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1138 Four Major Sniper Club Airports!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Two people,

      in a flash,

     There are a million possibilities.

     However at this moment, this Aswp player from RBQ hadn't thought

     The moment his muzzle was raised, his face was suddenly obscured by a shadow, and the vision in front of him was pitch black.

     What blinded my eyes? ? ?

     The answer is a parachute!

      It should be noted, in the current version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, when you open the umbrella and land at that moment, there is a more obvious closing animation.

     And when the parachute collides with the Structure Model, it will even "stuck the parachute". As a result, half of the HP will be dropped when landing.

     Even the great gods cannot completely avoid this. Mengxin is often stuck "landing into a box", which is simply annoying.

     But since the game was launched, no one has thought about using this to do something.

     So at this moment, when countless viewers on the spot and in the live broadcast room saw Liu Zilang riding to drop from the sky on his face, the parachute behind him suddenly stuck to the opponent's face, blocking his vision.


     In a hurry,

     Aswp opened a spray!

     Fire from the muzzle burst, but countless shots were shot at nowhere.

     The next moment, when Liu Zilang landed on his toes, his body was suddenly tightened like a bowstring, and he immediately blasted his head with a punch!


     The sharp fist touched his face, and Aswp's expression instantly twisted and messed in the wind.Liu Zilang's punch can be said to be a solid punch. He almost hit the residual blood Aswp backflip, but he still flew upside down in an instant, thumped and fell to the ground.

     All in one box!

     "Se7en2-Vic killed RBQ-Aswp with a fist headshot!"

     Seeing this not expected at the outset scene, everyone couldn't help but their eyes widened, their faces looked as if struck by lightning.

     As for the players on the field, the slower ones at the end of the course are still floating slowly in the air.

     At this moment, suddenly seeing the kill flashed on the upper right of the screen, everyone on the field suddenly took a breath of air!

     "The power of a punch is so great?!" OMG Xiaohai's face was full of shock.

     A player from South Korea's GRF also couldn't bear sighed with emotion, "It is worthy of being the strongest SoloKing in the California World Championship. Sure enough, there is Smecta."

     "Heh! Interesting opponent." Rocky, the Icelandic super dark horse team, showed a smile on his face.

     "Wet really is a wet duck!"

     Landing in a wild area far away from the course, the developing Misaka Kotomi raised her head, and the mellow bun's face showed a high mountain and a big face.

     On the host commentary stage, Xiaoxiao and Sika were also dumbfounded!

     "My bud! Is this also possible?"

     "Take it! I really take it!"

     Hearing what the two said, Lord Rong couldn’t help but laughed and said, “As expected of Vic, this wave of spiritual thinking is really unquantifiable, the perfect combination of wave and Sao.”

     During the game, I didn't mention the various emotions off the court.After Liu Zilang landed and punched the man here, he quickly rushed over and licked the S1897 in the other person's box, then came back and licked the UMP9 in the other person's box.

     Next, he cleared the warehouse halfway through the search and the warehouse to the north that had not been searched, and quickly came up with a "novice outfit" with first-level and second-level armor.

     Then he crossed the road quietly and sneaked towards the location of the P port restaurant.

     At this time, the plane entered the sea level and quickly disappeared into the sky. In the competition, except for those who hung up in the sky and floated high in the distance, the other players almost all landed.

      "All right, our players have all confirmed their drop points. At present, the resource points of Port P, City M, and Prison are playing fiercely."

     "Yes, although the game at the airport needs to fly high, but there are too few resource points under this kind of route, so there are really many people jumping at the airport."

     "Let's take a look, Wei Shen really chose to jump to the airport, and"

     "Oh! Gtiger's sniper Rocky and Ze Shao and SKK's sniper Satan all went to the airport."

     "Wait! There is still one I am familiar with how I look at it, oh! It's SKT's gold player!"

     "Hi—! My dear grandfather! Four world-class snipers, this game is about to stage a sniper battle at the airport!"

     "Isn't it? The two top snipers in Europe and the United States are fighting against the three top snipers in Asia. It's really a little exciting to think about it."

     "You said this wave"

     "Neither milk nor milk, we don't milk this wave!"

     "Yes, yes! Can't milk, but it makes sense, let me go! Rocky is a 98K!"Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator on stage!

     I saw that Satan, who had fallen to the north of the airport, had just crossed the road and reached under the elevated, and picked up an oak-colored lustrous spear on the ground.


     If this gun is picked up by ordinary people, or if someone is holding a spray gun next to it.

     It is probably not different from the fire stick.

     But in the hands of Rocky, a top European and American sniper C position, not only is there no one nearby, but there is also an elevated overhead, it is no ordinary terror!

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     After Rocky picked up the 98K, while the pull bolt in his hand was bouncing, the person rushed up quickly along the spiral ladder.

     After a while, the others reached the middle of the spiral staircase.

     At this moment, someone just passed by under the elevated and rushed towards the C building to the south.

     Rocky act without taking time to think, raise the muzzle in his hand and aim the gun directly!

     The next moment, he pulled his muzzle slightly, pulled the trigger very quickly, and fired the first shot over the airport!


     Amid the crisp gunfire, a bloody mist appeared on the head of the running person!

     Suddenly he staggered under his feet, and then "plopped" forward to the ground, directly turning into a box.

     Seeing this swift shot like a flash of lightning, the audience of water friends in the field couldn't help but cried out in surprise!

     "Fuck! The machine is aimed at a pure man!"

     "Tsk tusk! The sniper of this dark horse team really has something!"

     "Distressed a wave of this big brother who just passed by, this is also unexpected calamity.""So these Niubi snipers are really perverted, they fall with one shot, and they don't even have a chance to move."

     "It seems that Ze Shao and Wei Jiang have to be careful. The game at the airport is really dangerous."

     "Alas, it's a pity that Vic is not there, otherwise I would have watched it."


     The friends of the water were feeling the danger of the airport in this game, and suddenly someone thought of Liu Zilang.

     Obviously this kind of place is the best for him, but unfortunately this guy is really treacherous and jumped to Port P.

     At this moment, everything happened in the director's camera, and what jumped into the eyes of everyone in the screen was a two-story building next to the P port restaurant.

     At the entrance to the balcony of the small building, the two people squatting were both squatting and looking a little wretched. One of them was Liu Zilang.

     And Liu Zilang is inside the door, and another individual is outside.

     Waiting to see the ID of the person outside the door again, the faces of everyone off the court couldn't help but stunned!

     This is very cool

     Isn't SKK's assault king Billy?