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1141 The Man Who Will Never Be Shot To Death!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the picture, I saw a person standing on the third floor, with a click in his hand, and pushed another sniper bullet into the chamber.

     Then he raised the 98K in his hand again and aimed it at the elevated direction without a word or movement.

     This person is naturally the sniper Kim Doo-hwan from South Korea's SKT, and what he holds in his hand is a 98K red dot!

      It should be noted, the distance between the observatory and the elevated is not close, the two are almost at the east and west ends of the airport building. It's no wonder that Jin Douhuan just failed to get a headshot.

     After all, it's good to hit this distance, and it's really not that difficult to get a headshot.

     After Rocky on the elevated floor hit the blood, his eyes narrowed slightly.

     At this time, the 98K muzzle in his hand also aimed at the observation platform next to the boiler room.

     What is shocking is that the 98K in his hand is actually a holographic sight!

     Seeing this picture, the audiences off-site and in the live broadcast room were a little dumbfounded.

     "Is the airport poor?"

     "It's unscientific. I think Ze Shao's AK has an eight-fold lens."

     "I think there are gains and losses. You can't take all the benefits."

     "These two hunks seem to be going to work, this wave of me unconditionally suppress Xiaojin!"

     "Oh? What did the brother in front say?"

     "I remember that although Xiao Jin died a lot in the World Championships, he was probably crushed to death by a car. Have you ever remembered how many times he was shot to death?"

     "There are reasons, convincing! I shuttled!"


     Red Dot Vs Hologram!

     Asian Sniper Vs European and American Sniper?The spectators in the stands around the stadium were staring at the game screen, but they looked a little nervous.

     Most of these audiences are Europeans and Americans. Naturally, they have no enthusiasm for Jin Douhuan. Instead, they favor Rocky, the dark horse Gtiger who made his debut this season.

     In the game.

     At this time, there is no high power lens, only one black spot in each other’s eyes,

     But they clearly know that the other party has been looking at themselves, so they are also looking at each other.

     At a certain moment!



     The crisp sniper rifle sounded one after another!

     Two sniper bullets flickering in an instant pierced the sky and whizzed toward the opponent's face.

     Above the elevated frame, Rocky took a little tiptoe, and took a half step back.

     On the top of the observation platform, Jin Douhuan also shook his figure, and was actually half short out of thin air.

     Just listening to the two "swish" sounds, the two sides actually avoided the other side's sniper to the limit.

     The series of actions by the two of them are stiff as a virgin moves like a surprised rabbit, and they use the most direct and straightforward way to turn the danger into invisible when the stormy waves are facing each other, and everyone in the audience can't help but feel frightened.

     Unexpectedly, at this urgent and important moment, the scene of the director is suddenly everything.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw two figures suddenly appeared at the entrance of Building A and on the side of Building No. 3, and they almost agreed by chance and raised their guns.

     "Oh! It's Satan and Ze Shao!"

     "Satan aimed at Rocky, Ze Shao's goal seems to be the gold player!""However, Ze Shao was blocked by the police station and he was still pulling to the side."

     "I drop ghosts! This is the rhythm of sniper chaos!"

     "The remaining buddies in the airport are going to suffer. It feels like these four people have covered the entire airport."

     "This Nima is really the celestial beings fight. It's better than God Wei, who just strayed away."

     "But it feels like these guys won't be able to fight for long. The airport is not in the circle."

     Suddenly there was another exclamation off the court!

     "Fuck! Is Ze Shao so stubborn? He shot eight times?"

     Accompanied by this exclamation was the continuously and uninterrupted gunfire of AKM.

     I saw Shen Zeyan pursed up the lips, holding the AKM and aiming in the direction of the observation platform, a wave of fierce bullets exploded from the muzzle of the flashing fire.

     Before Jin Douhuan could react, he was hit by the bullet splitting the head and covering the face.

     Fortunately, AKM’s bullets weren’t deadly enough, and Jin Douhuan’s reaction was extremely fast. In the end, his blood volume was extremely restricted by his limit.

     "I'm going, player Jin is really tough!"

     "It's a pity, Ze Shao is almost able to prove Asia's No. 1 Sniper God in this wave."

     "To be reasonable, I think this wave can't say that even if Ze Shao kills the gold player?"

     "That's true, after all, it was a sneak attack."

     "Speaking of sneak attacks, I think Satan also took aim at Rocky just now, haven't you started fighting?"

     At this time, the director seemed to still remember this moment and quickly passed the scene.

     However, the scene that jumped into everyone's eyes made everyone couldn't help stare blankly.I saw that on the grass between the elevated and A-story building, I don't know when someone appeared.

     This is a player from the Southeast Asian AW7 team. He obviously heard Rocky's gunshots on the elevated highway, so he kept his sight on the elevated highway while running, and wanted to pass through the middle lawn to pick up the car on the side of the airport.

     However, he didn't notice that behind the door of Building A not far away, there was a tiger lying waiting for an opportunity.

     Satan knows that the person on the elevated bridge is Rocky. If he has a powerful pull bolt like 98K or M24 in his hand, then maybe he will ignore the person in front of him and look for the elevated person with holding breath and appear in his vision. Opportunity.

     It is a pity that he is holding SKS's erratic trajectory, and the fall is even more obvious when hitting low and high.

     Therefore, facing the walking "head points" in front of him, Satan only hesitated for 0.1 second before raising the four-fold SKS in his hand with cold eyes.

     Bang bang bang —!

     SKS's unique burst of gunfire sounded.

     Satan didn't play any dazzling two-second 17 rounds, but simply a spear connects with a spear.

     But even so, the scene on the court is still alarming.

     I saw this player from AW7 who was in the second and third class A, and he was obviously fatter.

     From the first shot, he walked wildly on the grass like a snakeskin.

     But the blood mist on his body seemed to be chased behind his ass with a knife, and he hadn't stopped since the beginning, and he was sprinkled outside like money.

     No bullets!

     hiss-!Everyone off the court took a breath of air!

     This Nima feels more powerful than 17 shots in two seconds!

     But at this moment, as if Immortal Flying Over The Heavens, there was a clear gunshot in everyone's ears!


     The person who was about to be beaten and collapsed in AW7 suddenly twisted his body irregularly, staggered under his feet, and fell to the ground coldly.

     The next moment, hit kill and flash out at the top right of the screen.

     "GTiger-Rocky killed AW7-Godly with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising picture, everyone in the audience was stunned, and immediately subconsciously looked at somewhere on the stage.

      At this time, the director also gave a player shot very spiritually.
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