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1126 What About The Good Sword God?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

During the game, Liu Zilang picked up the machete and looked at Sexypig not far away.

     At this time, Sexypig is also a pan behind, naturally there is no knife.

     Think about it too.

     Except for Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi, such "little chivalrous girls".

     In addition to being forced by normal people, who would bring a knife in this game?

     In this game, the damage of the pan is slightly higher than that of the machete, and the blow surface is bigger in comparison.

     Liu Zilang was about to make do with it and let the other party use the pan. Unexpectedly, Sexypig's strong self-esteem surged and he didn't want to let his last chance of "turning over" a little flaw.

     I saw him suddenly turn to the surrounding crowd, as if Yang Guo borrowed his sword from Martial World Assembly and various heroes off the court in Return of the Condor Heroes, and smecta arose.

     At first, everyone around saw Sexypig walking towards them, but also subconsciously raised the muzzle and made a defensive gesture.

     I could see that the other party had been disarmed by Liu Zilang, but his heart relaxed again.

     "What does this stick say?"

     "Any brother who understands Korean to tell me?"

     "Didn't Vic bring an interpreter? Tell us about it?"

     "Vic, forget it, he knows something."

     "I understand that this guy is borrowing a knife from us."

     Hearing this, everyone looked at Liu Zilang, who was holding a machete, and then at Sexypig, who was not an inch of steel. They felt that this translation was more reliable.

     Soon, one of the people came out of the crowd and dropped a machete on the ground.

     "Wei Shen!""Oh! It's Wei Jiang!!!"

     "I didn't expect Wei Jiang to be a blade-carrying guard in this game."


     Everyone was discussing, Sexypig stepped forward and picked up the knife.

     "Consummate!" Sppig said gratefully.

     Wei Shen like the big brother patted the little brother on the shoulder, encouraging, "Little brother, do it!"

     When Liu Zilang saw this, the corners of his eyes twitched. Secretly said in heart Wei Jiang really held a grudge. Didn’t he just steal one of their cars, as for?

     In any case, at this time, the two sides have all weapons and equipment, both of them are third-level first and second-level A, and the two are standing opposite each other, and the atmosphere on the court gradually becomes tense.

     In fact, the crowds around and in the live broadcast room have secretly opened gambling to win or lose.

     Seeing almost there in the atmosphere brewing, Liu Zilang suddenly took a step forward, swiping a machete in his hand, and assumed a fighting posture.

     "The god of swords, the prodigal son Liu, please grant me"

     Unexpectedly, his lines hadn't been finished yet, but Sexpig thought he was going to do something, so he slashed his backhand.

     The light of the knife flickered, shredding the sunlight refracted from the eaves of the alley, casting a shadow.

     Everyone saw Liu Zilang's blood on his waist flipped, and with a "poof" in his ear, his blood volume dropped at the speed of visible to the naked eye!

     "Madan! Deceitful!" Liu Zilang was cut for a moment, flustered and exasperated in his mouth, utmost feeling in the heart angrily, but the other party did not cooperate with him.

     Sexypig doesn't care about Liu Zilang's thoughts, and after having taken advantage, he has to deal with it.

     I saw his figure flickering, his face suddenly came close, and he jumped!

     in the sun,a white light Cut Liu Zilang's forehead straight!

     However, Liu Zilang's cold weapon battle experience is still very rich. At this time, after recovering from the anger of being "sneak attack", he couldn't help but feel sneered and his face was extremely calm when he looked at the knife coming from the other side.

     When the white light approached, his figure moved slightly and suddenly he took a small step sideways.

     But in life and death, this is a big step!

     With a swish, the blade passed close to the body, and Sexpig's violent stab came to nothing.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw Liu Zilang's handling a butcher's cleaver with ease, and the appearance of Yuan Zhen Yuezhi, and the barrage suddenly went crazy!

     "This Nima is definitely PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, not against the current, bah! Not Shun Huo Nuan?"

     "Vic is playing with heartbeat, the flash is too extreme."

     "Everyone, get out of the way, I will pretend that Vic is hotter!"

     "The brothers who can't suppress Vic are panicked. This Korean pornographic pig doesn't seem to be an opponent at all."

     "Don't panic, everyone! Listen to me! Listen to me, Vic must lose, believe me! You believe me!"

     "I believe you are NN, you obviously win against Vic!"


     In the game, Sexypig thought that he would have to peel off if Liu Zilang survived.

     Unexpectedly, the other party escaped so easily, and even felt a little joking, and his heart suddenly became even more angry!

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Liu Zilang, who had flashed a blow, suddenly figure flashes and threw on his face.If the distance between the two parties was still a little bit apart, when Liu Zilang stepped forward, the distance between the two instantly became a little closer.

     Those who don't know may seem to think they are doing a veneer dance.

     However, as the person involved, Sexypig couldn't feel any intimacy behind Liu Zilang, instead, there was a feeling that the roots of cold hair were standing upright in the back of his head.

     Sure enough, he just wanted to strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term), but Liu Zilang's hand was faster and darker than him, and directly directed at his brain, the melon seeds were slashed vigorously!

     With a puff, the blade sees blood!

     Even with the protection of the third-level head, Sexypig's blood volume has dropped more than half, and the field of vision is even shaken by the blood of the headshot.

     At this moment, Sexypig was a little panicked, raised his hand indiscriminately and slashed at Liu Zilang.

     He originally thought he could force the opponent back, and took the opportunity to get away.

     However, Liu Zilang did not dodge a knife, adjusted his posture, and rode away with a heavy sword.

     Seeing the stern arc that flashed in front of me, Sexypig suddenly turned white face!

     Seeing that he couldn't avoid it, he simply "covered the head and squatting" and squatted down directly on the spot.

      has to say, Sexypig is an assaulter who is good at close combat. Even if the two sides are using cold weapons at the moment, he is still a bit quick-witted.

     This squat moment made him short, Liu Zilang's blade cut down, but failed to hit his head, but exploded another ball of blood on the back of his neck!Of course, if it is in reality, this might be no different from a headshot, but in the game this damage is obviously lower than a headshot.

     I saw Sexypig's blood volume dropped, and finally it was locked in an astonishing trace of red blood!


      During Life and Death Instant, Sexypig hurriedly got up, rolling and crawling out from under Liu Zilang.

     But Liu Zilang's sword is old, but it is too late to return.

     Because in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there is a clear gap in the middle of a knife after a cut.

     Otherwise, if there is no such restriction, a person holding two watermelon knives and slashing, the close-body power is probably not much worse than the spray.

     Seeing that the other party is about to slip away from the moment, it will be troublesome to chase after that time.

      In a flash, Liu Zilang suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, and raised his eyebrows slightly.

     The machete without omen in his hand suddenly fell off, and the backhand was just a blow to chase the punch!

     Sexypig, who turned his back to Liu Zilang, just took a step, and suddenly issued a groan, and his body suddenly and uncontrollably swooped out!

     Although there are still three people left on the South Korean team, Somin and Yoona have been accidentally injured and blown down.

     So Sexpig fell into a ground gourd, and disappeared in a blink of an eye!

     "CHN-Vic123 finally killed KR-Sexypig with his fist!"

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Winner: China!

     In the game that hasn't quit, Sexypig suddenly widened his eyes when he saw the kill on the screen, and exclaimed in angrily, "Okay, use the knife, you trick Smecta!"Although Liu Zilang didn't understand what he said, he guessed the general idea in his heart.

     I saw an indifferent smile on his face, posing with his bare hands, and coughing dryly, "Sorry, I just made a mistake. I'll introduce it again."

     "Wing Chun, Ye Wen, please enlighten me!"