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1165 The Light Of Europe And America Is Unparalleled! (Two In One)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Cang Dang!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     In a twinkling of an eye, the hazy and unreal smoke filled the air.

     At this time, not only the people off the court, but also other people near the airdrop during the game were slightly surprised!

     It seems that even they did not expect that this time, there are people who are really thinking about airdrops?

     After the jeep.

     GTiger's TheShine raised the eyebrow.

     As the "Strongest Spear" in the team, his style of play in Europe and the United States is more grumpy than SKK's Billy King!

     The dark horse can become a dark horse because of its advance courageously aggressiveness, and TheShine is GTiger's aggressiveness!

     At this time, there are only 30 seconds left until the countdown to the next wave of poisons. Everyone is like a dry season animal on the African savanna, thinking about migrating and seeking a way to survive, but TheShine chose to become a hunter and hunt for survival.

     If all players are asked to choose a way to end the game, some people will choose to wait in the safe zone for Mandate of Heaven Returns, such as Evermore of the Korean team;

     Some people will choose to hide in the corner and steal the chicken, such as Liu Zilang;

     Some people will choose to watch while playing, judge the hour and size up the situation, such as most players in this game...

     But if TheShine is allowed to make this choice, I am afraid he will choose to kill everyone on the field!

     People are all killed.

     The game is naturally over...At this time, seeing the little lion of OMG plunged into the cloud of smoke that permeated the airdrop, everyone on the court reacted differently. Some chose to raise their hands and take a few shots to try their luck. Mimi touched towards the safe area.

      but at this moment, there was a roar of vehicle engine suddenly on the field.


     Everyone on the field was taken aback and couldn't help but looks towards the sound.

     I saw a Jeep start suddenly and galloped towards the airdrop to the north.

     If you begin to stir on the field, people who want to move to the south and enter the circle are like an undercurrent.

     Then the Jeep at this time is like a lone boat running upstream on the surface of the undercurrent.

     The posture is so decisive and domineering!

     Even a little arrogant!

     That person is TheShine!

     Host the commentary stage.

     Rong Ye smiled and Sika was also stunned.

     Just now, the three of them saw the little lion in this critical moment, and they even closed the cigarette and picked up the airdrop. They were surprised but could understand it. After all, the position of the little lion was too marginal and the farthest from the safe zone.

     So instead of being beaten, he should make an airdrop to see if there is any AWM in it.

     If he can get AWM, he will immediately advance from prey to hunter in the game. After all, it is impossible for everyone to be well equipped in a single row match. This shot is shot on those who are in the second class or even the first class. , No headshot is dead or disabled!

      has to say, the little lion's choice can be said to be some danger lurks within the riches and honour.However, the Shine, which is clearly close to the safe zone but is doing the opposite, can't be described as stunned. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is "crazy"!

     Xiaoxiaoshen took a deep breath and said in surprise, "What is the origin of this TheShine, why is it more reckless than the little lion?"

     Although the GTiger team from Iceland is the super dark horse of this competition, it is powerful as everyone knows.

     But guest commentators like Xiaoxiao and Sika certainly didn't know enough about this team.

      In comparison, Master Rong obviously wants to know more about this. Hearing a smile, he couldn't help but said with a smile:

     "TheShine is the latest macho in Europe and America this season. It is said that all three teammates can't hold back when they got up in the game.

     "Moreover, this guy has too hard hands, he can get out of the sky every time. In the tough battle with SKK, he has led the team out of desperation many times, and he has been named'A Guang' and'Ray of Hope' by fans in Europe and the United States."

     "My Ya'er, isn't it so popular?"

     Smiled and surprised.

     At this moment, there was a burst of violent and rapid gunfire on the court!

     Someone is shooting!

     Everyone immediately swept their eyes and concentrated on it.

     But it turned out that it was the small eye-catching side of 4AM who saw someone so arrogant, raising the Mini14 in his hand and facing the jeep for a while!

     Although Mini14 is a member of the 5.56 family, its damage as a sniper rifle is not bad.

     It also has extremely terrifying stability, allowing you to shoot faster, more accurately, and more ruthlessly!Under the guide lens of the big screen, I saw a small eye-catching muzzle flashing, and countless bullets screamed teaching the air at a speed that the naked eye could hardly catch. They line up like ants moving in a growing group, heading towards the sound of breaking wind. The Shine’s jeep shot away!

     All of a sudden, it was like a rainstorm hitting the sky. The sound of ding ding dang dang was endless, and the car was full of fire, and there was a faint blood mist in it.

     Obviously, not all of the bullets that caught the eye hit the car.

     "Poison is about to shrink, I dare to fight this wave of eye-catching!"

     "I don't think TheShine can fight back in the car right now, so I have a chance to catch this wave."

     "If you can kill TheShine, the eye-catching wave can be regarded as eradicating a European and American rival in this game!"

     Seeing the eye-catching crucial moment, catching TheShine was a violent beating. The audience could not help but raise their minds. Everyone stared at the game screen unblinkingly.

     However, at this moment, the speed of the jeep that was constantly being beaten suddenly dropped.

     The next moment, I saw a figure in the jeep, The Shine had disappeared from the driving position, but a figure popped out of the jeep in the second position.

     "TheShine is going to fight back!" Rong Ye exclaimed on stage!

     Bang bang bang —!

     The continuous sound of SKS gunfire rang in my ears!

     TheShine has no parking,

     Did not get off,

     Didn't even start the lens.

     He just leaned out of the car window, half of his body, like a Mobile Battery, making crazy connections at extremely fast speeds, and countless bullets went head-on against the small, eye-catching wave of bullets!SKS vs. Mini14!

      Mobile Shooting VS fixed-point shooting!

     Seeing this fierce and decisive battle on the field, everyone in the audience around the stage couldn't help squeezing their palms!

     Most of the audience from Europe and the United States naturally support TheShine, after all, it is their "Ray of Hope".

     Of course, there are also many German students in the audience who are worried about being eye-catching.



     The dull sound of bullets hitting the flesh in unbroken succession, what is inconceivable is that in the blink of an eye, just a breath, the small eye-catching blood volume suddenly drops!

     "My bud!"

     On the commentary stage. Xiaoxiao was really shocked this time, and he said dumbfounded:

     "This TheShine is too fierce, isn't it? He can shoot so accurately without the mirror in a moving car?"

     Sika on the side heard the words and immediately said, "You can only shoot accurately without opening the camera. If you do, I guess the camera can stun you, and you can't find anyone.

      When she spoke until here, Sika couldn't help but tweeted, "But this Shine brother is really accurate!"

     The next moment, as if to confirm Sika's words.

     Seeing that the situation is not right, Xiao Xingmu just wanted to While the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn. Where there's life there's hope., play Expeditious Retreat.

     On the other hand, TheShine was chasing after him. The SKS with only two bullets left in his hand did not even change the magazine. The muzzle shook slightly on the bumpy car and decisively and simply exploded the remaining two bullets Shot out!


     In an instant, a shot passed by the small eye-catching side of the snakeskin.The next shot immediately behind him exploded a cloud of blood.

     Little eye-catching groaned, he staggered under his feet, his body instantly fell forward uncontrollably, thumped to the ground!

     "GTiger-TheShine used SKS to kill 4AM-CPT!"


     The audience was in an uproar, and countless European and American audiences were excited!

     "Oh Maiga! Shine actually killed it!"

     "Damn it. This is not a lie!"

     "Walter's Q is really inconceivable!"

     "Shine! Shine! Shine!"

     "Shine! Shine! Shine!"


     I don’t know who brought the rhythm, and in a blink of an eye, a wave of fanatical noises blasted into the sky in the auditorium of the Connaught Arena!

     These European and American audiences in the audience have always been the most enthusiastic and unrestrained, although they will respect or even admire the pinnacle players from the East like Liu Zilang.

     But at this time, seeing the rise of "own" players, of course, we must be more chilled!

      In comparison, the three commentaries on the commentary stage of Huaxia District are a bit painful.

     They thought that this wave of small eye-catching waves, even if they were unsuccessfully trying to steal the chicken, could at least retreat from the whole body, but unfortunately, other people in ambush would steal the chicken.

     But never expected a big reversal in the plot!

     Xiao Xingmu was actually killed!

     The three looked at each other in dismay and glanced at each other, smiling and couldn't help but regret, "This wave is a bit careless, and he should leave early when he saw the situation was wrong. He dragged himself too cruel ."Sika shrugged the shoulders, helplessly spread her hand:

     "I don't think that I can actually blame the eye-catching, mainly because TheShine is so fierce. I just don't know if you have noticed that when the eye-catching fell to the ground, TheShine's blood volume was more than half."

     "Well, I also noticed."

     Master Rong nodded, and turned to look at the game screen somewhat worried, "But TheShine's goal has been the little lion from the beginning, what do you say about the little lion?

     "Oh! The little lion has changed to a good sister control, I might have seen him use this gun before."

     "I think the personal abilities of the little lion have been fully proven in our not long ago's PCPI anyway, and there should be a chance."

     "Well, after all,'little Vic', it's still possible to fight with my big king."

     "And this wave of TheShine is a bit swollen. Isn't he really going to stop and take medicine?"


     In the game screen, I saw TheShine instantly cut the driving position directly and straightforward after killing Xiaoying, kicked down the accelerator, and continued to rushed over towards the smoke where the airdrop was located in the north, revealing a strong "Grandpa proud" , Nai Wo He" breath.

     And seeing this scene under the director's lens, the countless European and American audiences who supported him off the scene were suddenly even more excited!

      has to say, TheShine, as an unknown rookie, can gather the love of so many fans throughout Europe and the United States in such a short period of time, which has nothing to do with his fierce style of play.

     The favorite of European and American audiences is this macho style.

     Of course, the premise is to win.

     ...Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     There was a harsh brake sound.

     After hearing only a "bang", the car that rushed into the smoke hit the airdrop box.

     TheShine did not get off the car.

     However, in the driving position, he cut to the third position. With the M4 in his hand, he stuck his body out of the car window.

     The white smoke can block the sight of the players on the field, but it cannot block the domestic audience watching the director God's perspective.

     "What is TheShine doing?"

     "Don't you get out of the car now? This is a bit more pretentious."

     "K God, come on! This wave is a little bit stronger!"

     "Wait for K god to teach to be a man."

     While all kinds of barrage were constantly rolling, in the smoke, the little lion followed the sound of the front of the car hitting the airdrop box, and Weiwei cat started to walk quietly, not a word or movement, touching it.

     At this time, what he was holding was not the commonly used AKM, but the MK14 just picked up from the airdrop box.

     Or more accurately,

     It's the red dot MK14!

     "Red dot girl control? Tsk tsk! The little lion wave is a bit wild."

     "The reasonable automatic red dot MK14 is still very fierce."

     "Hehe, it's worthy of being'little Vic', God K's approach is really similar to Vic."

     When the commentator on the stage was talking, the little lion noiselessly bypassing the airdrop box suddenly shrank his pupils!

     Despite the hazy white smoke, he already saw it the outline of the Jeep.

     And the shaky figure came out from the jeep.In an instant, almost doesn't have any hesitation, the MK14 in the hands of the little lion!

     Whoops whoops——!

     In the flashing fire and the sound of explosion, countless bullets burst out instantly, making a stern sound of breaking through the air.

     With a certain sound of ding ding dang dang, sparks danced in the smoke!

     However, at a certain moment, the little lion was frowned, and his body shrank back in a flash!

     It turns out that after he hit the shuttle bullet just now, it hit the empty space and the frame of the car. The figure on the previous car was even vanish from sight!

     The little lion knows that the opponent will not flash, but it can teleport.

     That is to switch seats in the car!

     At that moment, the little lion can choose to pull the gun to follow.

     But he smelled a trace of dangerous aura for no reason, so he chose to trust his instincts and turned back without hesitation!

     as expected!

     Just after the little lion shrank the airdrop box, there was a scream of bullets on his side and on the top of his head!

     This wave of the two was about to be inconceivable, and they immediately watched the people off the court.

     "Fuck! Shine is too quick to react!"

     "I said why he didn't get out of the car, because he wanted to fish and play Form Displacement Shadow."

     "But the little lion's reaction is also very fast, as expected to be God K."

     "Wait! The what is in TheShine's hand?"

     PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a game that integrates "marksmanship, strategy and survival". It doesn't mean that you can triumph in every battle if you have a strong gun.And TheShine's fierceness is not only reflected in his marksmanship, but also in his close combat with his opponents in order to achieve victory. The shamelessness is comparable to Liu Zilang.

     I saw that the two sides were still shooting in the last second.

     The next second, TheShine touched a flash bomb with his backhand and threw it over.

     Although the flash bomb does not need to be warmed up, it still takes time.

     However, the little lion's reaction was worthy of the audience's high hopes, and he dodged his back in the unprotected situation.

     However, this time, TheShine had already come up with M4.

     The little lion couldn't turn around, and in a hurry, he could only walk quickly to the next corner of the empty box.


     Da da da-!

     The sound of gunfire was like a drum, hammering in the hearts of everyone.

     The next wave of poison on the field began to shrink.

     The breeze on the grass was light, and the smoke near the airdrop seemed to thin and fade a little.

     Outside of the smoke, when many players took the opportunity to move into the circle, there was a pair of eyes staring at the direction of the smoke without blinking.

     It seems that I want to penetrate into it to see the truth.