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1149 Stay On The Ground And Live To Ninety-nine? (3/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

And when Misaka Kotomi secretly stole the two people beside the beach airdrop, the next circle on the field was refreshed.

     From the perspective of the map provided by the director, everyone off the field can clearly see that the first safe area that originally reached Port P in the south and the hospital in the north has suddenly shrunk, and the area in the area has become smaller.

     And seeing this circle, the barrage of the live broadcast room exploded!

     "Fogcao! Port P is still in the safe zone!"

     "Tsk tusk, is it possible that Port P will become the final circle of fate in this game."

     "It's hard to say, Vic's ratio is really bad person lasts for a thousand years."

     "Then Ze Shao and Rocky don't have to worry about it. Rocky is just a little bit like the thunder, otherwise the airdrop is his now."


     Compared with the audience in the live broadcast room, the commentators on the stage are more concerned and worried about the changes in the field situation.

     "This circle is a chamfered circle in the south. The Feng Shui of Port P looks good."

     "It's a coastal city, and it's normal for good feng shui, but there should be more people in the future?"

     "Well, the distribution of solo players is too scattered. Now that Port P has shown some destiny circles, there will definitely be many players who will like this Feng Shui treasured land."

     "Oh! Someone is coming, Vivian of SKK driving up and down, and the woods to the northwest, Shroud of C9!"

     "Heh—! Neither of these are good things, and there are people coming from other places besides them."

     "Huh? Viper, the sniper of South Korea's grf, is here too!""Some of you have watched this. The intensity of the game in Port P is probably far better than Port G."


     While the audience off the court and the commentators on the stage sighed, Liu Zilang did not have this kind of consciousness in the game.

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw him like a wild donkey running off the rein, spinning around the beach near the airdrop, like a crowd who is not too big to watch the crowd, hugging him in his arms Walking with a melon.

     That appearance was more suspicion, and the corner of Shen Zeyan's eyes twitched, and Rocky couldn't wait to kill him.

     However, both of them resisted the impulse and watched him only a detached point of view.

     Because in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the world’s most realistic game, although motorcycles can “boost from small” and have all kinds of inconceivable special effects, it is not a real Magic Item after all, it still needs to be refueled.

     Don't you like to stroll? Then wait for you to go around two more times, see if you are out of oil and still can't go around!

     Shen Zeyan and Rocky were thinking this way, but the hum of the motorcycle in their ears suddenly stopped!

     The two immediately looked in the direction where Liu Zilang was, but the scene where they entered the eyes was slightly startled.

     Liu Zilang stopped the motorcycle, suddenly cut to the second position, took out a bucket of oil and poured it into the motorcycle.

     Naturally, they couldn't see Liu Zilang cheering from their angles, but both of them were old players. They just thought about it for a moment, and then guessed the situation in front of them. The corners of their eyes twitched slightly.

     Hemp egg!

     Isn't this deliberately annoying?In fact, it was not only Shen Zeyan and Rocky who were irritated at this time. Misaka Kotomi, who was lying in the grass, also had a wave of ups and downs on her chest. The round steamed bun's face was full of anger, thinking that this motorcycle rider is really hateful. Up!

     She is lying in ambush here, just wanting to wait secretly by the beach for both sides suffer.

     As a result, Liu Zilang mixed in, and the two on the beach were better off, and they stopped fighting, so her "big income-generating plan" would come to nothing!

     Misaka Kotomi was thinking about these things in her little head, and suddenly she felt somewhat abnormal in her ears.

      At the same time, the audience around the stage also stretched their necks and stretched their necks like a silly goose!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     Kotomi Misaka suddenly reacted to the sound of friction between tires and grass!

     not good!

     I saw her lying on the ground a "wild boar", and she stood up numbly.

     This action actually looks awkward, like a big bear stretching.

     However, at that moment when she got up, Misaka Kotomi suddenly felt lighter, and even felt as lithe as a swallow.

     Why is there no fat four?

     Kotomi Misaka's head fainted.

      in a flash, she suddenly realized an incident, that is, she was flying!

     Or to be more precise, she was shoveled up by an abruptly arising motorcycle with a sliding shovel, and after screaming through a parabola in the air, she flew straight toward the drop box on the beach. past.


     The next moment, Kotomi Misaka fell on the airdrop box, and instantly turned away.Thus, the airdrop box is like a gambling table raise, and suddenly another box is added.

     Shen Zeyan and Rocky on both sides glanced at the box, looked at each other, and suddenly leaned out to agree by chance, beating each other fiercely!

     Fire bursts, bullets flutter!

     Three words, grab the landlord!

     Just when the two men burst out of murderous intent, the kill just at the top right of the screen appeared.

     "Se7en2-Vic driving a vehicle hit and killed Se7en2-Menhera!"

     Misaka Kotomi, who died suddenly, had her mouth slightly opened, and she was forced to sit in front of the screen with a full face.

     After seeing this kill, her shoulders twitched suddenly, and she almost cried out "Wow"!

     As wet as Li!

     As I said, I will stay on the ground and live to be ninety-nine!

     At this time, I think of the secret Liu Zilang told her. At a certain moment, Kotomi Misaka suddenly felt that she was arranged by a hot man.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang is also a little dumbfounded here, why is this Hapi?

      It should be noted, due to angle and field of view problems, Shen Zeyan and Rocky may have not noticed Misaka Kotomi lying on the floor.

     But Liu Zilang just walked around for a few times, how come he didn't see Kotomi Misaka lying in the grass with her little butt?

     And the reason why he just rode a motorcycle around in circles, naturally, it is not all right.

     His purpose is to let people around, especially the "Voldemort" lying in the grass think that he is all right, so as to relax their vigilance.Wait until the opponent gets used to his own presence and the sound of the motorcycle engine, then go to complete a deadly Jio flying shovel!

     But Liu Zilangwan never expected, the one who was hit by himself would actually be Misaka Kotomi.

     Suddenly, he patted his forehead coldly. Remembering that before the game, this little guy put aside Li Muqiu, thiefly pulling the corner of his clothes and asking him the secret of solo.

     After all, he was also the "strongest SoloKing" in the last California World Championship. He naturally has an authority that no one else has in this regard.

     However, Liu Zilang is born with this stuff, so naturally he can't teach people much.

     So he scratched the head and could only give her a "Cross Mantra" to defend herself.

     and many more!

     This little second, wouldn't he just lie here to watch the scenery after listening to his own words?

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang seemed to cast a sad look behind his back.

     He couldn't help scratching his nose,

     Xindao has a big misunderstanding now!

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