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1158 The Gate Of Life And Death! (Big Chapter)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At a certain moment, a kill suddenly appeared at the top right of the screen!

     "Se7en2-Sloth used SKS to headshot SST-Molis!"

     Feelings just hit Liu Zilang, and he was actually a teammate of Misaka Kotomi's old club.

     However, this person who killed Liu Zilang felt a little astonished as to how he met this guy in secret.

     In Se7en, putting aside personal abilities, each player’s style has nothing in common with each other.

     And what Liu Zilang is best at is to grasp the opponent's psychology and see through the opponent from the opponent's style. Therefore, Liu Zilang always seems to have more wins when playing against his own family in the team.

     Of course, there are always exceptions.

     Gao Yunyang is his exception.

     It's not that Liu Zilang has never beaten Gao Yunyang, but that he has no bottom in winning every time, and he even feels a little bit unsure of how he won.

     There is no other reason, because Gao Yunyang is too lazy.

     If everyone’s thoughts in his mind can be replaced with symbols during battle, then Gao Yunyang’s mind must be a series of ellipsis "..."

     Liu Zilang always felt that the brain circuit of this guy was different from ordinary people, just like thunder in silence. He was in a state of "paralysis" for the first second, but in the next second he could become a macho like a chicken blood!

     Looking back at the orange-red car behind him, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel pain in his heart.

     It seems that the other party should still do not know who he is, otherwise he wouldn't be so desperate if he didn't release the water.

     Liu Zilang thinks so, but viewers in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms do not think so."Chong Chong Chong, catch up!"

     "Come on, Yangzi, get him!"

     "Oh huh! It's finally my favorite to clean up the sect link."

     "Sad Death's performance today is very fierce. If Vic is done, there should be no what's the problem."

     "Are you joking to break through the army? It's hard to say if the distance is far away. Under such close-range and small-scale combat, I don't think Vic has a big win."


     The audience in the live broadcast room analyzed for a while, and at this moment, Liu Zilang's car speed started to slow down.

     Right in front, a house on the mountainside leaped into everyone's eyes, and the door was still open.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but pleased his eyebrows when he saw this. He originally wanted to slow down and stop, he raised the accelerator again, and rushed in directly from the door on his motorcycle.

     I am home!

     Liu Zilang was thinking so proudly, the next moment, the roar of the engine behind him was rolling.


     The corners of his eyes twitched, and since you are not kind, don't blame me vicious and merciless.

     After riding the motorcycle into the door, Liu Zilang, who jumped off the motorcycle, picked up the M24 backhand and walked quickly to the door.

     Liu Zilang hid behind the door and glanced towards the mountain road. The front of an orange sedan came into view first, and then the whole car galloped over from the mountain road.

     He raised the eyebrow, and his muzzle came out of the door very quickly, and the long eight-fold mirror on the M24 immediately opened.

     Salsa—!However, at the moment when he pulled the quasi-center, Liu Zilang suddenly moved his ears and heard a very subtle sound of the soles of his feet rubbing against the floor, like a person squatting on the ground turning his direction.

     not good!

     He was shocked, and the muzzle in his hand pulled a semi-circle very quickly and pointed it towards somewhere in the room.

     It was not a person who jumped into the eyes, but a group of suddenly bright lights that pierced in his eyes instantly.


     The wild bullets are like "bang bang", madly attacking Liu Zilang!

     "Oh! Someone in the room!"

     "Is a player from South Korea's GRF!"

     "My God, this place he is hiding is too dark too!?"

     "It's over, you can't clean up the sect now!"

     The reactions of everyone off the court have nothing in common with each other. During the game, Liu Zilang felt like he was lying in his heart, but the reaction in his hands was almost to the extreme!

     At this moment, the audience off the court could see Liu Zilang's right hand mouse slamming an exaggerated arc, almost sliding out of the table.

     From the first point of view of Liu Zilang given by the director, the opening scene is flickering in an instant in the eyes of everyone!

     Everyone just felt like saw a flash, the familiar sound of the stapler whispered in their ears, and a powerful sniper bullet burst away!

     At this moment, whether it is the Griffin player or Liu Zilang, both sides have arrived, either you die or I die!In the auditorium under the stage, Zhang Xiaotong, who was holding his mobile phone selfie holder to watch the game live, couldn't help but called out in alarm. The reaction suddenly covered his small mouth, looking a little rare and charming.

     Puff puff-!

     At this time, the bullet rained down on Liu Zilang's body, splashing a striking blood mist.

     However, at the same time, GRF's head seemed to be smashed by someone with a sledgehammer. He burst into bloom unexpectedly, and his body took two steps backwards uncontrollably!

     The next moment, thumped!

     "Se7en2-Vic killed GRF-Para with a headshot of M24!"

     Seeing Liu Zilang's instantaneous counter-attack of moving clouds and flowing water, the audience's exclamation just got stuck in their throats, their eyes opened wide, as if they were shocked!

     "Fuck! Vic, a dog thief, is too handsome!"

     "Don't talk too much, Nima is so handsome that she has no friends!"

     "It seems that Vic is really yin and immortal. How many guys who want to yin him have fallen halfway."

     "However, this wave of Para is still quite impressive. Vic's blood volume has already become popular. This wave of Sao death seems to be entering the make-up mode."

     Chi Chi —!

     A sound of friction between tires and the ground was heard in his ears, and Liu Zilang's facial muscles could not help but twitch.

     If Gao Yunyang didn't know it just now, he bit his butt and didn't let it go. also just sufficed.

     But he had already killed a person inside, and the other person actually felt it, which is a bit loot a burning house.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang couldn't help cursing the other party's shamelessly, but ignored that he himself was also a shameless person.Outside the house, next to an orange car.

     Gao Yunyang got out of the car and looked at the small building in front of him, remembering the look in his eyes when Li Muqiu stepped down, and he couldn't help but sighed saying.

     Although he said "why torment each other so cruelly", for the socks he had stocked for a week, he had to be cruel.

     Unlike other rich second generations, although Gao Yunyang can eat four grilled sausages in one go, his life style in the base is still very simple, and he doesn't wear one pair of socks and lose one pair.

     Of course, because this guy is too lazy, it is impossible for him to wash clothes and socks.

     And Li Muqiu, who had just left with hatred, had a clear look in his eyes. As long as he helped fix Liu Zilang, he would contract socks or something, and it seemed that picking up soap was impossible.

     And if you don't meet also just sufficed, but now that you have encountered it, Gao Yunyang will naturally not let go of this opportunity.

     After getting out of the car, he immediately rushed in with the gun in his hand, it seemed that he was not afraid of where Liu Zilang was hiding.

     In fact, this is not Gao Yunyang stunned, or an iron-headed baby like Misaka Kotomi.

     The reason is that there is only one, and that is at this moment, Gao Yunyang is holding the S686 sprayer known as the "King of Melee".

     At this time, Liu Zilang's blood volume is not much. As a breakthrough player in the cream of the crop's in Asia, if he does not dare to make a house under this situation, he should really retire and go back to inherit tens of billions of property.

     Looking at Liu Zilang's side, it was obviously not a wise choice to fight the bayonet with the only person in the team who made him uncertain with this amount of blood.So Liu Zilang decisively acknowledged the counseling and ran towards the room inside.

     The next moment, as soon as Gao Yunyang entered the door, he heard the sound of "chuchu" footsteps on the floor.

     Hide and seek?

     The corner of his mouth was slightly tilted, and a smile emerged, act without taking time to think, holding the gun, and hurriedly followed the direction of the sound.

     At the moment he walked to the door of the room, Gao Yunyang shot his gun and pointed it directly at the back window of the room.


     The moment the trigger was pulled, a ball of fire suddenly appeared from the muzzle, and countless shots burst out instantly.

     Puff puff-!

     The bullet hit the window rail, causing countless wood chips and dust to fly in the air.

     After the gun smoke passed, Liu Zilang was not seen in the window. Gao Yunyang was not surprised, and quickly chased him with the spray.

     "Fuck it, scared me to death!"

     "Hahaha, Vic is also very scared."

      In comparison, the audience in the live broadcast room to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, but Liu Zilang's eyes twitched twice during the game competition.

     At this moment, he was afraid of delaying time. After turning out the window, he didn't dare to look back, and rushed towards the corner on the left.

     Sure enough, just as he flashed over the corner, a pot of slammed came from behind.

     Liu Zilang, who passed by death again, seemed to feel the cold sweat coming out of his back.


     There was the sound of the spray.

     Liu Zilang didn't dared to take the opportunity to steal the gun, but hurriedly sullen his head and rushed forward.

     At this time, his blood was wiped to death, and the opponent took another spray. Only when his head was dizzy would he counterattack at this time.Ever since, the jaw-dropping "hide and seek" scene appeared in front of everyone.

     Although this is an invisible battle, there are hidden murderous opportunities everywhere, full of all kinds of Listening In On Arguments From Afar and fight and scheme against each other.

     As long as Liu Zilang takes a wrong step, he will be overthrown by Gao Yunyang who is catching up.

     It looks like hide and seek, but in fact it is more bloody and cruel than hide and seek.

     However, in the eyes of the audience off the court, everyone felt that the two of them had a little bit out of the "tacit understanding", that is, their acting skills, and even there's some left off the court. European and American audiences booed!

     On the interpretive stage of China.

     Upon seeing this, Master Rong couldn't help touching the tip of his nose, and coughed awkwardly, "It seems that the players of the second team are all Hearts of One Mind."

     The smile on the side was blunt, "My Ya'er! The next round is almost done, these two people are going to play at what time?"

     "I don't think it's like playing."

     Sicamo rubbed his chin, shook the head, "Aren't those few shots of Sloth coming pretty hard?"

     "Oh, Vic doesn't move anymore! He hides behind the door, is this a yin guy?"

     "Yin, does his health dare to shoot? Sloth has a third-level head, even if it is M24's face sniper."

     "Now that the footsteps are gone, Sloth doesn't seem to notice Vic, it's a bit dark under the lights."

     "Then this wave of circles has been brushed, and the next safe area is the swampy area northwest of the mine, which is quite far away."

     "What did Sloth say, do you want to keep looking for Vic?"

     "Oh! Sloth wants to..."On the big screen of the game, Gao Yunyang hesitated for a while after chasing Liu Zilang.

     The next moment, he suddenly ran outside, raised the sprayer and burst the tire of the car he had just driven.

     Immediately afterwards, following the will of the "leader", he returned to the room and jumped on Liu Zilang's motorcycle.

     Obviously, Gao Yunyang wanted to steal the car!

     Liu Zilang behind the door saw the anger.

     However, he didn't know if the opponent was "fishing". In this game where he would make a sound even when he got up, he didn't dare to act blindly without thinking.

     So next, with the roar of the engine, Gao Yunyang rode his motorcycle free and unconstrained towards the outside.

     But at that moment when he passed the door, abnormal changes happen suddenly on the court!

     The door is closed.

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