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1159 Double Pig Play!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

There is a common saying that describes people as stupid, which is called "the head is caught by the door".

     Although Gao Yunyang was lazy, he was not stupid, but at this moment, his mind was really caught by the door!

     Or to be more precise, he was framed by the door along with the car and the people, and the motorcycle under the crotch was still twitching frantically, looking like he was possessed.

     In front of the screen, Gao Yunyang got a little drowsy after getting in the car.

     At this moment, he was stunned for a second, and suddenly reacted, and his finger suddenly pressed toward the F key!

     As a soldier with common sense, Gao Yunyang naturally knows exactly what will happen next moment...

     But the facts have proved that common sense alone is not enough, and your reaction should be fast enough.

     Gao Yunyang's reaction was obviously a step slower.

     At that moment when he got out of the car, the motorcycle caught by the door suddenly stopped twitching for a moment, as if the picture being played suddenly stopped for a frame.

     The next moment, he only felt a loud sound in his ears, and the whole person was swallowed by a strong fire.

     At the moment when he was covered by gunpowder and flames, Gao Yunyang inadvertently turned his gaze and saw Liu Zilang who was behind the cabinet next to the door on the left, just showing half of his head at this moment, and glanced at him.

     "Se7en2-Vic detonated the vehicle and killed Se7en2-Sloth!"

     The kill at the top right of the screen was flashed out, but the audience off the court was a little dumbfounded.

     The bullet screens in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms are even Instantaneous Explosion, with countless bullet screens rolling over like a river.

     "Fogweed! Say yes to clean up the sect?"

     "Getted... caught by the door? Brother Sao hasn't woken up yet!""This script is wrong, it's wrong! This Nima didn't take the script at all."

     "Yeah, it's obviously painful to beat a drowning dog's rhythm, what the situation is!"

     "Dogs are good friends of mankind, why do you fight Vic?"

     "Now that Big Brother Sao is also cold, do you think Vic is a solo team?"

     "Solo team? Isn't this Solo solo?"

     "Nonsense! Didn't Vic kill Se7en2 except himself?"

     "Hi—! This Nima is really a solo team destroyer! It really is cunning and vicious!"


     Everyone in the live broadcast room complained, but in the game, Liu Zilang let out a long breath.

     To be honest, luckily the motorcycle exploded fast.

     Otherwise, Gao Yunyang would react and give him another spray backhand, then he would be cold.

     After standing up from the cabinet behind the door, Liu Zilang first pulled up his blood volume with a first aid kit, and then elatedly ran to Gao Yunyang's box and slid away.

     At this time, the only thing that made him a little uncomfortable was that Gao Yunyang had just punctured his car, and now he got his happy motorcycle in.

     That also meant that Liu Zilang could only rely on his legs to move forward when he was running poison.

     On the host commentary stage of Huaxia District, the three commentators also look at each other in dismay.

     Lord Rong took the lead to react, clenching his fist and coughing dryly, "This wave...Sloth is still a little numb, Vic is deceitful in many ways, how can it be easy to give up?"Upon hearing Lord Rong’s words, Sika and Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but complexion turned odd and looked at each other, secretly said in heart. You didn’t say that just now.

     This was soon revealed, Sika clenched a fist and coughed, and continued, "Um... let's look at the situation on the court first. Now the next wave of poison has begun to shrink and will soon enter the third finals from the bottom. Up."

     "Well, after this wave of attrition, the people in the hinterland of P City and G Town have now been cleared. We can see that there are only 29 people left on the court."

     "This number is good. Let's take a look at the players on the court besides Vic, who have more head kills and have a chance to compete for the strongest SoloKing tonight."

     "Um...Caesar of the Titans has made a lot of kills here. In addition, the remaining three GTiger players also survived. Captain Theshine has the most heads and has already scored ten kills."

     "It deserves to be the strongest player in GTiger, which is difficult even for Rocky."


     The commentator is analyzing the situation on the court.

     In the game, after licking the bag, Liu Zilang gūlū gūlū filled his energy bar with a drink. At this time, he could only rely on his two long legs without a car.

     Putting the gun away after drinking the drink, after looking at the small map in the lower right corner to find a route, Liu Zilang quickly rushed towards the safe area.

      At the same time, when Liu Zilang was immersed in a frantic run, there was also a man on the right side of the mine riding a cautious and solemn ride over.

     "Huh? Sexypig is also running poison, he and Vic are very close.""Hehe, it's not a good thing to be so close to Vic, I advise him to stay away from Vic."

     "The Jedi Transportation Committee reminds you: Two lines of tear warning!"

     "If Sexypig knows it is Vic, I don't think he will stay away."

     "Oh? What do you say?"

     "It wasn't that there was an Asian friendly match not long ago. I watched those three games. The Pig King was miserable by Vic. He must be suffocating in this game."

     "Hmm, but Sexypig runs very fast. It should be a step faster than Vic. Maybe he can beat Vic after entering the lap."

     "It's hard to say, you still have to look at the route. Vic mainly dragged with Sloth for too long, and the car was dragged out."

     "Look at Vic's speed, this wave is going to be poisonous."

     "Eating poison is not terrible. The terrible thing is that there are people squatting on the poison side. That is the most terrifying."


     Looking at the game footage on the big screen, there was a lot of discussion in the crowd off the court.

     In the auditorium in front of the stage, Zhang Xiaotong clenched his small fist unconsciously, facing the small tiger teeth viciously exposed by Sexypig, who was riding on the screen.

     She also participated in the last Asian friendly match, and this little girl has a lot of grudges.

     During the game, Liu Zilang squatted down and punched a first aid kit, watching his blood drop.

     The route he chose leads directly to the swamp. If the road is not blocked by people, you can find a place to get down and become a plant in the swamp.

      has to say, Liu Zilang's idea is still very nice's.And on the way into the circle next, in his heart, even though he is ready to meet the enemy in contact.

     But in the end, the journey was surprisingly calm, and he didn't even encounter a ghost shadow until the moment he got down after entering the circle...

     In the shallow water of the marsh, Liu Zilang looked at the back of his auspicious suit not far from the front, his eyes twitched twice.

     This guy stuck poison while not looking behind...

     Where are you looking?

     Liu Zilang sighed saying, wondering whether to expose himself and accept This human head.

     However, the position he is in right now is concealed and concealed, but there is no cover.

     Once the shot is exposed, the person occupying the high spot can hold his head and hit with a high-power lens.

     Clinker Liu Zilang hadn't made a firm resolution yet, and there was another engine roar in his ears.

     Anyone else coming?

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