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1120 Wait A Minute, Let Me Rob A...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In this game, the Huaxia team was originally prepared to respond to the call of the official staff to play a friendly match, so Liu Zilang decided to a hundred flowers bloom and put two flowers to taste the sweetness of his Korean friends.

     But with so many friends watching the game, naturally they can't play too fake, it's too friendly.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang's attitude is that we have given the opportunity. The "Hand of Friendship" has also been extended, but it depends on yourselves whether it can be held or not.

     If everyone in the South Korean team knew Liu Zilang's thoughts at this time, I am afraid they would not help but spray him with shameless expression!

     The hand of friendship?

     Do you call the AWM in your hand the hand of friendship?

      At this moment, accompanied by the noisy voices of the Korean team, their teams around P City quickly went in a hurry, as if there were enemies everywhere, and they were being beaten everywhere.

     In fact, this is because Se xypig has fallen into a certain kind of thinking misunderstanding after taking a long time and gaining wisdom.

     Because this game is different from Picardo, the last game was Liu Zilang in the Red Mansion, the terrain is narrow and easily guarded, hard to attack, no matter how many people come, they cannot unleash the advantage.

     In this game, they were in the trenches. Sexypig was once bitten by a snake ten years in fear of well ropes. They were afraid of losing, and always felt that Liu Zilang had some crafty plots and machinations waiting for him, defending P city, and beating him to death. Not coming out either.

     In this way, he instead missed an excellent opportunity, an opportunity to erode his opponent, and it was also an opportunity for Liu Zilang to actively pass them in this game.

     If this opportunity is missed, it will cause a current situation.After all, if it is one or two teams, they can withstand it, but if so many teams come from all around, even if their Each Fight For Oneself strength is scattered, many ants could bite an elephant to the death, the South Korean team also has a bit Can't stand it.

     In this case, Sexypig in the small building in P city can no longer sit at ease in a fishing boat despite storms.

     After he greeted Somin and Yoona in the team, he immediately hugged and supported them in the direction of the nearest west church.

      This time he and Liu Zilang switched roles and became a new generation of fire fighter in South Korea.

      At the same time, the pressure on Liu Zilang in the trenches was also suddenly reduced.

     When Kotomi Misaka sensed this, he couldn't help but poke his head out to look around, and couldn't help asking in a low voice, "It's wet, why is nobody?"

     Liu Zilang was also somewhat surprised when he heard the gunshots around P City getting close or far away, up here, down there, "These brothers move very fast, let's go, we can't fall behind."

     After speaking, he drove to the side of Zhang Xiaotong and Dai Mei'er to pick up the two, then sprinted along the slope and rushed directly out of the trenches.

     Wei Shen and several people were fully content with one's achievements after repelling the opponent's offensive. Hearing the sound of the car, they turned their heads and found that Liu Zilang had disappeared from his vision while driving.

     "I'll go and fuck Li Liang's car thief!" Wei Shen looked anxious!

     The Dragon God Jue not far away smiled and said with relief, "It's okay, it's okay, he stole our car, their jeep is still here, this wave is not a loss!"

     But when Long Shenjue had just finished speaking, the silent for a long time lonely aside suddenly said, "That Jeep seems to be missing a tire."Hearing the words of loneliness, the smile on the corner of Dragon God's mouth suddenly froze, and a sentence also popped out between his teeth, "Fuck Liliang's car thief!"

     Naturally, Liu Zilang couldn't hear the roar of Wei Shen and the people behind him. After driving out of the tunnel, he stepped on the gas pedal and swiftly cut into the past where the enemy's defense was weakest in the south-east direction of P City.

     Enemies from that angle just came over to encircle them and most of them have been defeated.

     At this moment, P City is surrounded by enemies, presumably the opponent should not be so timely to transfer people to defend.

     Facts have proved that Liu Zilang's judgment is not wrong.

     A car of four people only encountered sporadic stray bullets on the way, but the car was extremely fast, and in a blink of an eye, it slid into P City like a stray fire.

     The official studio of the fighting fish tournament.

     "Huh? How did Vic lead the team into the opponent's base camp?"

     "To make trouble! I feel this guy is going to make trouble!"

     "If you want to make trouble alone, why is this dragged down by having a family to feed?"

     "Emmm dragged down by having a family to feed is okay."


      At the same time, the many friends in Liu Zilang's live broadcast were in a daze, and suddenly someone remembered!

     "Oh! I understand! Vic is planning to Mission Completion and catch Yoona alive!"

     "Turtle, this task is a bit awesome!"

     "Come on, but we want to live!"

     "Yes, please leave us alive! Hehehe"

     "You are too optimistic. It would be nice if Vic ran into the enemy's base camp to stay alive. Your requirements are a bit high!"

     ""In the game competition, Liu Zilang is not as dangerous as everyone thinks.

     Right now, the surrounding area of P City has become a pot of porridge, and more and more Huaxia teams around have joined in.

     Although they are not organized and don't have any coordination with each other, they do have a common enemy.

     Under this criss-crossed style of play, the South Korean team in P City quickly fell into the vast ocean of the "People's War". This kind of feeling is even more uncomfortable than calling everyone together, because you I don’t know at what time I’ll be stolen by someone who doesn’t know where it comes from.

     On the occasion of badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire), the Koreans in City P naturally couldn't take measures so quickly for the abruptly arising Liu Zilang.

     "It's wet! Where are the dens?" Misaka Kotomi jumped out of the car and stared at her surroundings with a gun in her arms.

     Hearing what he said, Zhang Xiaotong and Dai Meier, who had just got off the car, also looked at Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the map of City P and quickly marked a point somewhere in the city. The corner of his mouth raised slightly and said, "Go, take you to parkour for the teacher."


     The three of them couldn't help being stunned!

     Liu Zilang was not saying anything further. He quickly rushed across the road from the building to a three-story small building across the street.

     Daimei quickly reacted, and excitedly called Misaka Kotomi and Zhang Xiaotong, and the three of them followed up.

     There is no one in the building.

     After Liu Zilang entered the door, he quickly jumped up the stairs and quickly reached the top and third floor.At this time, how could Misaka Kotomi and Dameier fail to understand what Liu Zilang's parkour said is What does it mean, and both of them felt like be eager to give sth a try.

     "Wait a moment!" At this moment, Liu Zilang chuckled, "I'll go wild first."

     As he spoke, the AWM in his hand was already held up, and he suddenly shot a shot at the northeast corner of P City.


     A muffled thunder rolled over City P!

     On the side of a group of Koreans in the northeast corner, one person just wanted to show up and steal a gun, but his head was blooming in the wind.

     The teammate next to him reacted and looked back, only to find that the direction from which the gunfire came was not a soul in sight.

     And at this moment, Liu Zilang and four of them are like Assassin's Creed. They are generally on the roofs of the buildings in the middle of P City, Leaping Onto Roofs, Vaulting Over Walls, quickly shuttled in search of the target prey.

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang stomped!

     "What's the matter with wet?"

     "I seem to hear the footsteps of the small building we just walked through"