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1127 You Are The One Who Brings The Wicked!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang's words if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, like a martial practitioner who spit on a nail, it is so painful!

     "Teach your brother-in-law!"

     "It was blown up, the mentality of South Korean Saozhu is completely blown up!"

     "Please be a man!"

     "But having said that, this Bi's reaction and hand speed are really fast!"

     "I think this wave of fighting is not hand speed, but Sao operation, who would think of using fists at that time."

     "Hapi, you play Raven and don't take the general attack?"

     "I see! This is the light speed QA of Master Leng in the legend!"

     "No, I think this is changing punches to reset the basic attack."

     "Liu, the prodigal son of Invincible Iron Fist, feels distressed for a wave of sticks. Now I really lost to a geoduck."

     The audience in the live broadcast room was talking, and the commentators on the stage were also speechless.

     They originally thought that Sexypig might finally find some friendship for the South Korean team.

     But Liu Zilang did well in the end. Not only did he fail to hold the other's "hand of friendship", he also severed the opponent's outstretched hand.

     Liu Zilang himself was suddenly in his heart. The secret path was terrible. He just played too much and completely forgot that it was a "friendship match."

     Fortunately, the other party can't understand Chinese, otherwise if he understands his final words, he will probably vomit another liter of blood.

     In the official studio of Douyu.

     "It's really wonderful three games. The players from China and South Korea showed us a very high level of competition.""Well, the most eye-catching performance of the Huaxia team should be Vic. Although this guy kept making trouble tonight, he did play a decisive role in the three games."

     "Yes, our Huaxia team's players also performed very well, winning all three games is very direct and straightforward."

     "As for the South Korean team, the South Korean team is full of fighting spirit here."

     "That's right! The Korean players in the three games tonight did show their own style and momentum, showing their mental outlook that will never admit defeat."

     Hearing that Su boss finally pulled out the "mental outlook", the audience in the live broadcast room finally couldn't bear a big laugh!

     "Puff haha, is Boss Su giving out a consolation prize?"

     "It's worthy of being an e-sports dad and coach. These comforting words are just a set, and the show makes my head hurt."

     "I think it's better to put it another way. The Huaxia team lost the runner-up. Does this sound more frustrating for us?"

     "Huh? I didn't think that you are such a saying, it seems that you are really a little bit like this."


     The netizens in the live broadcast room made various jokes, and the Weibo hot search list also quickly refreshed the situation tonight.

     After the three games, in the next hour, Weibo seemed to be a hurricane.

     Liu Zilang's last sentence "Wing Chun, Ip Man, please enlighten me!" I even laughed at countless netizens. Under the comments, many netizens expressed that they would use his "Azure Dragon Crescent Blade to give Xiu'er a center point."Of course, there are many Chinese fans of Baekhyun from South Korea who came to comment on the blasting, reprimanding Liu Zilang in the small building for only letting Somin and Yoona off but making up for Baekhyun's actions to be too cruel and lacking quality.

     These are generally adolescent girls who have not yet formed Sanguan. The favorite is these traffic stars. They naturally don't care about whether China wins or South Korea wins. They only care about Ouba's injured heart.

     However, many of these people do not pay attention to eSports and the anchor. Naturally, they don’t know the new "Betta fish brother" Liu Zilang. Although following the rhythm, under a certain fixed comment, he denounced "Vic is too unqualified" and "not polite at all." "Understand" and so on, and then went to the Huaxia Weibo managed by Baixian's agent to comfort, but I couldn't find the criminal ringleader and the main offender.

     However, in less than ten minutes, this problem quickly became "(bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge".

     It is not someone else who solves this problem, but the water friends and fans of Liu Zilang's live broadcast.

     These people are naturally snorting disdainfully to the stick stars, but the rhythm of Liu Zilang's live broadcast has always been mutual damage between the water friends and the anchors. Therefore, many water friends who play Weibo want to make trouble, and they leave messages on Weibo to bring the rhythm.

     "I found it on Weibo with the villain, it's Vic123."

     "I saw him slap our Baek-hyun to death with a pan with my own eyes. It's nothing human."

     "Even the best Baixian in the world makes up for it, it is true to bring evil people!"

     "I have a screenshot, everyone thinks it doesn't have a watermark!"

     "The evidence is conclusive, Vic difficult to clarify, wait to receive the lawyer's letter!"

     "What do you want by yourself! What do you want a lawyer's letter, I suggest shooting on the spot!""Hey you guys are too cruel, I just want to say well done!"


     Due to the existence of various big Vs and self-media, the rhythm on Weibo has always been fast. As long as they reprint, they are iron proof as solid as a mountain in the eyes of fans.

     So the fans of XOE Boxian "to follow the vine to get to the melon" came to Liu Zilang's Weibo, and under the top Weibo "Hello everyone, I am Vic" comment, there is a burst of Bomb indiscriminately.

     "No quality means no quality!"

     "Scum scum! Lose our Huaxian's face!"

     "Have you missed even the photos on Weibo? I heard that it is the captain of the black mask. I think it is the captain of the ugly monster."

     "Besides, he is still a straight man with cancer. He must be jealous of our family, Bo Xian, so pitiful.

     "Precisely! Please don't let Vic the wicked person!"

     "This guy not only killed Baek Hyun, but what's even worse is that he actually lived with four women!"

     "Sure enough, it's a scum, scum man, scum man, scum man!"


     I have to sigh that Weibo Onee-chans maintains the combat effectiveness of idols, and it is not too big to watch the excitement in it, and Liu Zilang's water friends fans who are flying in the rhythm.

     Almost in a blink of an eye, his top Weibo comment went from more than 10,000 to 20,000.

     And quickly broke through this barrier, and began to move towards thirty thousand.

     But Liu Zilang didn't pay attention to this at this time. After the game, some girls at home didn't react. Me First rushed into the bathroom with his clothes, humming and started taking a bath.After all, once this opportunity is missed, Liu Zilang will queue up late in the night.

     After all, girls take a bath too slowly, even if they wash four pieces together, they have to wash for a long time.

     But Liu Zilang's lack of attention does not mean that others do not.

     After the game, Zhang Xiaotong was wearing koala pajamas, lying on the bed with his two smooth and white calves, and was playing on Weibo on his mobile phone.

     Her eyes open wide, with single-hearted devotion, flipped through the comments one by one, trying to find some "comments" about herself.

     But after searching for it for a long time, the comments were almost all about Liu Zilang.

     Zhang Xiaotong was lightly snorted in his heart, biting the lips for a while, then suddenly logged out, replaced his Weibo trumpet, and typed in the comments carefully with his mobile phone in both hands.

     "I think Xiaotongjiang played pretty well tonight, and I feel like I deduct one!"