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1168 Tricky Monster Chicken! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The script has been written, and a very burning and violent scene is coming...

     At this moment, the world is focused on this!

     However, in the next moment, without omen, the expectations on everyone's faces are solidified on their faces.

     Not to mention that the picture is non-flammable and non-violent. At this time, the picture under the guide lens is quite burning!

     "This is... exploding!" On the commentary stage, Lord Rong whispered with a dull face.

     It really exploded.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen, I saw the raging flame burning with the black jeep head after the explosion.

     The car is half of the body hung on the front of the car, TheShine is constantly on the scene!

     Not far away, Liu Zilang was squatting on the ground.

     He was bandaged to bare one's fangs while looking at the radiation grid that was approaching behind him.

      At the same time, the kill prompt on the screen also appears.

     "The Se7en2-vic detonated the vehicle and killed GTiger-TheShine!"

     Seeing this kill, everyone in the field knew what happened just now without even looking.

     That's right, just after TheShine jumped into the car, Liu Zilang didn't play any marksmanship with him anymore..

     Instead, he went around behind the car to avoid the bullet, and immediately raised the gun to the car's butt and hit it!

     The jeep that was durable there is not much left was detonated in an instant, and TheShine was directly cremated.

     This was also the reason why everyone was silent at this time. Everyone didn't expect Liu Zilang to play cards in such a way that he didn't follow the routine, so cheap to make one's hair stand up in anger.And at the same time, on the game bench, TheShine dully looked at the screen in front of him, and the scene before his death was continuously played back in the mind, causing his chest to rise and fall suddenly, and his breathing faintly rushed.

     At this moment, he suddenly remembered the "suffocating feeling" rumored to have died in the hands of Liu Zilang in the European and American circles after the last California game.

     At that time, TheShine felt that these people were too hypocritical, and professional players should have been "life and death" long ago.

     But it wasn't until this time that a trace of enlightenment arose in TheShine's heart-it turned out that this is the kind of suffocating feeling!


     Not to mention the sorrow in TheShine's heart.

     At the moment when Liu Zilang was taking poison, after a first aid kit pulled up his blood volume, he hurriedly raised his head gūlū gūlū to pour the drink, threw away the can and wiped his mouth and ran towards the safe area.

     "Uh...Anyway, Vic has won this wave. Now it's up to him whether he can get into the circle..."

     "I'm afraid it's a bit difficult. There are still seven people on the court. All the others are in the circle except Vic."

     "Yes, but I think it's not without opportunity. It depends on Vic's timing."

     "This is also true. Still have another issue to see if he can survive this wave of poison."


     Time is life, life is running.

     In this way, under everyone's eyes.

     Liu Zilang is like the Forrest Gump in the movie, he ran violently after hitting the energy bar.

     Among them, he stopped and punched four first aid kits and two bottles of drinks, hurriedly hurriedly, and finally ran into the swamp with residual blood.has to say, Liu Zilang's luck also isn't bad.

     When he rushed into the circle from the poisonous blood, Jembty of Faze had just killed a person, and he was being attacked by the flanking Karl.

     The rest of the people also moved after hearing the gunfire, but they just gave Liu Zilang a chance to enter the circle.


     And Liu Zilang, who was wearing auspicious clothes, was even more knowledgeable and fascinated. As soon as he entered the circle, he lay down on the marsh water, fuse together with the surrounding water plants, and took out the first aid kit and pierced him.

     "Tsk tusk, Vic's luck is not so good."

     "Oh! Captain Carl stole Jembty, and now only the four of Vic and them are left."

     "Well, take a closer look at the other three players from the European and American divisions except vic. They are Captain Karl of skk, Ling of Gtiger of Iceland, and Moody of c9!"

     "Although the European and American players will not join forces in the singles, and they don't know who is who, but in terms of probability, the chance that the last chicken of this game belongs to our China or even the Asian division is not great.

     "Yes, but it still depends on Vic's performance. His biggest advantage at the moment is that he has just come in from the poison and his position has not been exposed."

     "Oh! The drug circle is about to refresh with the safe zone. Let's see what the next circle says?"

     Accompanied by the voice of the commentary, the radiation grid shrunk from around the map coincides with the safe area.

     The next circle is refreshed!

     The moment he saw this circle, Liu Zilang, who was lying in the swamp disguised as aquatic plants, looked up at this circle dumbfounded, and suddenly felt a sense of being stunned by great happiness!Even the three of Rong Ye who had just finished speaking on the commentary stage looked at each other in dismay!

     Because the Second Last lap of this game was actually a corner-cutting lap, and it also cut to Liu Zilang, who just entered the lap and lay on the edge of the safe zone.

     This luck can really be said to be out of Sei.

     But soon, the commentary on the stage suddenly brows slightly wrinkle and immediately realized another problem.

     That is Liu Zilang's concealment is concealment, but it doesn't have any cover.

     He was late in entering the lap just now, did not attract attention and did not shoot himself to expose himself, naturally no need to be worried.

     But now the circle is brushing here, and the remaining three people off the court must check the situation before entering the circle.

      Thus, it is not good whether he can hide.

     During the game, Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground, also recovered from the dizziness of being hit by the "pie", and soon realized the problem in front of him.

     How to do?

     It is certainly not easy to survive from a hundred people to the top four in the professional game.

     And then, in the short one minute of the countdown to shrink the poison.

     Liu Zilang, lying in the water plants, always felt that the sight of various sorts and varieties passed over him, which made him feel a little bit self-deceiving.

     After struggling in his heart for another three seconds, Liu Zilang finally made a decision-he can't pin his hopes on his opponent's "blindness", and must take the initiative.

     Ever since, Liu Zilang quickly took out the smoke bomb from his bag, and immediately threw it under him without changing his expression.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     The white smoke spread unconsciously.The advantage of this is to cover up the figure, but at the same time it also exposes yourself.

     Sure enough, the three people outside the circle who were carefully observing the situation saw the smoke and immediately became vigilant.

     "Vic's cigarette is not confessing!" shook the head with a smile.

     Lord Rong brows slightly wrinkle, hesitated for a moment, and said, "But I think this cigarette is still necessary, otherwise even if they don't find it now, it's not easy to talk about it next."

     "Well, that's true."

     Sika on the side heard that nodded and continued, "Then, although Vic has the initiative in this wave, Carl and the others already know that there is someone in the circle, which means that Vic has to be prepared for one dozen three. "

     "Huh? Karl's side..."

     "He wants to throw thunder!"

     "Wait, it's not just Karl! Ling and Moody also cut mine over there!"