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1133 The Dynasty Is Born!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After adjusting Zhang Xiaotong's sleeping position, Liu Zilang clapped his hands and returned to his seat perfectly contented.

     Before long, the plane began to descend.

     Zhang Xiaotong woke up in a daze, rubbed her neck subconsciously, her little face a little confused.

     She had a dream just now, dreaming that she fell asleep beautifully on a fragrant pillow, and then suddenly an extremely evil villain Jiejie snatched her pillow with a weird smile.

     Although the figure of the person in the dream is a little hazy, it has an extremely familiar feeling, just like something that has been with me through childhood. Because it is too familiar, it is often easy to be forgotten.

     She was confused in her little head, and at this moment, Liu Zilang, who was sitting in the front row, suddenly turned around.

     The two looked at each other.

     Liu Zilang rushed to her a wide grin.

     As bad as Li!

     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly reacted, panting with rage staring at Liu Zilang, and immediately exposed her small tiger teeth, raising her small fist in demonstration.

     What happened to this girl?

     Liu Zi didn't expect that his kind smile would be glared at by the other side!

     I didn't do anything, right?

     He scratched his ass in wonder, dozens of minutes was enough for him to selectively forget something.


     After the group got off the plane, they soon met the pick-up staff from Berlin, Germany in the arrival hall, and they boarded the bus to their residence for the next period of time.

     After the bus drove over an hour, the scenery outside the window of the roadside car passed by.In a short while, a majestic stadium came into view.

     Su Changming smiled and introduced, "That is our competition venue this time, Mercedes-Benz Stadium."

     Hearing these words, Wei Shen, who was sitting in the car on the opposite side of Liu Zilang's aisle, suddenly shook his shoulder twice, too small to detect.

     However, he quickly recovered his calm, except that there was an extra layer of inexplicable things in his eyes looking out the window.

     After the bus drove past the stadium, it passed another distance and soon arrived at the city hotel where they were about to stay.

     The organizers of this event concentratedly arranged that all players who came to the game would stay at this hotel.

     When Liu Zilang and the others arrived, there happened to be a bus and their front and rear feet almost at the same time.

     After getting out of the car, OMG Xiaohai, who was walking by the side, looked up for a few times and couldn't help but asked, "Is that also here for the game? Where is it?"

     The sunlight above his head was a little dazzling, Liu Zilang looked like a monkey brother shade one's eyes with one's hand glanced at, suddenly he was taken aback, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     "Old acquaintance."

     When he said this, the other person saw him the moment he got off the car.

     The two sides four eyes met.

     The person's body instantly stiffened, and his footsteps suddenly stopped. Under the agitated mood, he couldn't help but feel a little lost.

     As a result, the person behind came down and accidentally pushed it. The person staggered and couldn't stop leaning forward, and flew directly from the door of the car.

     Fortunately, he was not the first one. Someone in front of him asked him to help, otherwise he might fall into a dog and eat shit.There may be many people who will gaffes when encountering Liu Zilang, but not many will gaffes to such a degree, and the person in front of him is Kim Doo-hwan of South Korea.

     Just after Kim Doo-hwan got out of the car, he made such a big "motion", which naturally shocked the entourage in Korea!

      It should be noted, but SKT is the top seed team of Korea PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds KPL.

     As the "three peak sniper god in Asia", Jin Douhuan is the core figure in the soul.

     If I really fell at that moment, if I broke my leg, it would be okay to go to the orthopedics department and add a wheelchair during the game.

     But if you hurt your hand, even if it's not a break but just wiping the gun, it will have a greater impact on the state of the game and your strength.

     No matter how strong Kim Doo-hwan is, he can't put a plaster on one hand and operate crazy with the other, right?

     Seeing him "be more scared than hurt" at this time, the South Korean team leader couldn't help but relax, and quickly walked over and said something to him, half complaining and half worried.

     Jin Douhuan lowered his eyes slightly without any explanation, and he was unable to explain.

     Do you want to say that you saw that person?

      Thought until here, Jin Douhuan tried his best to calm his mind, a smile of relief suddenly appeared on his face, and he raised his head to look at Liu Zilang.

     At this moment, he serene.

     Naturally, Liu Zilang didn't mean to scare people. He just saw Xiaojin almost fall, and he was worried. At the same time, he also couldn't bear.

     However, at this moment, Xiaojin, who was almost "frightened" by himself, suddenly smiled lightly to himself as brilliant as a sun.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but froze.

     Isn't this guy frightened?Jin Douhuan didn't notice it, and the smile on face under the sun became more and more elegant, but this smile fell in the eyes of others, and it was a little arrogant.

     The OMG little lion who participated in the world competition for the first time couldn't help raising the eyebrow.

     "This kid from the South Korean team is very arrogant."

     Jin Douhuan might have been killed but he didn't expect that he was considered arrogant by the other party with a polite smile.

     This is really wrong

     After the episode of getting off the bus, Liu Zilang and his party checked in at the hotel.

     They are all single rooms, so Douyu still won't save money at this point.

     After entering the door and putting things down, just as he leaned on the soft bed, Liu Zilang felt tired.

     Although he also rested for a while on the plane, the quality of that sleep was definitely much worse than the real sleep. So not only Liu Zilang, but everyone else is in the same situation.

     Su Changming knew that the journey was far away and everyone was a bit tired.

     They waited until the night everyone was almost asleep before they gathered everyone together and announced the training and schedule for the next few days.

     The PGI World Championship in Berlin, Germany is the first worldwide official league for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It is different from the previous invitational tournaments. Every team participating in the competition is based on their own strength.

     Therefore, although they are all world competitions, the intensity of the competition and the competitions that were directly invited in the past mustn't speak of two things on the same day. It can be said to be higher, faster and stronger!

     This time, following the experience of the last California World Championship, the schedule is divided into three parts.The first is the FPP personal Solo competition from the first perspective, which determines the current World Strongest and most personally valuable players.

     The second is the TPP Double Row Charity Exhibition Tournament. This competition focuses on entertainment and charity, so the third perspective mode is adopted to give players more room to "play".

     The last and most important thing is to decide the four-row team match where the PGI Champions will belong!

      regardless of anyone!

     No matter where it comes from!

     The team with the top score in the three games will win that trophy at the end and open up their own era!