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1174 Thor? I Bother! (Big Chapter)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang was taken aback for a moment, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     Neighborhood relations are very important.

     Since there are neighbors, how can you not visit them?

     At this time, his face was smiled, mmp in his heart, he was afraid that he was talking about.

     Although he decided to visit, Liu Zilang did not act blindly without thinking, but carefully observed the next four weeks.

     In this game, five people jumped on the factory island including him.

     Dumggg has been killed by Liu Zilang's return to the body, so except for the person next door, there are only two people left.

     The audience off the field can clearly see through the lens of the director, except for tsm's aimr next to Liu Zilang, ghost's prophie is still far away from Liu Zilang.

     The South Korean Pig King Evermore is even worse. After this cargo landed on the island and touched Thomson, he furtively came to the beach and hid it beside a speedboat.

     Its purpose is self-evident, it is really worthy of his "ultimate Lao Yin ratio" name.

     For all of this, Liu Zilang in the game naturally didn't know.

     On the top of the building, he looked around, but he didn't find the enemy, so he felt calm.

     Looking at the house next door, the other side seemed to be hiding in the window and peering at him like a perverted voyeur.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but chuckled when he saw this, and quietly jumped downstairs and touched the next door.

      at the same time, the aimpr side of the building next door.

     It was not accidental that he chose this house on the factory island when he landed, because he saw two people jumping next door.Although European and American hunks are known as fierce and unparalleled, this does not mean that they can’t think.

     In the eyes of Aimpr, since two people jumped next door, when the other side fights both sides suffer or one dead one wounded, he suddenly enters the field with a gun. Isn't it a good thing to have a perfect harvest?

     At this time, the dumggg in the building had been killed, so it stands to reason that it should be a good opportunity for aimpr to show of skill.

     The three letters "vic" in the kill were brushed on the natural screen that prevented him from walking.

      It should be noted, the North American giant TSM also got a spot in the California game last time. Naturally, it is no stranger to Liu Zilang, the "California Chicken King".

     Before the game, aimpr saw Liu Zilang limping after being injured, and he had reservations about this in his heart.

     No way, Liu Zilang left a deep impression on the last California World Championship, especially the singles.

     Said cunning and vicious.

     That's all compliments.

     But just now, as expected, Liu Zilang killed dumggg directly and straightforwardly.

     The aimpr, who was waiting for an opportunity, was shocked in a cold sweat, secretly said in heart. Fortunately, he was careful and did not act blindly without thinking, otherwise he would follow the other side's way.

     However, Aimpr didn't expect Liu Zilang's eyes to be so good. He just hid in the window and took a few glances before he was keenly caught by Liu Zilang. At this moment, he was still on the way to send him warmth.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "Vic touched it, aimpr doesn't seem to find it yet."

     "Speaking of which, Aimpr is a little bit embarrassed in this wave... well, he's a bit steady, I thought he would just seize the opportunity to be reckless.""Well, I also had this kind of feeling just now, maybe there are other concerns."

     "Oh! Our first lap of this game has been refreshed!"


      At this time, the big screen director's lens also gave a full God's perspective.

     In the screen, the audience off the field can clearly see that the first lap of the game has been refreshed, and the city is also located in the undulating mountains on the westernmost side of the map.

      It should be noted, the course of this game is going down vertically on the east side of the map!

     "Fogweed, this system has started again."

     "Puff haha, this circle of condemnation is too real."

     "Strong! Invincible! Forgive me for smiling unkindly."


     The audience off the court watch the fires burning across the river, it is inevitable that some to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     The moment the players on the field saw this circle, they were all a little dumbfounded.

     Many people are anxious to jump and scold their mother, such as Liu Zilang at this time.

     Because if this circle is the Scourge Circle for the Military Base in the northeast of the map, or two small towns along the way, or even the Wei Shen and others who floated high to the Southeast Coast, then for Liu Zilang on the island, it would be a "heart-struck circle." Up.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang felt that his heart was pierced, causing pain, so he sucked in a mouthful of air and decided to kill someone to get rid of the fire.

     Of course, if aimpr knows that he was attacked by Liu Zilang for this reason, I am afraid that he can't help but wonder if this person is a devil...In fact, Liu Zilang is certainly not a devil, at least the way he attacked buildings at this time is still normal.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     I saw Liu Zilang holding uzi in his hands, his body half against the wall, his pace was slow, and he touched the door of the house little by little.

     Quiet walking cannot be wordless and uncommunicative.

     At this time, although the aimpr in the house also hurts the safe area at the moment, he is observant and listening to the surrounding situation.

     After Liu Zilang approached, he didn't take a few steps, he heard a "sasa" sound like a spring silkworm, he couldn't help but startled slightly, and his heart suddenly became vigilant.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang stopped at the door, and the surrounding voices suddenly disappeared.

     However, at this time, Aimpr's nerves were tighter than before, and he saw his right hand tightly holding the mouse, and the characters in the game also tightly held UMP9 in his hand.

     "It looks the same as before, now both sides are aware of each other."

     "Then what does this wave say, who can't help but do it first?"

     "Aimpr has a cover in front of him, and there is still room for buffering this wave. I think if Vic takes the initiative to charge, the position of aimpr actually has a field of vision and first-hand advantage."

     "Yes, but it still depends on the reaction of both players."

     "Wait a minute, Vic rushed in!"

     "No! This guy wants to play the same old trick!"


     Say it's too late, then soon!

     I saw Liu Zilang's figure flickering at the door, flashing in and out.It may be because of with familiarity you learn the trick. This time, his posture is actually a bit faster than before, and it looks like a glimpse.

     Everyone off the court suddenly opened their eyes, but the expected hail of bullets did not happen.

     When Liu Zilang entered and exited,

     It was quiet all around,

     It looks like his one person is fighting the air battle of wits and bravery, there is a kind of inexplicable embarrassment.

     "Huh? What's wrong with Vic's routine?"

     "My Ya'er! This Aimpr is a little stable, I can hold back no action."

     "Wait a minute! How do I feel that Vic is too fast, and Aimpr is a little unresponsive."

     "Huh?! You such a saying, I also have this kind of feeling."


     There was a lot of discussion in the audience. In the house, the aimpr squatting under the window was complexion turned black.

     Be sincere.

     Although he had been staring at the door, he had one to say one, he really didn't react.

     At this time aimpr short-circuited his mind for 0.5 seconds after Liu Zilang retracted, only to realize what Liu Zilang's actions meant, and his teeth couldn't help but creak!

     To put it simply, it was like fighting the landlord to the end. As the landlord, he only had a pair of 3s in his hand. This would give people a feeling that their strength was not at one level.

     Send Q!

     Aiimpr roared in his heart, but was not dazzled by the anger.

     I saw that he took a grenade out of his bag with his backhand, and the insurance was not a word or movement, and it started to warm up.Aimpr originally thought that the sound of pulling the strings would definitely cause Liu Zilang's nervousness, but it was quiet outside the door. Liu Zilang looked a little unmoved, not knowing if he heard it or didn't care.

     Aimpr could not help but brows slightly raise, dark takes a deep breath, coldly snorted in my heart.

     He turned his head and glanced at the angle of the window beside him, his body suddenly took two steps back, raised his hand and threw Thunder toward the window!

     "Huh? Aimpr this thunder..."

     "Vic is at the door, why didn't he throw at the door?"

     "Oh! Aimpr wants to do sth when least expected."

     "This angle... there is a chance!"

     With a buzz, the grenade went through the window unpreparedly and flew towards the outside.

     Liu Zilang naturally heard the sound of string pulling.

     But while hiding outside the door, he had already cut the pan in his hand and was about to give the other party a "Swallow Flashback", but he didn't expect this guy in the room to take an unusual path and chose to throw it out of the window.

     Fortunately, his reaction was not slow, figure flashes, and quickly ducked towards the corner.


     The flames expand, the air waves are fierce!

     Because of blowing Sting!

     Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow for a while, and squeezed out a grenade with his backhand.

     The next moment, I saw him pops the safety direct and straightforward and ran towards the window quickly.

     "Oh! This time it's Vic's turn to thunder!"

     "Thor Vic, I am a little worried about Aimpr in this wave."

     "Well, it's okay with guns, but I think there are two things I don't want in front of Vic."

     "Huh? Which two don't you?""Don't show off your car skills, don't throw a grenade, otherwise you will know what it means to get thunder."

     "Oh! Vic's goal is also to pour thunder in from the window!"

     In the extremely fast speech on stage, Liu Zilang rushed to the window not far away.

     The next moment, he came to the basket with a vigorous figure and threw the grenade out.

     In the big screen of the game, the director's lens cut to the aimpr in the room very spiritually, wanting to see how he would respond to Liu Zilang's thunder.

     Is it to continue to hide inside and fight for a wave of luck, or to rush out and do it like a man!

     The world focuses on this!

     However, in the next moment, hearing only a "clam", the grenade thrown by Liu Zilang seemed to hit something.

     The room was quiet.

     The window doesn't have any unknown objects fly in.

      At the same time, after guessing that Liu Zilang was going to throw thunder, it was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow. Aimpr couldn't help but froze for a second!

     Immediately afterwards, he reacted with a loud "cannot help but laugh"!

     Obviously, Liu Zilang's thunder hit the window and didn't throw it in.

     Thor vic?

     Even a thunder will be thrown crooked?

     The corner of aimpr's mouth rose wildly, and immediately walked over to the window, not a word or movement, with bright glow flashes in his eyes, and a thunder came out in his hand again.

     The teaching time is here!

     But at this moment, when Aimpr's gaze swept across the window, his eyes shrank suddenly!

     In the next moment, there is no trace of defense!words exceede 5100
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