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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Liu Zilang's heart is itchy.

     It's like there are countless kittens sticking out their furry, fleshy little paws.

     Scratching and scratching on the tip of his heart...

     Scratch and scratch...

     "Madan! Why is this smoke still not scattered?"

     He murmured in his mouth while lying there, "Could it be possible that the smoke continued?"

     At this moment, with the M24 in his hand, he opened the lens and glanced again, but his eyes lit up slightly.

     In the picture of Liu Zilang's sight, the cloud of smoke seemed to fade a lot. Through the smoke, people's silhouettes could be seen faintly, and Liu Zilang's eyes became brighter and brigther.

     The director's shots didn't even notice Liu Zilang at first, but as the number of people in the northern half on the field became less, Liu Zilang's figure lying on the motionless like a statue immediately became a bit more eye-catching.

     And seeing this picture, the European and American audiences off the scene seemed to realize something, their eyes widened in horror!

     "It's Vic!"

     "My God, why is this guy here."

     "Vic doesn't run poison? Isn't this guy a devil?"

     "Brother Shine, be careful!"

     At this time, the European and American audiences are not calm.

     Although TheShine is fierce, this game is also If Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.

     But Liu Zilang seemed to be faintly scarier than those things in their hearts. There was an unspeakably taste, not to mention that the guy named "Lionkk" on the court seemed to be violent.

     And because the two belong to the China Division, the European and American audiences off the court naturally think that they will be the same qi, connected branch, and they will engage in The Shine together.

     At this time,without omen,

     The muffled M24's gunfire rang!

     Everyone only heard a soft "click" in their ears, as if the stapler had completed a closing in their ears.

     call out--!

     A sniper bullet suddenly tore through the sky, carrying the unparalleled sound of breaking through the sky, and flashed into the smoke over there, as if a drop of rain falling into the mist in the misty sky fell on a figure.

     The next moment, a cloud of blood suddenly rose from the smoke, a figure swayed, and immediately fell to the ground with a face full of confusion.

      At the same time, there was a sudden silence in the audience, and the needles fell faintly.

     The kill on the screen was then swiped out.

     "Se7en2-Vic used M24 to kill OMG-LionKK!"

     Seeing this kill prompt, countless viewers in the domestic live broadcast room were also stunned!

     Someone couldn't help but raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, it seemed that there was still some unbelievable picture in front of him.

     As for the little lion who was playing "two-person turn" with TheShine in the smoke, after seeing the kill, the expression on his face instantly became sluggish!

     On the host commentary stage of the Huaxia District, Rong Ye said with a full face of astonishment, "Vic is...killing the little lion?"

     "It shouldn't be."

     Sika scratched the head, and her round face was also full of awkwardness, "Is it true that Vic fits well? You script It's not right!

     "The truth only has one, that is, there is a ghost!" Smiled and touched his chin, and said with a make a show of being very much in earnest, "Vic this guy turned back! I feel sorry for a wave of my God."

     Of course, the commentators on stage are mostly ridicule.After all, it is a single row Solo game. Although everyone comes to the same zone, they are always opponents.

     However, having said that, Liu Zilang's shot still caused a strong "condemnation" from countless viewers in the live broadcast room!

     "I want to report! Report a dog thief to collude with the enemy!"

     "Shameless or I, A Lang, is the most shameless!"

     "What the hell did the little lion do, and he actually fell into the rough hands of Vic."

     "Please be a man!"

     "Impossible friends, it's too hard to be a human being, you should shake him."

     "Vic: It's impossible for people to do it, it's impossible to do it in this life. This can barely survive by killing allies and secretly.


     Not to mention the domestic audience's resentment at Liu Zilang's shameless sneak attack. During the game, even TheShine saw it dazed for a moment, but his face didn't seem to be happy.

     Perhaps in the eyes of others, this wave seems to be Liu Zilang raising TheShine's hand.

     However, in TheShine's own eyes, the other party shamelessly grabbed oneself alone's head.

     Although he hasn't taken the cub yet.

     But in TheShine's view, that is a moving box and head points.

     This is confidence!

     Confidence from a hunk!

     At this time, the smoke around the airdrop was about to dissipate gradually.

     TheShine glanced at deeply in the direction of Liu Zilang through the thin layer of smoke!


     He fell tactically and lay on the box.

     That's right!Although Liu Zilang was somewhat discontented for robbing himself of his head, the box should still be licked.

     As a result, the MK14 that was still in the hands of the little lion appeared in TheShine in an instant.

     But what is surprising is that he by no means replaced the SKS behind with MK14.

     Instead, AKM was replaced.

     Left hand SKS, right hand MK14!

     Dual wielding with sniper!

     Seeing the shape of TheShine domineering side leaks, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room couldn't help but talk.

     "Fuck! Are these hunks like Nima?"

     "Dual wielding is okay, these free men are all perverted."

     "Oh! I to think of it, TheShine is also a free man at GTiger, just like Vic."

     "It's not a good thing to be the same as Vic, and I still use my sister in front of Vic."


     When everyone was discussing spiritedly off the court, TheShine, who had licked the bag at the speed of light, had another medical box full of blood.

     He turned his head and glanced at the radiant grid that had almost been brushed behind him. The Shine's face not only doesn't have any panic, but also raised his head and poured a bottle of Red Bull "gūlū gūlū".

     In the process of the transfer of various players on the field, gunshots were heard from other places, but the shots of the director always hadn't left near the airdrop.

     After all, Liu Zilang and TheShine are both relatively popular players in the current competition, and they are also "free men" in the team.

     Then there is a problem that unavoidably surfaced in the heads of countless audiences around the world.Who is the strongest free man?

     On the commentary stage, he smiled and said with emotion, "These professional hunks really have a big heart, and when the poison has reached the bottom, they calmly and unhurried drinks."

     Sika said with a smile, "The blood can be recovered after the energy bar is filled, sharpening the axe won't make the wood-splitting take longer."

     At this moment, Lord Rong suddenly exclaimed, "Oh! TheShine got in the car, is he going to drive into the circle?"

     The answer is yes.

     Although the Jeep had just been caught in the firefight between the two, fortunately, all four tires are still in good condition.

     So TheShine dropped the drink can and got up and jumped onto the jeep, kicked the accelerator, and drove directly towards the swamp.

     In fact, according to TheShine's past style, someone "robbed" the head, not to mention the poison behind him, even if the minefield was bombed in front of him, he would just go up without the slightest hesitation, but at the moment TheShine chose to avoid its sharpness.

      has to say, about this.

     Killing the three letters "Vic" on the screen just now played a big role.

     Regarding Liu Zilang, the "strongest SoloKing" in the California World Championships, even if TheShine is unreasonable, but he is dissatisfied with the amount of poison he has eaten, and there is radiation chasing behind him, he naturally still has to retain the most basic "respect" "Just make sense.

     But the people who looked forward to seeing the wave with swords drawn and bows bent didn't fight, and their faces showed unconcealed disappointment.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who had been staring tightly at the big screen with a small face, patted the bear and let out a relaxed breath for a long time.She is not without confidence in Liu Zilang, but after all, she is a little girl, and she is always worried in her heart.

     In Zhang Xiaotong's Jedi Survival Rules, it is best not to fight naturally, and he can go forward a few places.

     This again What can you have against it?


     However, Liu Zilang did not do it!

     In fact, it’s not hard to understand when you think about it. You have to know that the dozen or so players left on the field just now are shifting and running poison, but Liu Zilang, who is closest to the circle, holds back one's troops without moving.

     What does he picture?

     The picture is naturally express delivery.

     Can this "send express" right now? I actually passed him by, how could he agree?

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground, quickly got up, pulled the M24's muzzle and aimed at the jeep rushing towards the south swamp safe area.

     The audience in the domestic live broadcast room couldn't help being excited!

     "Lei's Lei! Vic's moving target sniper teaching is here!"

     "But TheShine is a third-level head. Vic almost hurts even with a headshot."

     "But TheShine just took poison, and the blood hasn't been full yet, I think there is still a chance."

     "Isn't it full? Why do I look at this almost there that has already recovered."



     The familiar stapler is online!

     There was a flash of fire in the long and bold muffler M24's muzzle, and a sniper bullet spun out of the muzzle, and screamed at the jeep!


     "Vic hit the head!""Hey! He's a ruthless person!"

     Suddenly an exclamation came from the commentary stage!

     next moment!

     The exclamation is with a grunting sound it stops!

     Liu Zilang’s headshot was a headshot, but at that moment of the headshot, TheShine’s blood volume jumped up again under the action of the energy drink, and it actually "locked up" the last glimmer of hope in an extremely limited way. Blood.


     There was an inhalation sound suddenly off the court!

     This kid... is lucky?

     Liu Zilang saw the blood mist exploded from the other party through the eight-fold mirror, but he was not knocked out of the car, and his face was stunned.

     At this time, it was too late for the M24 to pull the bolt and change the bomb, and the opponent seemed to be preparing to go downhill.

     Down the slope.

     He wanted to steal a gun but he had no chance.

     After thinking about it, Liu Zilang immediately put away the M24, took out his rifle with his backhand and shot it at the car's butt!

     In an instant, a wave of bullets cut through the sky, clinking and splashing countless scattered sparks behind the jeep's bottom.

     At this moment, countless spectators off the court also stared at the scene of the game tensely.

      Without a doubt, TheShine's HP will be thrown out of the car directly and straightforward as long as he gets another shot.

     But... can it?

     In the next moment, the jeep disappeared on the downhill.

     "Oh! What a pity!" Rong Ye let out a long sigh from the Huaxia commentary.

     Sika also said unwillingly on the side, "Almost, Vic's this wave is a little too close."

     The clinker was just at this moment, Xiaoxiao suddenly stared, and said in astonishment, "My duck! Vic, this is...Shoot the horse first? "

     Upon hearing the words of a smile, Lord Rong and Sika turned their heads to look at the big screen, and their mouths couldn't help but open slightly.

     Under the footage that the director had just cut out, I saw that the Jeep, which had been hit and smoked, was stopping downhill. The pair of tires at the back showed bare car wheels, which looked inexplicably bleak...

     In the car, TheShine in the end still is stepping on the accelerator and jumped out of the car.

     Seeing a pair of blown tires behind the car, TheShy's eyes twitched slightly.

     Immediately fell into silence...

     But there seemed to be a group of small flames "smashing" and burning suddenly!

     Dry Liliang's Vic!