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1129 A New Era Is Coming?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In this sinful world of looking at faces, being handsome is still very useful, not only to serve as a meal, but also to make others good at discovering.

     Found other shining points on the handsome.

     Of course, ordinary handsome is not enough.

     Thinking of achieving this effect, you must be a world-shaking man like Liu Zilang.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang undoubtedly enjoyed this benefit.

     Those young ladies who came to blast for idols began to doubt themselves. They didn't believe that such a beautiful blue boy paper would do such "unqualified" things.

     On Weibo, Liu Zilang's hi fan is still in rhythm, and suddenly I find it difficult to carry it.

     They looked intently, and those friendly ladies who were just like shrews cursing the street suddenly became gentle and lovely, between the words and the lines vaguely Great Family's Elegant Lady.

     After a while, Liu Zilang's friends on Weibo were even more shocked to discover that Onee-chans, who had just been anger against a common enemy with them, suddenly turned to each other.

     Not only did he not scold Liu Zilang, but he helped to argue.

     "Seeing forgiveness, the scumbag character."

     "Don't talk nonsense on the top, how come the handsome little brother is that kind of person."

     "Wow! Little brother is a professional player, he can rely on his face to eat but he can rely on himself, really hard work!"

     "Shit, this is more shameless and improper eating."

     "You nonsense, do you know how hard our VV works?"

     "Fuck, our VV? Your Kun Kun don't want it?"

     "Tell Baekhyun, I'm sorry, I can't go back here at our VV."

     ""This scene suddenly saw countless water friends dumbstruck on Weibo, and my heart was as sour as if it had knocked over a jar of old vinegar.

     It's hard for everyone to accept that Liu Zilang actually leaned on a photo, and instantly disintegrated them painstakingly, bringing most of the rhythm.

     They are puzzled, they are depressed, they are suffering, of course the main thing is jealousy!

     Can you act wilfully if you are handsome?

      At the same time, Zhang Xiaotong, the first person to bury funerary dolls who changed the first person to bury funerary dolls, also had a small face full of bewilderment.

     Originally, she just wanted to send photos to slap those who clamored about Liu Zilang's ugliness in the face, and angered the "bad women".

     In the end, I didn't expect these "bad women" to turn their faces faster than a book, and they didn't feel like they were hitting their faces.

     Suddenly, her heart seemed to have a breath that didn’t come back, her small face was suffocated. doesn't want doesn't want

     After Liu Zilang played the game, he went live, and he did not have the habit of checking Weibo before going to bed.

     So when the public opinion on the Internet reversed at two levels, he still didn't know anything at all.

     By the time of the next morning, Liu Zilang habitually opened Weibo to scan the news, but the more he looked at it, the stranger his face became.

     It turns out that in just one night, his Weibo fans have exploded more than 2 millions.

     Although this is incomparable with the small traffic of tens of millions of fans, it is too exaggerated for him, almost twice as long!

     In fact, under careful analysis, this is not too exaggerated.

     Last night, Baek Xian Xiaoxianrou XOE was "sucked" by him all night, and many young ladies said "can't go back" one after another. It's weird whether his number of fans can grow up to fly.Ah, Liu Zilang scratched his butt. He thought that the Sino-Korea friendly match last night was so exciting and conquered many fans, but he didn't care about it.

     However, after he unconsciously discovered the "Bath Picture" and the clear color "Naogong" in the Weibo comment.

     Thinking of Zhang Xiaotong's "Rumble~" last night, his expression suddenly became a little more exciting.

     Feelings, this little girl sent me a photo on Weibo. How can this be so? Is that kind of person?

     Hemp egg!

     After thinking about it, Liu Zilang suddenly felt a little regretful, and he secretly complained that Zhang Xiaotong was going to shoot, but he didn't know to inform him, let him put on a pose and shoot again, maybe there would be more fans

     Not to mention the shameless thoughts in Liu Zilang's mind.

     After the 50V50 China-South Korea friendly match last night, teams and coaches from other major divisions are naturally unwilling to miss the opportunity to learn more about "potential opponents" before the game.

     Even the major FPS clubs in Europe and the United States immediately got a high-definition uncensored video of the game last night and began to study it.

     After it was over, the coaches of each team found out that although Liu Zilang was the commander-in-chief in the game last night, after three games, he got involved, one got involved, and one completely without any traces of command. Tactics or something

     This is a special study!

     The various Club's coaches had black lines after reading them, but after studying for most of the day, they couldn’t say anything and didn’t see anything. They had to remark on "using both fair and foul methods", "shameless play", "very shameless" and so on label.As for the coaches of the three teams in South Korea who are going to expedition, their evaluations are "extremely shameless"!

     Naturally, Liu Zilang didn't expect that a "love" friendly match would be nailed to the "pillar of shame" by the coaches of the various PGI teams.

     It is only half a month before the PGI World Championship in Berlin, Germany.

     After the entertainment last night, he would take Misaka Kotomi to the club for training every day during the holidays.

      has to say, the training game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still more troublesome, because too many sparring teams are needed.

     And you can't just find a "wild team" that is too low in level and fight for one round. That way, the match with the four black passers-by is almost there, and the training effect will not be achieved at all.

      This time, the role of Su boss "e-sports social flower" is reflected.

     You must know that in the "Ancient Se7en Era", the FPS e-sports circle has a famous saying appealing to the masses-"Seven Wenqi has two treasures, Vic's gun, and Su's face."

     Vic's gun is easy to understand.

     Naturally, it means that at that time, Liu Zilang's guns just arrived almost make one's hair stand up in anger!

     But the words of Boss Su’s face do not mean how handsome he is, but that he is so good for him, unswerving from start to finish all these years.

     Regarding this point, it can be seen from the team that he can make about a dozen FPS on time every day these days.

     Even if it was Tyloo Bai Shaobin, who was offended to death by Liu Zilang, they didn't have any shirk after receiving a warm invitation from Su Changming.

     As for the training stage, Misaka Kotomi, the mascot substitute, also has many opportunities to play.This time she did not specifically substitute Gao Yunyang, but three rotations, including sniper Shen Zeyan.

     As a manager and coach, Su Changming feels that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds professional events have undergone the development of this period of time, and both play tactics and team configuration are constantly reforming and renewing.

     For example, in the PGI qualifiers in Europe not long ago, there was a team named "Titans" who tried a new team configuration of four assaulters, but the result was amazing!
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