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1139 Don't Protect The Prodigal Son Liu In The Evening?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Billy King, SKK's assaulter.

     If Shroud is the "first breakthrough player in North America", then Billy, who was born in the legendary team SKK, is the "first breakthrough player in the United States."

     That capable, short hair and sturdy figure are very visually impactful. It is more in line with Westerners' aesthetic definition of "macho" than Shroud, and its popularity in Europe and America is only high and not low than Shroud!

     At this time, seeing King Billy and legendary CaptainDark meet again at such a close distance, the European and American fans off the court couldn't help but their eyes widened, and even their breathing became a little quick.

     The Huaxia District hosted the commentary stage.

     "My God! Vic actually met King Billy!"

     "I heard that this Billy is not so fierce. Vic really needs to be careful with this wave."

     "Now they are separated by a door, and there is a window beside them"

     "Oh! Billy moved!"

     Almost at the moment Rong Ye cried out in surprise, Billy suddenly flickered outside the door!

      With a bang sound, his muzzle shot out a dazzling white radiance, and countless shots exploded from the muzzle and hit the window glass severely.

     In an instant, the cobweb-like crack flickering in an instant turned into countless flying fragments!

     In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the door can be bulletproof and lightning-proof. Even a wooden door can withstand an attack or explosion before it is broken, but glass is not the only option.

     Therefore, if Billy's spray hits Liu Zilang, it must be dead or injured at this distance!

     "My God! Vic avoided it!"

     Suddenly someone called out in alarm off the court.Under the lens of the director of the big screen.

     At the moment of the flick of the fragments made of glass, Liu Zilang suddenly tilted his head in a short body, and his body escaped the life-threatening spray at the limit!

     Damn it!

     In the game, Liu Zilang was inwardly cursed in his heart. He was just searching in the room just now, and there was a step outside.

     Liu Zilang didn't know who the people outside were.

     But he has always despised opponents strategically and valued them tactically, so he did not act rashly.

     Unexpectedly, he did not move, but the enemy moved.

     The spray came so fast and too fiercely that Liu Zilang was about to turn over the water.

     The moment he escaped, Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow, his hands suddenly turned into a phantom on the keyboard and mouse.

     In the game, his people also got up suddenly, rushing out of the spray gun of the S1897 in their hands like a flash, and blasted them in a certain direction outside!

     In an instant, Death Aura wrapped in bullets turned into countless streamers and burst out suddenly!

     Liu Zilang originally thought that his backhand shot killed the opponent. Unexpectedly, the opponent had the ability to anticipate the enemy's initiative. He actually lay on the ground at the moment his muzzle came out, avoiding this with the same posture of the slightest difference. Lethal squirt!


     The audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room couldn't help but sucked up the Liangpi!

     Because all of this was cumbersome to say just now, but it happened only between the ups and downs of rabbits and flocks.

     Everyone just thought that the two in front of them were just body shake/sway, and the gunshots were almost in no particular order. The two sides had already completed a confrontation!"Fuck! I was dazzled just now, right?"

     "Sure enough, these close bosses are all monsters Nima!"

     "How do I feel that Billy King is stronger than last time in California? Is it drug use?"

     "Ma Dan, I seem to be a little nervous!"

     "Both of them take sprays, the opportunity is only once."

     "It's over, you such a saying, how come I have a bad feeling in my heart."


     During the game match, Liu Zilang, who had missed a spray, also smelled the familiar anxious breath on the tip of his nose.


     Could it be a hot man?

     He didn't think too deeply, because whether it was or not, the marksmanship and posture shown by the opponent just now were enough for him to pay enough attention and respect.

     How to do?

     After thinking about it, Liu Zilang glanced at the backpack, and suddenly divine light flashes in his heart.

     The next moment, a grenade has slipped into the palm of his hand.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong couldn't help but somewhat surprised. "Does Vic want to use thunder?"

     "At this distance"

     Sika squeezed her chin, cannot bear saying, "I think it's a bit difficult to blow people up."

     "Kazi is right." said with a smile, "the distance is too close, you warm up, and Wang Billy outside the door can definitely hear when you pull the string. If you throw it directly without warming up, it will leave too much time for the other party to dodge. long time."

     "Yes." Lord Rong nodded slightly, but somewhat uncertain in his eyes, "This is also what I find strange. Thor's name is not called, but Vic uses Thunder's experts. He Shouldn't be possible. He doesn't know this. That’s right, unless""Unless Vic, this thunder is not trying to bomb people, but to scare people." Sika said.

     And after hearing the reasoned analysis of the commentary, many audiences off the scene could not help but nodded secretly, with a looking thoughtful expression on their faces.

     At this moment, someone off the court noticed that Liu Zilang, who was holding Thunder behind the door, suddenly retreated towards the corner.

     what's the situation?

      Is it possible that

     Everyone is wondering.

     Liu Zilang suddenly raised his hand, and he threw the thunder in his hand preheatingly.

     After hearing only a "clam," everyone's eyes twitched twice.

     It turned out that Liu Zilang's thunder didn't throw out the window, but hit the wall of the window, and then bounced around on the ground behind the door.

     At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded!

     "Uh, Vic missed this?"

     "If I read it right, it should be"

     "LMAO, this ratio should be to show off geometric thunder, I didn't expect to throw it out."

     "A generation of Thor, it is not guaranteed in the evening!"


     Outside the door, Billy also heard the movement inside the door.

     His eyes were slightly revolved, and he quickly guessed the situation inside the door.

     It turned out to be a Muggle!

     Boy juice, let me teach you how to throw thunder.

     Billy's mouth twitched and licked his lips, revealing a bloody smile.

     I saw a grenade slid out of his hand, observed the terrain a little, and found a subtle geometric angle.


     The string of the grenade rang.Billy moved a few steps forward, adjusted his angle and approached the door.

     "Oh! Will King Billy throw thunder too?"

     "This should be a preheating thunder, but I don't know how Billy King threw it."

     "I remember that Billy's Ray was pretty slippery, and Vic took a hurry to hide, what is this guy doing there?"

     Under the big screen director's lens, Liu Zilang was still squatting in the corner just after a thunderous miss.

     Although his position would not be accidentally injured by his own hand thunder, the side of King Billy outside the door was already warmed up, and Liu Zilang had no reason to hear the sound of the string.

     If the opponent's grenade is thrown in, it will be cold if it is blown up!

     Thinking of this, everyone looked at Liu Zilang again, with a somewhat uncertain look on his face.
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