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1169 Tricky Monster Chicken! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In fact, it's not to blame for the two being dumbfounded.

      The Second Last circle is just that big, and there are only four players left on the court.

     When the three people outside the circle threw thunder together to create an "artificial bombing zone", they almost knew each other's position in order to prepare for the traitorous attack.

     However, this kill is that neither Karl nor Ling were expected at the outset.

     If it was killed with a gun, even if it was a burst of smoke, they would still understand it.

     After all, that person is vic.

     But the question is, what the hell is the pan kill? Could it be that vic will kill people in the royal pot?

     This is too fantastic!

     This idea just flashed through the three people's minds, and they soon reacted and found the closest possibility to reality!

     That is when moody accidentally met Voldemort's Lao Yinbi Liu Zilang after entering the circle, and finally was brutally murdered!

     Thinking of this, the two of them looked at the safety zone ahead, and their hearts suddenly became more vigilant.

      has to say, this wave of Carl and Ling guessed the cause of death, but did not guess the location of the crime.

     I didn’t expect them to break their heads,

     Liu Zilang actually left the safe area and took the initiative to ambush people outside the circle.

     Is this what people do?

     At this moment, Carl and Ling had no time to think about more, because the countdown ended and the rugged radiation grid around the safe zone had begun to shrink.

     "Are Captain Carl and Ling still still?"

     "Oh! Both moved. It seems that they are also ready to enter the circle this time.""Well, Vic's cigarette throws are good and bad. Although it expands the opponent's goal, it also blocks his own vision, which is just a cover for Captain Carl and Ling."

     "Wait, won't Vic enter the circle? What does he want to do?"

     Suddenly, there was another exclamation on the stage.

     It turned out that Liu Zilang didn't enter the circle when he was shrinking the poison. Instead, he catted his waist and ran quietly in the smoke outside the safe area.


     The commentary on the stage suddenly reacted.

     "Is vic wanting to keep the enemy out of the circle?"

     "Hi—! This way is too wild."

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience was also stunned.

     But thinking about Liu Zilang's style, it seems that there is this kind of possibility.

     "Oh! That smoke, Vic is going to meet Ling!"

     "Wait, not only Ling, Captain Carl is here too!"

     "This is not a comet hitting the earth, this is the rhythm of hitting the moon together."

     At this moment, everyone's attention is entirely focused on under the director's lens.

     In the game screen on the big screen, ling in the smoke was cautious and timid touching the circle.

     He knew that there was someone on the right who was also entering the circle, and he also knew that there were people in the front circle.

     Although these eyes have not seen, Ling has long understood clearly.

     So when without omen, a strange footstep suddenly came from the smoke on the left!

     Ling couldn't help being stunned, and the brain circuit suddenly became a bit poorly connected!

     Visibility in the smoke is very low.The next moment, before ling recover his wits, a figure suddenly rushed like a ghost, followed by a wave of bullets like strong wind and swift rain.

     Ling just reacted over there.

     However, in a hurry, as soon as his muzzle was raised, countless blood was splashed on his body!

     And at this distance, the powerful impact of the sniper bullet actually knocked him upside down in an instant!

      At the same time, Carl rushed into the smoke the moment he heard the gunshot.

     Suddenly, he suddenly saw a figure smashed towards him in the hazy smoke.

     When Carlton's eyes shrank, the m4 in his hand was instantly raised, and a wave of shots was directed at the dark shadow.

     However, he hadn't fired two shots, but his heart burst, and his eyelids twitched.


      in a flash, I saw that Carl suddenly took the wrong shape, bypassing the figure flying towards him, and the muzzle of the fire-breathing gun in his hand also traversed an arc.

     However, this time, the person within expectation is flickering in an instant in the smoke and disappears into the invisible.

     Visibility in the smoke is extremely low. There is only one reason for this situation, and that is that the opponent has moved away from him.

     Seeing this, Carl couldn't help but raised the eyebrow!

     The other party at this time leaving distance in between, it seems that there is only residual blood.

     So he immediately squeezed the gun in his hand, and quickly chased up under his feet, does not hesitate at all.

     However, at this moment, Carl suddenly flew over a grenade, which quickly enlarged in his sight.

     He just wanted to dodge the grenade when he heard the sound of "Sasha" footsteps.The next moment, only looking at a figure is like a ghost, rush forward from the smoke without omen, the fire is constantly spewing out from the hand, and the bullets roar and tear the smoke!

     Carl obviously didn't expect the opponent to take the initiative to sortie after taking the initiative to sortie.

     However, in a rush, he still reacted extremely quickly and pulled the m4 muzzle.


     Da Da Da—!

     The bullet rain is like obscurity, and people are like ghosts!

     In the gap, like Samurai's decisive battle, the figures of the two crossed in an instant!

     Splashing blood!

     And at this instant, the audience off the court also held their breath!

     At the next moment, there was a loud cry of surprise from the commentary stage!

     "Vic!! Vic killed Karl!"

     as expected!

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw the body of Captain Skk Carl getting short by little, and finally fell to his knees!

     "Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to kill skk-Karl!"

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!


     Seeing the settlement interface that jumped out on the screen, there was a sudden controversy in the Mercedes-Benz Center in Germany!

     The audience off the court looked at the game screen with all their faces. It seemed that Liu Zilang had really succeeded in fending off the enemy out of the circle and ended the game in an inconceivable way!

     "Vic's posture is too cool!"

     "Don't say it's Karl and the others, I'm almost dizzy at Nima, it's LeBlanc the Deceiver!"

     "Eh! I thought someone could sanction this match in this match, and it depends on him.""I think Satan is better than Vic, but it's a pity that Rocky was sent off at the start of the game."


     On the stage, the last remaining Liu Zilang and Carl took off their headphones.

     At the same time stand up from the seat.

     The two four eyes met.

     Carl scratched his blond hair, showing a helpless forced smile on his face.

     Liu Zilang was a little embarrassed, and took the initiative to walk to the European and American competition area to shake hands with him.

     After shaking hands, the two returned to their seats.

     After cleaning up the peripherals, Liu Zilang waved his hands towards the audience, and walked down the stage amidst the warm cheers of countless audiences.

     However, when he walked along the steps and passed the competition seats in the Korean division, his body staggered without omen!

     It seems to be tripped by what thing, but it can't help to fall down!