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1177 Dragon Wobbles Its Tail, Lightning Drifts!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Whoever loves to do it, Liu Zilang will not do it anyway.

     As a result, when everyone's blood was surging, Liu Zilang, who was sitting in the second seat of the speedboat, suddenly tilted his body and plunged into the warm water at the moment the bullet hit.

     All of a sudden, the bullets of Prophie and Evermore landed in the empty space!

      At this time, they actually have two choices. One is to learn something and go into the sea with Liu Zilang.

     However, almost agree by chance, both of them chose the latter.

     In the picture, they saw the flames of the guns in their hands suddenly pulled, and they "jumped" directly at each other.

     What they worry about is that if they take a bath in the sea again, it will be over until the poison is refreshed.

     Instead of that, it's better to let it go now and make a way of life and death.

      has to say, the two are determined and murderous. The turbulent bullets madly tore a bloody mist on the two of them, but they underestimated the shamelessness of Liu Zilang.

     Under the big-screen guide lens, Liu Zilang just got off the boat, turned around and jumped up quickly, backhanded out uzi and faced the two people on the boat.

     The two people on the boat were critical moment, but they didn't expect Liu Zilang to slip fast.

     Come back faster!

      Caught off guard, Prophie, who was still in blood, was taken away by Liu Zilang with a bullet on the spot, and he fell into the sea with a burst of blood.

     However, compared to the straight-headed European and American player Prophie, the guy evermore is a lot better.Out of the corner of his eye, with blood remaining, he noticed Liu Zilang coming back, and one shivers in his heart!

     The next moment, he quickly turned and jumped into the sea, avoiding Liu Zilang's uzi sweep with almost blood!


     Suddenly, there was a sound of inhalation in the audience.

     "My God! The Pig King actually survived!"

     "Fuck, Evermore's response is so fast, I thought this guy is simply an old woman."

     "After all, Pig King, he was also a super macho in other FPS games back then!"

     "Yes, it's a pity that this kid becomes the ultimate man when he plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds."


     The European, American and Chinese audience around the venue exclaimed in astonishment. The audience from South Korea who came to support the scene even jumped up from their chairs with cold, raising their arms and shouting:

     "Well done Smecta!"

     "Being pretty evermore!"

     "Put him Smecta!"


     Never did the Korean audience be excited for two seconds, but the excited voice suddenly fell silent!

     In an instant, the expressions on the faces of all spectators in that small area were frozen, their eyes staring at the game screen like dead fish.

     In the picture on the big screen, I saw that Evermore had just jumped off the boat with his front foot, but Liu Zilang on the speedboat followed him to the driving position.

     Then he unpreparedly pulled up the accelerator and drove the speedboat with a steering flick, and directly called "Divine Dragon Tail Swipe" towards the Emperor Pig.At this moment, the evermore head in the water had not had time to dive into the water. It was patted by the bottom of the speedboat like a baseball, and his neck suddenly crooked. In a blink of an eye, the body sank to the bottom of the sea, and the box came out of the water.

     The next moment, kill and flash out on the screen!

     "Se7en2-vic used uzi to kill Ghost-prophie!"

     "Se7en2-vic was hit and killed by a vehicle-evermore!"


     Seeing this picture of many twists and turns, the barrage in the domestic live broadcast exploded all at once!

     "66666, this one library is fine!"

     "Puff haha, the script has already been written."

     "Distressed my pig king, this Nima is going to be blown up by Vic."

     "Actually, I think it's okay to be killed. At the very least, it's still in Vic's hands. Otherwise, I won't have time to run after the poison is brushed over. The blood volume of Pig Emperor will definitely be too late. Isn't it even more embarrassing to be poisoned?"

     "Huh? You such a saying, it seems really reasonable."

     "That said, Vic is still a good guy?"

     "Turtle! I will take this wave of whitewashing! I didn't expect Vic to have a navy in this comparison!"


     The reaction of everyone off the court will not be mentioned for the time being.

     In the game, there are only two minutes left to shrink the poison at this time. Time can be said to be very urgent.

     But Liu Zilang killed the last two people and didn't drive the speedboat to go ashore. Instead, he went into the water and licked a box.

     On the commentary stage in Huaxia District, the three of them looked at each other and shook their heads with bitter smiles.

     "This guy has a big heart!"

     "Haha, is it vic if it's heartless?""Well... I don't think I can say that completely, sharpening the axe won't make the wood-splitting take longer."

     "I know what you mean, just go down and lick more medicine."

     "Hey, that's true, in this case multiple bandages are also good."


     In the end, the commentary on the stage turned to applaud Liu Zilang's actions.

     After all, in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, I don't know how many fierce rookies have fallen on the border of the poison and safety zone. It is clear that only a small step forward is a big step in life.

     At that time, it is estimated that many people would think how good a bandage would be, and what Liu Zilang is doing at this time is not to give himself a chance to regret.

     After a while between the two boxes on the sea, Liu Zilang not only licked some medical supplies, but also replaced the UMP9 with AKM.

     The other uzi behind him was not replaced.

     Liu Zilang is a man of affection.

     He started this game by relying on the uzi in his hand to cut one's way through thistles and thorns. He couldn't throw uzi into the sea to bathe now with a better gun.

     And from the perspective of yet another, although uzi can't assemble sights.

     But under the premise of no spray, close combat is definitely only stronger not weaker than UMP9, which is why Liu Zilang left it.

     After the quick chitch, Liu Zilang set sail again.

     Amid the rumbling of the engine, I saw the speedboat holding a long white line on the sea, and swiftly heading towards the land in the distance to the west.

     This All the way is actually breeze is still, waves are quiet, and there is no sea battle with people.But think about it, the desert map overseas resource points have a total of two small islands where birds do not shit.

     In this game, if this is not the case, it is estimated that no one jumped here even if this is not the case. Even under this route, not many people jumped on the two islands.

     There were five jumps on the factory island where Liu Zilang is located in the north, but only three jumps on the Coconut Island to the south. The rest of those who did not jump basically followed the pace of Wei Shen and the others, floating high in the small fishing villages along the Southeast Coast. I went, and many people hadn't floated so far, so they took a bath in the sea at the beginning.

      Thus, the Coconut Island with only three people is naturally far less entangled than Liu Zilang and the others, full of entanglements of love and hatred.

     Especially after Jin Douhuan, one of the three best sniper gods in Asia, jumped to Coconut Island, one of the two remaining is from the Japanese team, yet another is from the Southeast Asian team.

     The two of them were just like playing in Jin Douhuan's hands, and the battle ended soon, so Jin Douhuan's time to go out of the sea to run poison was much faster than Liu Zilang on the northern factory island.

     But when Liu Zilang was about to approach the coastline, Lord Rong on the stage looked at the God's perspective that the director pulled into the air, suddenly his face was slightly startled, and his voice was somewhat uncertain and said:

     "Huh? The one on the shore... isn't that SKT's gold player?"