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1148 Shadow Clone Suicide! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

That is not an umbrella.

     Of course it is not an umbrella!

     To be precise, that gun is a gun like an umbrella.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     I saw that just as the majestic rain of bullets splitting the head and covering the face, Liu Zilang actually raised the 98K in his hand like a divine help, and shot out like a flash of lightning!


     The gunshots were crisp, like a phoenix cry.

     In an instant, thunderous gunfire with a grunting sound it stops, the wind and rain will be collected!

     On the edge of the roof platform, holding Li Muqiu on the left side abruptly without letting go, as if he had already seen the scene of a human head on the screen.

     However, while Liu Zilang's sniper bullet tore through the second-stage head on his head, it also ruthlessly tore through all his fantasies.

     The moment the fire flashed, Li Muqiu's pupils shrank suddenly, and his vision suddenly shook violently!

     Then, seeing his knees soften, he knelt down uncontrollably, and hung his body on the railing on the edge of the roof platform.

     AK little prince, die!

     Even though the person is dead, Li Muqiu's eyes in front of the screen in the stage competition area are as round as copper bells, his mouth is wide open, and his face looks like a hard to believe!

     and many more!

     Did that guy spot me a long time ago?

     At this time, a kill prompt appeared on the screen.

     After seeing the ID of "Vic", Li Muqiu looked dull for a long time before reacting, but he felt a little relieved.

     If it's someone else, he would wonder if the other person has such good patience. He will find him tomorrow morning, but he will still circle with him here.But when it was replaced by Liu Zilang, Li Muqiu didn't have any doubts, and only this kind of boring and exhausted guy would be free to play with him.

      At the same time, the audience including commentators from the major competitions think that Liu Zilang has long discovered that Li Muqiu is not a minority, and from start to finish is just beat sb at their own game.

     After all, if this is not the case, even if Liu Zilang is not a human being, I am afraid it will be difficult to survive in that situation.

     Of course, not everyone thinks so.

     On the host commentary stage of Huaxia District, Lord Rong was brows slightly wrinkle at this time, meditating and silent, thinking over and over the situation just now.

     He always felt that Liu Zilanggang did not look like he was acting, but he really didn't notice it.

     As for the end, why Liu Zilang was able to complete a wave of desperate counter-kills like a divine help.

     Rong Ye also didn't understand this.

     Because there are certain situations in FPS games that must be killed, unless the enemy shoots too much, he will die if he loses the first hand.

     Li Muqiu's AK is impossible.

      Thought until here, Lord Rong couldn't help but feel more puzzled, and his brows wrinkled tighter.

     However, the director was very powerful, and quickly found the playback footage of the wave just now.

     Suddenly, there were some noisy sounds off the court as if someone had pressed the mute button. Almost everyone stared at the big screen above.

     The playback camera uses 0.5 times the speed, which is convenient for the audience off-site to see more details.

     However, even so, Liu Zilang's shot with countless bullets is still so fast that people are heart alarmed, body leaping!But at this moment, Lord Rong suddenly widened his eyes and exclaimed, "No! That is"

     The director obviously realized something, and the camera suddenly fell back, returning to the second before Liu Zilang shot!

     In the big screen picture, I saw the moment when Liu Zilang took a step!

     Everyone can clearly see that a diagonal shadow appeared on the ground in front of him.

      As everyone knows, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has the most advanced magic in the world, ah, physics engine.

     Then this shadow is naturally impossible, no cause, no reason. There must be something that blocks the direct light from high above.

     When I saw this shadow, the audience off the field and the commentary on the stage were all taken aback!

     In the next moment, everyone's mouth grows bigger and bigger!

     It seems to be enough to squeeze in a few eggs, and the look on his face is getting harder to believe!

     "Is this guy?"

     "Fuck! Could it be that the shadow of Qiu Shen exposed himself!"

     "Distressed my Qiu Shen, I was sold by my own shadow."

     "But think about it, Vic is still very abnormal!"

     "Indeed, even if you see the shadow in that situation, most likely you will still have to die."


     The barrage of the live broadcast room rolled over.

     At the scene of the game, Li Muqiu, who had just taken off his headphones and was walking down the steps on the right side of the stage, noticed the abnormality of the audience and couldn't help but glanced at, suddenly couldn't help but a confused face.

     After a while, he took a subconsciously step down and almost fell off his head!Fortunately, the staff member next to him saw that the situation was wrong, and took a hand to stabilize his body.

     However, at this moment, Li Muqiu's facial muscles twitched, but there was an impulse to "shame and anger!"

     After all, if Liu Zilang really had been acting from start to finish, Li Muqiu could still comfort himself by saying "It's not that our army is too incompetent, but that the enemy is too cunning".

     But the reality is that he committed a very low-level negligence, and he happened to be caught by Liu Zilang, which is unavoidably painful.

     In the game, Liu Zilang, who was almost dead, also grows let out a relaxed breath.

     After taking the medicine, Liu Zilang couldn't help scratching his butt as he looked at the twitching corpse hanging on the railing above. Some did not understand how Li Muqiu was so insidious.

     He thought about these and none, but he quickly went up and licked the wave packet in his hand.

     At this time, the poison circle has overlapped with the boundary of the safe zone, and the next circle will be refreshed.

     There were vague gunshots coming from the beach, and it was clear that the airdrop had already started. Liu Zilang had to seize the moment to persuade him to fight.

     Otherwise, if port P is still in the circle, people will definitely come from the north;

     And if Port P is not in the circle, then there is not much time left for Liu Zilang to get the airdrop.

     Therefore, after licking the bag, Liu Zilang immediately rode on the motorcycle and raised the accelerator. The engine roared and dragged a long black smoke towards the beach.

     He didn't dare to get too close, just circled outside.

     Shen Zeyan and Rocky fought so fiercely, he was really fighting in the past.When the time comes, the two of them will most likely transfer their firepower to defeat him first, then the gains do not make up for the losses.

     And if Liu Zilang is unaware of the oriole behind, at this moment, Kotomi Misaka, who is lying in the grass not far away, is holding a SKS cautious and solemn, is the hunter hiding in the dark.

     Stay on the ground and live to ninety-nine.

     Misaka Kotomi thought of the "Cross Mantra" that Liu Zilang secretly told her before the game, and Bao Zi's face elatedly stunned.

     But she is not the kind of player who is obediently and honestly lying on his stomach.

     At this time, on the basis of the "Cross Mantra" taught by Liu Zilang, Kotomi Misaka also gave full play to his subjective initiative and was ready to engage in extra-expedited income generation.