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1157 Battle Of The Portals?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Until this moment, everyone understood that this wave was not a lucky person and a hapless person.

     The moment they met Gao Yunyang, they were destined to be unlucky.

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     "This wave of Sloth is really cruel, and doesn't leave a way to survive."

     "Well, but Sloth's current position is too bad. In the situation just now, he to give the opponent an opportunity, he just didn't give himself a chance."

     "That's true. Otherwise, even if you defeat Moza who is close, the Japanese player will definitely continue to fight him. In comparison, it is better to knock the opponent out and then get closer."

     "Hehe, reason is that kind of reason, but I believe that in that situation, most players will most likely choose to be steady and get closer. There are not many who dare to play heartbeat like Sloth."

     "Yes, about this I can only say that these people from Se7en2 are boldness of execution stems from superb skill, and they don't take the usual path."


     When the director was feeling a while, Gao Yunyang, who had just killed the two of them, quickly licked the box that was close to him. He didn't have any interest in the box where he killed the person first, and turned directly over. boarding.

     After all, he was outside the circle. For Gao Yunyang, this wave of killings was just easy. The most important thing was that he took a fancy to the small car parked on Tianlong.

     In this kind of lap, especially in solo matches, Gao Yunyang is too aware of how many deranged people around the lap like the card poison lap, and this flat land one could gallop straight across, if there is no vehicle, once it is Found that the frame is basically cold.Therefore, after getting in the car, Gao Yunyang didn't have any ink stains with the nearby enemies. He kicked the accelerator and the car immediately turned into a stream of fire, rushing through the wheat field, and drove straight toward the mine in the southwest.

     The reason why Gao Yunyang chose this route into the circle is because the current situation on the court is that people from the east are moving to the west.

     If he chooses to enter the circle from G town in the west, he is bound to be blocked by the card poison side.

     In this case, choose a southerly edge to cut in, so that the resistance will be much smaller.

      has to say, Gao Yunyang's idea is not wrong.

     However, when everyone saw the direction he was going, they opened their mouths in surprise, and the atmosphere in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms quickly became hot!

     "Lei's! Lei's! This is really a chance to meet for thousands of miles!"

     "The two people have similar routes. They should meet in the mine!"

     "Oh huh! Finally there is a sanction against Vic this dog, making him laugh so wickedly!"

     "Come on, Yangzi! We top you!"


     Next, under the eyes of countless audiences, the trajectory of fate finally met live up to expectations.

     Whoops whoops—!

     On the mine.

     As soon as Liu Zilang stopped, he was beaten wildly by someone in the distance splitting the head and covering the face.

     However, the person who beat him was not Gao Yunyang, but the one who was on the side of the mine to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits.

      With a burst of "ding dong" metal vibrato, numerous dazzling flames splashed on the motorcycle.When Liu Zilang saw this, he raised his eyebrows. He pulled out the muffler M24 behind his backhand. He jumped on the motorcycle while avoiding the other party's burst of shots. He immediately opened the mirror in the direction where the gunfire came from the mountain!

      In this brief moment, Liu Zilang once again demonstrated his amazing "ability to find someone."

     The person somewhere in the mine just realized that something is wrong and wanted to get back, but he already comes without enough time.


     The melodious sound of the stapler is online!

     The fire from the muzzle of the silencer faintly flashed, and a powerful sniper bullet pierced through the sky and burst into the mine.

     In the next moment, an astonishing blood mist suddenly appeared in the vision of the eight-fold mirror!

     "Se7en2-Vic killed SKT-Benz with M24 headshot!"

     It's Mercedes!

     After seeing this kill prompt, everyone off the court couldn't help but cried out in surprise!

     In fact, the audience can clearly see the Benz ID from the perspective of the director OB.

     However, this wave happened too quickly on the court, and everyone off the court hadn't had time to see clearly. What appeared in front of everyone was the death message from the Mercedes Benz...

     "Fuck! Vic is too fast!"

     "Brother Benz was also beheaded by Vic! SKT has already lost two of them in Vic's singles."

     "But Vic also exposed himself right now. As soon as his information comes out, it is estimated that he will be chased and beaten."

     "Chasing? You shiver coldly to ascertain fault?"

     "No? It's hard to say about the Asian players, but the European and American gunmen are vengeful.""That's right, in California, Vic alone overturned Europe and America. This group of guys must be holding back."

     "Don't talk so far! Sloth is here!"

     "Oh huh! There is a good show to watch! to clean up the sect, what's the most exciting!"



     As soon as Liu Zilang finished killing, there was a roar of engines in his ears.

     He turned his head and saw that a small orange car drove up in the forest to the east.

     If it were in the past, Liu Zilang might give the opponent two shots to practice with full of interest.

     But right now, although he had just killed one, who knows how many stuck poisons there are in the mine.

     Therefore, without too many hesitation, he quickly jumped on the motorcycle, pulled up the accelerator, and followed the winding mountain road in the mine, toward a house on the hillside Drove over.

     In any case, it is safest to have a house at this time.


     The terrain of the mine looks like a large crater smashed by a meteorite, with a depression in the middle and surrounded by mountain roads.

     Liu Zilang rode a happy motorcycle, just halfway through the mountain, the familiar engine roar sounded again behind him.

     Last line?

     He was slightly surprised, but a smile turned up at the corner of his mouth.

     After all, anyone can play at the end, but in the end it is not easy to say.

     Da Da Da!

      But at this moment, there was a sudden sound of gunfire on the opposite mountain, and a wave of bullets swished across the valley in the blink of an eye, and hit Liu Zilang on the motorcycle.

     The other party obviously saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle and couldn't fight back, so what he hit was a happy and wanton one.At this time, Liu Zilang wanted to fight back, so he could only stop the motorcycle.

     But the mountain road was empty and the motorcycle couldn't block the shelter. The gunshots must have attracted the attention of others around.

     If he stops rashly, even if he kills the person on the opposite side of the hill, it will be difficult for him to get in the car after being framed on the mountain road by others. At that time, he seems to have only the choice of jumping off the cliff.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang didn't care about the gunshots in his ears, tightened the accelerator, and rushed forward with his head sullenly.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't care, but someone was in charge.

     On the mountain road not far behind the motorcycle.

     I saw Gao Yunyang suddenly cut to the No. 2 co-pilot position after turning a corner. The SKS on his body was already in his hand when he came out of the car window.

     Bang bang bang —!

     A wave of accurate and ruthless bullets gushes away!

     Hearing the gunshots behind, Liu Zilang in front couldn't help but feel happy, secretly said in heart, good guy!

     But the next moment,

     He is a little unhappy...