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1167 What Is An International Superstar?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"TheShine is going to burn the small universe?"

     "Uh...it seems to be."

     "Vic bully intolerably dog thief!"

     "Don't say it, maybe this is the fate of the two blue men."

     "Who can win this wave?"


     Seeing the renewed fighting between the two, the audience off the court suddenly became excited!

     Not far from the stage, Satan was very unlucky for the game and was sent off by Rocky's "nerve gun".

     Because whether it is TheShine or Vic, the two are nothing but opponents to him.

     Fateful enemy?

     A smile appeared at the corner of Satan's mouth, but his eyes gradually became bitter.

     Your destiny...

     I will end it eventually!


     In the game competition, as the first person to bury funerary dolls of all this, Liu Zilang naturally knew immediately that the tire on the opposite side had been removed by himself.

     The corner of his mouth was chuckled, but immediately rushed up with a gun.

      At the same time, TheShine saw that he couldn't walk, so he quickly squatted to the other side of the car to pack.

     But as the distance between the two sides kept getting closer and the fight could happen at any moment, the director's footage cut to the southern swamp safe area.

     "Oh! The fight here is also very intense!"

     "The survival on the court has fallen below double digits, and there are only nine people left."

     "Captain Carl has a great advantage. He chose that position too well."

     "Faze's Jembty also has an advantage in the safety zone.""Yes, in comparison, I think Vic and TheShine's situation is not optimistic. Even if they are finished, they will be poisoned."


     Everyone is talking about it, but the distance between Liu Zilang and TheShine is getting closer and closer.

     But Liu Zilang only relied on a pair of legs in the end still slower. When he saw the jeep, TheShine was about to pack his first aid kit.

     However, Liu Zilang saw the jeep "broken down" and stopped in place, knowing that the other person must be near the car.

     Instead of rushing forward, he took out a grenade from behind with his backhand. After pulling the ring, he warmed it up a bit, and threw his hand in the direction of the jeep.

     "Oh! Vic's thunder..."

     "Preheat three-pointers!"

     "Is there a chance to thunder into the soul?"

     Under the nervous gaze of countless spectators off the field, the thunder drew an arc in the air and headed towards the jeep!

     Seeing the distance between the two sides getting closer and closer, Xiaoxiao's eyes opened wider and wider, and subconsciously pinched Sika's thigh next to him.

     "Have a chance! This wave has a chance!"


     Next to Sika a blood-curdling screech.

     However, just as the grenade passed over the jeep and was about to fall into the back of the car, a dark, unidentified object suddenly appeared behind the car!

     Kang Dang—!

     "It's a pan!"

     The European and American commentators exclaimed again!The audience off the court also stared their eyes wide, watching TheShine go down with a first aid kit, pulling out the pan from the back of the buttocks and instantly incarnate into The Prince of Tennis, throwing his hand at the grenade, it was a pot!

     Yan flashes back!

     In a short time, the thunder grenade was drawn and flew back.

     However, TheShine's control over the ball was still weak, and the grenade could not fly to Liu Zilang anymore.

     Instead, he was beaten to the side and turned into a splendid firelight before landing!


     There was an uproar in the audience!

     "I drop ghosts! Is this TheShine road so expensive?"

     "Sure enough, these strongest free men are all bashful!"

     "Brother Shine Liupi! This wave of my Zhuge Ergou real-name system will support you in turning Vic!"


     In the game, Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow when he saw it.

     Because of the lack of Sting!

     He just thought that his mine would blow up, but he didn't expect it to be this way.

     But this is enough.

     Under the big-screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang moving with the thunder, and at this time he had already arrived by the jeep.

     And hearing the rush and messy footsteps behind the car, TheShine, who had just pulled up his blood from a first-aid kit, had no time to refill the drink, and quickly found out the fully automatic MK14 in the sniper!

     Liu Zilang straightened up the M16 in his hand, and the two sides turned to fire in a blink of an eye.Between the rabbits and the falcons, the front, the rear, in the car, and even under the car, two figures surround the jeep. You come and go, and there is a wave of shaking one to the core method of shooting one to the core, various tricks and psychology Game!

     It can be said that it is omnipotent, the scene is fierce and unusual, making the eyes of countless audiences off the field stare like a copper bell. It seems that they have never seen this in an FPS game.

     Rong Ye on the commentary stage said with emotion, "What is an international giant... a free man!"

     As he said, he leaned back slightly behind him sitting in the chair.

     Sika also stared at the game screen unable to take one's eyes off, and said in a daze, "Tsk, these top free agents are really monsters. I didn’t expect that the close combat strength of the two of them was so good. People are scared."

     Rong Ye nodded slightly and nodded, "The top free man is such a strong player with composite ability. It can be far beyond a thousand miles to take the first level, and blood can be splashed three feet within five steps, so free man is not difficult. , It seems that anyone can take up the role, the hard part is the top free agents."

     And just as the two were talking, the fierce battle on the field finally came to an end.

     At this time, Liu Zilang and TheShine's blood volume has dropped more than half at the speed visible to the naked eye, but TheShine's blood volume was just a first aid kit at the beginning, in comparison, it seems that it naturally shocks the Liu Zilang. eye, astonishes the heart some.

      Despite this, TheShine, who holds the sister control, still has a chance to fight back.

     However, the biggest problem facing the two sides right now is not the threat from each other.But after dragging a period of time here, the radiation grid to the north covered a large area of land and swallowed it mercilessly.

     "Poison is coming!"

     "It seems that the two must have a blitzkrieg strategy. This wave of poison is quite painful."

     "At the moment, I think TheShine is more worried."

     The fact is indeed so.

     Because TheShine's blood volume was too low, they couldn't fight medicine in such a confrontational situation.

     Therefore, even if the two of them eat poison together, it must be TheShine that will fall first in the end.

     The commentary on this point is able to discern.

     TheShine on the court naturally reacted extremely quickly, and her brows couldn't help but frown.

     To be honest, at first he didn't think anything about the three words "Vic".

     But it wasn't until the time he really faced Liu Zilang that TheShine knew how much pressure was hidden under this name!

     But he still doesn't think he will lose!


     TheShine takes a deep breath, the eyes condensed in the eyes!

     Under the big-screen director's lens, he was on the left side of the jeep and suddenly appeared in the car as if an electric flash suddenly appeared in the car. Soon after, he stuck his body out of the window.

     Spear Departs like a Dragon in hand!

     Obviously, TheShine chose to take the initiative to sortie!

     According to the routine the two had just played against, Liu Zilang should have jumped into the car with the same quick response.

     Immediately afterwards, the two had another wave of "shenzhen marksmanship and reaction" extreme collision!

     In this regard, TheShine is also prepared.

      live or die, give it a try!

     come on!