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1125 White Chicken! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Upon seeing this person, everyone in the live broadcast room was taken aback. It turned out that he was the commander-in-chief of the Korean team Sexypig tonight.

     Looking at his position, everyone was even more dumbfounded.

     "Fuck! Sexypig is coming to play Assassin's Creed too?"

     "This guy wants to learn Vic, the leader of the enemy generals in the army!"

     "Vic doesn't seem to have noticed yet. I feel that he has not without a chance!"

     "In this case, how about the old rules?"

     "What old rules?"

     "Oh! You mean killing Vic doesn't count as losing?"


      At this moment, Sexypig, who was on the roof at some point, was kneeling and squatting there.

     His original plan was to find opportunities to play black hands, kill one without losing, and kill two to earn one.

     As a result, I never thought I suddenly saw the blue Korean team uniforms on Somin and Yoona, and then I contacted the situation just now.

     Sexypig quickly came to the conclusion that Liu Zilang was among these people, and immediately "new hatred piled on old" rise in the mind, his teeth rattled, and his eyes were eager to choose someone!

     But the question is which one is Liu Zilang?

     At this moment, Sexypig will expose himself if he shoots. If he hits the wrong person, he feels that he might even suffer a counterattack from the opponent without a chance to make up.

     In fact, if Sexypig observes patiently, maybe he will find the AWM behind Liu Zilang.

     But it was accidental and hasty for him, but he didn't expect this.

     Instead, I thought of a simpler and more rude method, that is, a pot of stew!At the next moment, Sexypig took out a grenade from the bag and pulled the lead not a word or movement.


     "Wet, I really want to hear something."

     Misaka Kotomi blinked, bun's face full of doubts.

     Liu Zilang also brows slightly wrinkle.

     In fact, Hayamisaka Kotomi had heard a rustling sound before, like a grasshopper in the grass outside the window at night.

     And the sound just now might be only slight to Misaka Kotomi and others, but it was particularly "clear" in Liu Zilang's ears.

     His gaze swept away, and he had already determined the approximate direction in his heart, but it was a pity that the eaves blocked his vision.

     Even so, Liu Zilang, known as "Thunder God," also guessed what he might discover next.

      Between Lightning Spark, he immediately retreated and reminded him, "Beware of thunder."

     Almost at the same time as his words were being uttered, there was a "clang" on the roof at the rear left, and then it seemed that what thing was landed along the roof.

     The three of Zhang Xiaotong were taken aback, and subconsciously ran after Liu Zilang. After these three games, the three had formed a tacit understanding.

     Don't worry about what Liu Zilang said, it's definitely not a good thing to let him run like this.

     Then just follow along.

     But Somin and Yoona didn't have such a tacit understanding. They ran away when they saw Liu Zilang, dazed for a moment.

     They glanced at each other, thinking that their chance to escape has finally come, and even a little bit of joy in their hearts.But this joy comes quickly and goes quickly.

     Before the two of them had time to start their "escape plan", suddenly kuang duang'ed in their ears, and what thing fell beside them.

     The two couldn't help but look down.

     What jumped into my eyes was a round brown ball, spinning around on the ground.


     The violent explosion sounded loudly!

     In the skyrocketing fire, a surging wave of air suddenly spread towards the surroundings!

     Somin and Yoona were suddenly bent by the explosion, their waists bowed slightly, and "piapia" flew upside down and hit the wall twice.

     It's done!

     And hearing the movement below, the Sexypig on the roof suddenly one's hearth is happy!

     But in the next moment, seeing the two screens appearing directly above the screen, Sexypig was dumbfounded!

      this isn't right ah!

     Just now, there was a large group of people, why did he blow up two of them, and they were all friendly troops!


     Was tricked by Vic's dog again!

     At the moment he realized this, Sexypig couldn't help but rushed down from the roof with a gun!

     However, the moment he showed up, the scene that jumped into his eyes made his body stiff, and the whole person was like falling into an ice cave, and a chill leaped from the heel to the back of his head!

     Because there is nothing else, only has one in his vision at this time. The muzzle of the black hole is holding the tertiary head on his head, and the dark green gun body faintly exudes a dangerous atmosphere that kills everything.


     Sexypig said he was so moved and cried!At this moment, he finally can understand that it was time for Kim Doo-hwan to be strongly determined to succeed after he returned to Korea.

     I remember that he was secretly not to accept as correct, and felt that he was a little girl.

     What do you lose?

      professional player who has never lost?

     Only then did he know that there is something in this world that is more painful than losing, no wonder Jin Douhuan can't stand it.

     Who can stand this so much!

     Right now, Sexypig knows what kind of opponent he is facing, and knows better what it means to be pointed at the head by the opponent with AWM in such a situation where the first opportunity is lost.

     So he simply closed his eyes

     Do it

     Next, it seemed that only a moment later, and it seemed that a long time had passed, but the expected gunshots did not sound.

     What the hell?

     Out of bullets?

     Sexypig couldn't help but wonder, at this moment, Liu Zilang's voice suddenly came into his ears.

     "Marboarge, how is it?"

     Liu Zilang spoke simple English, but Sexypig still understood it for a long time.

     Showdown between men?

     He wanted to ask if he could say no, but he still gave up this choice.

     Because he who has a B-tree in his heart knows that the consequence of asking like that is dead end.

     Sexyoig takes a deep breath, took off all the guns on her body sensibly, and took the initiative to jump off the roof.

      At this time, many players from the Huaxia team found that this place seemed to be the last of the South Korean team, and what else is there fun things gathered around.Liu Zilang couldn't help being nodded with admiration when he saw the other party unload his equipment.

     He also put down the gun in his hand, turn the head and looks to Zhang Xiaotong, and said solemnly, "Tongjiang, borrow the knife for a use."

     Liu Zilang was carrying a pan on the back of his butt, and only Zhang Xiaotong of the four had a knife on him, so he borrowed the knife.

     Zhang Xiaotong did not react to Liu Zilang's so trendy name, and was completely indifferent to the word "tong sauce".

     It wasn't until I noticed that everyone seemed to be looking at her weirdly, and then there was some reaction, and suddenly the small face blushed, angrily said, "Huh, you and I don't borrow! Don't borrow!"

     As she spoke, she carried the machete behind her back but unconsciously "shed" it to the ground.

     Liu Zilang seemed to have expected it a long time ago, chuckled, hurried up to pick it up.

     Seeing this, the girl on the side could not help teasing, "Hey, she said no, but she was very honest."