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1132 Comminuted Fracture? (Thank You For The Support Of The Cute Master Of "You Are Not Alone"!)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

People coming, people going In the waiting hall, Liu Zilang is standing there with a smile at the corner of his mouth and a scissor hand!

     The lights flickered, with a click!

     A little girl beside her jumped excitedly, as if she wanted to give Liu Zilang a hug.

     Liu Zilang saw that the boyfriend of the girl who was in charge of taking pictures turned dark from the beginning. He hurriedly flashed around, showing a gentle and easy-going smile on his face, and politely extended a hand.

     He was afraid that the guy would smash the phone in his hand.

     Upon seeing this, the little girl hurriedly held her hands and shook it vigorously.

     "Come on! We will always support you."

     Liu Zilang nodded with a smile, waved his hand like a popular candidate.

      At the same time, Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu and others also encountered similar situations.

     The passengers in the waiting hall kept recognizing them, and then exclaimed excitedly to take a group photo.

     In fact, Liu Zilang's itinerary today is confidential and has not been sent out through any official channels.

     But there is no way, after all, the "male model Tiantuan", those long legs wearing sassy uniforms, wearing sun-shielded mirrors to the station "boasting".

     Those who don't know might think what idol men's group is coming, it is naturally very eye-catching.

     After going back and forth, someone soon recognized them, which caused the situation in front of them.

     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly held up the selfie stick of his mobile phone, the camera pointed at him and walked over.Liu Zilang knew that she was on the live broadcast and thought she wanted to say hello to the audience in her live broadcast room. He couldn't help but scratched the head with a soft smile, his face elegant and easy-going.

     However, the next moment, his elegant and easygoing froze in his face.

     Zhang Xiaotong looked down, staring curiously at his legs, and used the camera on the selfie stick to turn around Liu Zilang's back and forth.

     Then she suddenly angrily said to the phone, "Now you believe it, I said that his leg was not broken."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help twitching at the corner of his eyes twice, with a dazed expression on his face.

     What do you mean?

     I have broken my leg?

      At the same time, the water friends in the live room almost laughed!

     "Wow, Xiaotongjiang is too generous!"

     "You these people are too bad, fool Xiaotongjiang to see the legs."

     "Xiaotongjiang, listen to me. In fact, Vic's leg was broken a long time ago. Now it's a prosthesis."

     "I testify, comminuted fracture!"

     "The day of the broken leg rebirth, when Vic returns?"

     "I think we have to look at the problem from a developmental perspective. It is true that Vic has not broken his leg now, but it is not easy to say in Germany."


     Seeing the strange barrage in the live broadcast room, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help scratching his head, somewhat unable to make any sense of the matter.

     She suddenly became annoyed and screamed, turning her head and humming, "Say it again, hum! I won't broadcast it to you."

     With that, she made a gesture to turn off the phone.

     When the friends in the live broadcast saw this, they couldn't help but screamed, and they all said that they changed the topic, and Zhang Xiaotong's small face showed a smile.Many people went to Germany today, and Liu Zilang’s house was almost the whole nest came out.

     In addition to Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi who are going to play the game, Wang Qianqian is the staff member accompanying the fighting fish, responsible for the broadcast of the game and on-site coordination.

     As for Zhang Xiaotong, Betta is a "war reporter", just like those anchors who go to the World Cup to take everyone to watch the game, so that Shuiyou have more choices besides the official live broadcast room and better feel the atmosphere of the scene.

      Thus, after "Xiao Hei" left, all four members of the family were dispatched this time.

     Everyone waited for a while in the waiting room, so they were all taken by Su Changming to check in.

     By the time the security check is over, there are more and more water friends behind.

     Many water friends watched them and the group behind them. Those who got closer even took the opportunity to shout "Come on!", which immediately attracted many people around.

     Fortunately, the person in charge of security inspection is no longer to wonder at strange sights. When checking things, he didn't even lift his eyelids. Only the aunt in charge of body inspection "touched" when the two passed by.

     There was a transfer between Jiang Haifei and Berlin, which took about 14 hours. The three Chinese players who went to Berlin were naturally sitting together.

     When I was bored on the plane, everyone exchanged basic information about this German game.

     Although everyone is an opponent in the game, they are all teams from the same region.

     If possible, everyone still wants to avoid premature infighting losses and preserve the strength of the competition.

     But Having said that, but the game situation Thousand Transformations Myriad Illusions, no one can predict the changes of the course.I believe that if the situation is really forced by the time, no one will be soft in the fight.

     But if there is no threat to the survival of the team, the release of the water and how to release such things will be unclear.

     After the plane took off, everyone was still chatting energetically, but with the passage of time, everyone felt tired.

     As the first person fell asleep, everyone's voice gradually became smaller, and then as if contagious, the people of several teams fell asleep one after another.

     Fortunately, they booked a night flight, and they were almost there until the next morning.

      Time Elapses, Liu Zilang was sleeping in a daze, and suddenly the corner of his face and mouth was touched by a pair of soft and tender hands.

     He opened his eyes, but found that Misaka Kotomi, who was sitting beside him, was staring at oneself.

     "What happened?" said Liu Zilang, who was sleeping dimly.

     "Wet, you just drooled."

     Kotomi Misaka opened her big shiny eyes and asked somewhat curiously, "Did you dream of something delicious?"

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but face turned red, and he woke up suddenly, raised his hand and wiped it casually, only to find that there's nothing about it.

     Misaka Kotomi immediately proudly raised her white tender little hand before Liu Zilang's eyes, and said invitingly, "It's wet, I'll wipe it clean for you."

     When Liu Zilang saw this, his face twitched twice, and said with some difficulty, "Then I really thank you."

     Being snarled by Misaka Kotomi, Liu Zilang is nothing else sleepy.

     He took out his flight mode's cell phone and looked at the time, and found that it was about to land in tens of minutes.So he got up and went to the bathroom at the back, washed his face and cleared his face.

     When I came back, I passed by Zhang Xiaotong, only to find that this little girl was sleeping with her head on Wang Qianqian's shoulder.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help thinking of the situation where she slept on her own in the car the last time she went to Manzhan.

     But at the time I seemed to think her head was too heavy and her shoulders were a bit stiff, so he raised his hand and fiddled with her, making her tilt her head to the other side

     The pictures of the past came to mind, and Liu Zilang couldn't help feeling ashamed.

     And to balance the guilt in my heart,

     He raised his hand and fiddled again, causing Zhang Xiaotong’s little head to tilt to the other side.