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1162 Fairy Operation, Seamless Connection!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     There was a sound of motorcycle engines.

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang wearing auspicious clothes just jumped on the three-wheeled motorcycle just sent by sexypig, and his throttle was bumping in the marsh water of different shades.

     Seeing this picture, the water friends in the live room couldn't help but have a toothache.

     "Hi! Vic, a dog thief, really doesn't believe in evil!"

     "You dare to touch Taijun's motorcycle, this one is really courageous."

     "It's open * It's a bet that Vic won't be overturned!"

     "I got it! All worth 30,000 Happy Beans!"

     "This guy vic doesn't have a b-tree, and we can't live without a b-tree."

     "The second round of super gods and three rounds of super ghosts want to know more, everyone believes that I will not lose the b wave!


     Everyone in the live broadcast room was making a lot of noise, but Liu Zilang was already driving steadily in the swamp during the game.

     He seemed to have just tamed a wild horse, and the expression on his face seemed very cheerful.

     And Liu Zilang's current direction is surprisingly the route that the empty transport plane just overhead traveled.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Rong Ye looked at Liu Zilang’s advanced courageously back in the picture, and he couldn’t help but said in surprise, “I’m about to enter the third finals from the bottom. There are currently 23 Yan on the court. Vic wants to pursue his dream. ?"

     "Is there 24 to chase dreams?" Smiling but takes a deep breath, could not help but exclaimed, "It's either too greedy or boldness of execution stems from superb skill!"Sika on the side touched her chin, hesitated for a moment, and said, "I think this wave of vic may not want to take an airdrop. At present, there are not many Yan left on the field, and the scope of the circle is not Great, this airdrop is bound to attract the attention of many Yan on the court"

     "Oh, it means Vic wants to steal chicken?" Xiaoxiao suddenly interrupted.

     Then he patted his head nodded, looking thoughtful, "Hey, this is a good idea. Vic now has a Geely suit with double silencers, which is really the best equipment for stealing chickens."

     Rong Ye also reacted and continued, "Moreover, vic's equipment is not concealed. Even if he can't steal a chicken, he no need to be worried.

     After analyzing the commentaries on stage, they all smiled and praised Liu Zilang's wit.

     When the clinker was just at this moment, Chen suddenly heard an exclamation from the audience.

     In the picture, I saw Liu Zilang riding a three-wheeled motorcycle just out of the marsh waters and had not arrived at the "chicken stealing spot".

     Suddenly "if on my way I see injustice" beside a Xinpo, he flipped forward directly.

     Seeing this abruptly arising picture, the three commentators on the stage couldn't help but stare with a dumbstruck look.

     In fact, the three commentators on stage, especially Rong Ye, have naturally heard about Liu Zilang's rumors.

     But when they were just analyzing, they had been deliberately avoiding this seemingly superstitious topic.

     But until this moment, the three commentators suddenly realized that this was not superstition.Under the big-screen guide lens, I saw the edge of the marsh waterland on the side of the mine. Liu Zilang had just landed on a three-wheeled motorcycle and drew a beautiful bribe in the air. He actually flew out with people and cars.

     At this speed, Liu Zilang will undoubtedly die when he jumps.

     Even if he stays in the car, the tricycle has nothing else insurance. Even if someone does not fly out and falls to death when he landed on Liu Zilang, he would still die if he landed first.

     That's it!

     When everyone saw this, they felt a chill!

     Zhang Xie in the front row of the auditorium was called out in alarm, and his brother stretched out and covered his mouth.

     A pair of glittering and translucent eyes are wide, staring at the big screen without blinking.

      When a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, a black shadow suddenly flew in the sky on that side of the mine.

     I saw a yellow car suddenly flew out of the high slope in the direction of the mine, slashing across the sky like a lightning.

     Seeing that speeding car came out of the mountain, many European and American audiences suddenly couldn't help but exclaimed loudly!

     "Oh, it's the Caesar of the Titans!"

     "How did Caesar come from there."

     "Huh? Wait-this route of spreading"

     At a certain moment, the audience around the venue suddenly opened their eyes!

     In the picture, I saw that the provocative car that slammed out like lightning was unbiased and hit Liu Zilang's three-bungee flying forward in the air!

     "What is the name of the fog grass Caesar is intentional!"

     "Nyma won't let Vic off, this crab beauty is a werewolf!""Vic knows what despair is better than now? Forgive me for smiling unkindly."


     The viewers in the live broadcast room originally also had some distressed Liu Zilang overturning the car, but at this time, they all saw him overturning the car, and some people came up to step on it.

     For a while, everyone could not help but "sorrow and be happy", almost couldn't help but utter a sound.

     However, at the next moment, Chen's laughter was suddenly with a grunting sound it stops!

     At this moment, everyone looked up at the huge LCD Screen on the stage and slightly opened their mouths irresistibly!

     In the screen, only two cars met in the air as expected, and sparks scatter made a loud sound at the same time!

     And the three-wheeled motorcycle in the end still failed to perform miracles like a two-wheeled motorcycle. Under the caught off guard, it spun in a more rapid manner and was knocked out.

     And if you fall under this momentum, it is not a question of whether you will fall to death or not. In-situ explosions are possible.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong sighed saying, "when it rains, it pours, this wave of vic"

     His hasn't even finished his sentence, but the following words suddenly got stuck in his throat.

      at the same time, on the big screen behind the stage.

     Just as the tricycle that was hit by the provocative car hit the ground slammed to the ground, a bright fiery flame expanded and exploded!

     But what lets one be astonished is that no kill information is displayed on the screen.

     Suddenly, the director's camera without omen was pulled to the ground on the other side, and a provocative car fell from the sky, and the body shook violently.Of course, this is not the point!

     The point is at this moment, there are two people in this provocative car that has just landed!

     What's the situation?

     Chen Zhongren suddenly a confused face!

      It should be noted, this is a solo game.

     In the game, Yan secretly formed an alliance to engage in nothing else, but you two are openly and without fear sitting in the same car and engaging in jealousy, right?

     However, at the next moment, Chen suddenly exclaimed!

     "Wait, isn't that vic?"

     In fact, no one needs to remind.

     After everyone recovered his wits, Yan id, who provoked the back seat of the car, fell into the eyes of everyone.

     "My day 9 is really vic!"

     "Illusion, right? Why did he get into the car?"

     "Form Displacement Shadow? There is this kind of Ability in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?"

     "Could it be that you just successfully docked in the air?"

     "What kind of fairy operation is I going to b Nima?"

     "Wait-it's over!"

     At this time Liu Zilang was in the third position, but Caesar of the Titans was in the driving position.

     I saw Liu Zilang sitting at the back without the slightest hesitation raising the lengthened and blackened muffler 16 muzzle in his hand!

     Puff puff-!

     Fire bursts, bullets burst!

     However, between Life and Death Instant, Caesar has proved that he can lead the team into this world game, it is by no means luck or accidental factors.

     The moment the bullet hit, Caesar suddenly figure flashes and disappeared from the driver's seat, and there was no one driving in the car, and the speed of the car instantly slowed down.

     However, the speed of the car slowed down.The speed in Caesar's hands is almost to the extreme!

     I saw Liu Zilang, who was instantly cut to the fourth position, suddenly took out the s12k in his hand!

     That's right, the Titans are the "four jets" team that slanted forward in the European division.

     As the captain of this solo game, he still maintained this excellent inheritance, specially looking for a s12k.

     And seeing the sudden scenes of Qifeng, the hearts of countless viewers in Chen He's live broadcast were suddenly jumped to the throat again!

     "Is there someone taking a spray on my day?"

     "Social society and still s12k!"

     "Why does this wave of vic feel a lamb in a tiger's den!"

     Amidst the discussion, the gunshots in the game on the court were "banging"!

     After all, at this distance, if s12k gives you a squirt, then even a god will have to knock you down.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang couldn’t fight him at all. He could only jump his fingers on the keyboard like a butterfly preying on flowers, constantly switching seats, like a gopher in a “hamster” game, evading a sledgehammer. Chase!

     As the rabbits rose and fell, everyone in Chen was dazzled, to have a dizzy spell.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang, who seemed to be in a hurry, suddenly found a grenade not a word or movement.

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