if it relieves a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, you have to be closer, right?

     At present, the “opening” method of the Huaxia team seems to have no effect on the plight of Liu Zilang in the south-east direction of P City. This so-called “relieved a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers” is naturally It is untenable.

     The explanation is not clear about the "gentleman agreement" of each team before the game, and it is naturally Best puzzling at this time.

     However, in the game, Liu Zilang, holding AWM, felt that the world was suddenly broad.

      With a burst of clicking sound, the powerful Magnum sniper bullet was pushed into the chamber.

     Opposite, the three-level Mercedes-Benz who had just been shot by him pulled up his blood, and after the energy bar was full, he took his little brother rush forward.

     Because of the lack of Sting!

     Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow, a smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

     He has AWM in hand, if the other party is a two-level head or a first-level head, it would be a bit of a pity that he would use a scalpel.But on the side of Mercedes-Benz, there is a dark "welder" third-level head. Liu Zilang's 98K shot did not break it. At this time, he was full of blood and rushed into a morale!


      without omen ground

     As if a muffled thunder rolled through the tunnel, Brother Benz's feet suddenly staggered!

     He just listened to thumped, he who led the charge suddenly kneels down on the ground, but the tertiary head on his head disappeared without a trace, leaving only a handful of red hair messy in the wind

     Where's my head?

     Why is it so spicy?

     Just put your head on it?

     After a short period of confusion, Benz suddenly woke up.

     No, the opponent has AWM.

     As for why there is AWM, this must not be asked.

     The airdrop box in the tunnel where the red smoke hasn't dissipated has already explained the problem.

     Damn it!

     How could there be such good luck!

     Mercedes-Benz was inwardly cursed in his heart, but his mouth immediately inspired his teammates, "Don't panic! They only have an AWM, keep it steady! We will win this wave!"

     As a result, hasn't even finished his sentence, Wei Shen, who had just been helped by Liu Zilang next to the airdrop box, was given the medicine. He raised his muzzle with anger at his attack and shameless indignation at Liu Zilang, splitting the head at Mercedes-Benz. and covering the face is just a fight.

     After all, if it wasn't his shot just now, maybe Wei Shen had already succeeded with Liu Zilang Py, and now he should be the one holding the AWM in his hand.

     Therefore, Wei Shen's burst of anger and hatred went on, and the first three shots of Mercedes-Benz were mercilessly made up. The remaining bullets that screamed were basically the corpse of the whip.But the South Korean team also not to be trifled with. Others hurriedly helped to set up guns, and some even threw flashes and thunders.

     Wei Shen had just been headshot without a helmet, and after venting a little bit with a few shots, he hurriedly drew back.

     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong's gunshots from their side sounded again.

     It turned out that everyone from the South Korean team on the side of the smoke, together with the teammates pressing in on the upper wing, began to charge here.

     This wave of opponents has many men, a great force, and the angles are extremely scattered. Although the tunnel side is lying alone in the formation, it can't stop the opponent from rushing up like this.

     Soon, a team rushed down on the left side of the tunnel.

     They used the wooden planks in the tunnel as a shelter and started to adjust their state, peering at Liu Zilang and the others.

     "Hi! Can this be rushed down?"

     "The South Korean team played really well in this game. Now Vic and Wei Shen are facing three opponents."

     "But with this kind of tunnel warfare, I think our Huaxia team should have an inherent advantage."

     "Hehe, even if you are good at authentic warfare, you can't help the South Korean team playing mahjong like this!"

     As the commentators were talking, the three Korean players who rushed down the trenches started throwing thunder and flashes at Liu Zilang's side, and the guns began to fire. This sudden flank fire suddenly increased their pressure.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitches. He regretted his bad idea of "a hundred flowers bloom".

     If I knew it, I would hit the opponent on the ground for a while, and then tap it again. It's better than being hit on the ground right now.However, due to the firepower on the other side, the pressure of the people who doubled the pressure on the side of the smoke will inevitably drop. Looking at the smoke, there is another group of Koreans who want to rush down the trench tunnel and "play mahjong" with them.

     It can't go on like this.

     Liu Zilang quickly made a decision in his heart, strode towards the car that Wei Shen and the others had just parked in the tunnel, and said hello to Misaka Kotomi in his voice.

     "Get in the car with your teacher!"

      "Ah?" Kotomi Misaka was taken aback, obviously wondering what cars could get on under this terrain.

     But seeing Liu Zilang rushing towards the car, she immediately reacted and ran over with her gun.


     Liu Zilang kicked the accelerator, and the car engine suddenly roared!

     Wei Shen, who was squatting halfway in the bunker and the Koreans madly showing off his body, heard the sound of the car and looked back, unable to help complexion big change!

     The first thought that popped up in my mind is naturally that this is more slippery than stealing a car!

     He was about to condemn, but found that Liu Zilang was driving in a different direction from what he thought!

     I saw Liu Zilang carrying Misaka Kotomi does not turn round and rushed over the few Koreans who had just rushed down from the other side.

     Is this guy wanting

     When Wei Shen saw this, stare blankly couldn't help it!

     At this moment, the body he leaned out forgot to retract and took a shot, so he quickly focused on the moment.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang's expression is also very focused!

     He drove the car in the tunnel and dashed against the wall slightly, and in a blink of an eye he rushed to the pile of wooden boards in front of the three people just now, bang sound forced a physical brake!The three Koreans heard that there was a car coming, but unexpectedly, when they wanted to shoot to stop, the other side had already pressed their faces.

     Is it so fierce?

     The next moment, after Misaka Kotomi got off the car, she immediately rushed over with her gun from the front.

     On the other hand, Liu Zilang took an alternate route, stepping on the front of the car, and immediately turned over and jumped onto the pile of planks in front of the opponent, directly giving the opponent a flying dragon face!

     Although they were two-on-three in this wave, the other party obviously couldn't stand the two of them, and it was in their hands in a blink of an eye.

     Then, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi drove like fire fighters.

     Where did the situation go, after a few waves of wandering, the South Korean team south of P City suddenly couldn't stand it.

     They felt that the trench was like a bottomless pit. They had never seen come back alive as many as they went. The rest of the teams quickly entered the team channel to request support.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered, there was a noise in my ears, and the two of them were immediately dumbfounded!

     "Northeast! Request support from the northeast!!"

     "West in an emergency! West in an emergency!"

     "There are a large number of scattered teams in the north, we can't stand it!"

     "There are also Smectas in the southwest!"

      At the same time, the commentator Su Changming let out a relaxed breath, with a smile on his face.

     "A single spark, finally starting to start a prairie fire."

     . m.