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1178 Life Depends On The Waves!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In fact, it is not only Rong Ye, but also Xiaoxiao and Sika on the side who are also surprised.

     The battle on Coconut Island was over. When Kim Doo-hwan went out to the sea, the director had been on the scene. Therefore, the commentator and the audience wondered why Kim Doo-hwan, who crossed the sea so early, was still on the coastline.

     After a short hesitation, Master Rong suddenly reacted, "Oh! I understand, Jin Yan is looking for a car."

     Sika, who was on the side, looked at the game screen and said, "It seems to be true."

     "Is there no car yet?!"

     With a little startled smile, the corners of his eyes twitched and said, "The circle brush is also just sufficed, and even the vehicle is brushed so little. My duck, is this too cruel?"

     "Hey, wait, there seems to be a car parked next to the small building on the side of the road."

     "No, that car was parked there, there are still people searching for things this time?"

     "Oh the a4n of Southeast Asia rbq team!"


     The audience at the scene also saw the picture under the guide lens.

     All of a sudden, everyone looked at the goal of the game screen and became somewhat anxious, and the live broadcast on major domestic platforms was frantically raised.

     "Huh? How come Xiaojin is running on the shore."

     "Little gold? Which little gold?"

     "It's the one that has frequent car accidents!"

     "Oh! I understand, that's a hot man who claims to never die under a gun!"

     "Moreover, victors were killed by vic!"

     "Wait, this guy vic has come from the monkey {the direction is also here."

     "Fogweed! Run Jin!""Vic, please be a man, I can't stand it anymore."


     When everyone was nervous, Jin Douhuan, who was running along the road and running with the wind during the game, didn't have any worry, but almost laughed.

      the Heaven helps me Smecta!

     In this match, Jin Douhuan landed a double kill and cleared Coconut Island just like playing. Then he quickly found a boat to go to sea, which can be said to be a smooth sailing start.

     However, after getting ashore, Jin Douhuan searched all the points in his mind, but he didn't find a vehicle that could carry people.

     Therefore, when he saw a car suddenly appeared in front of him at this time, it was no different from a person who was lost in the desert and suddenly saw a well. The excitement in his heart was beyond words!

     But as the distance narrowed, Jin Dou-hwan's brows wrinkled slightly, and he found something wrong.

     The car seemed to be parked by someone else on the side of the road.

     as expected.

     Before Jin Douhuan approached, he saw a man jump out of the window on the second floor of the house, and he got into the car in three or two steps.

     At this moment, the line of sight between him and that person was blocked, only to see the figure of the other person falling from the window on the second floor, when he wanted to take a gun while running, he already comes without enough time!


     When Jin Douhuan saw this, he was anxious, and rushed forward with his head down!


     The engine sound of the desert red Ferrari sounded full of power, but the vision between the two parties was still blocked by the obstacles in front of the small building.

     That's it!

     Jin Douhuan couldn't help but feel cold when he saw this!

     He glanced at the small map, but found that the radiation grid around him had begun to shrink.And the distance between him and the safe area is almost across the entire desert map!

     At this moment, a desperate and angry mood suddenly rose in Jin Douhuan's heart.

     What is desperate is the current situation!

     The anger is Heaven's unfairness!

     Should a person who is killed by a car be hit by society?

     Just as Jin Douhuan felt dull in his heart, the roar of the engine in front of him suddenly fell silent.

     other side


     Jin Douhuan froze for a moment, and there was a burst of joy in his heart. His first reaction naturally found him and wanted to stop and fuck him.

     This idea of the enemy.

     He only has four words.

     Welcome to do it!

     But then, the front was still quiet, and there seemed to be no abnormality.

     Jin Douhuan's guess failed, and his face couldn't help but startled slightly.

     what's the situation?

      At the same time, the commentary on the stage was stunned.

     The three of them watched in a little astonishment as the a4n in the game screen stopped the car, and rushed into a wild spot near the sea, getting busy like a hardworking and happy little bee.

     "Does this rbq's a4n want to continue searching?" spoke until here, smiling and couldn't help turning his head around, and glanced at Lord Rong and Sika beside him.

     Sika clapped the hand, said with a smile, "Tsk tsk, these Southeast Asian Yan's hearts are really big."

     "I think it's okay." Rong Ye also showed a smile on his face, touched his chin and continued, "The common saying is good, and there is a car in his hand."A4n use is to develop better in the early stage. After all, when the second and third laps of the solo match are not much difference, they have entered a period of frequent battles. At that time, unless it is the kind of supporting war with war Super hunk, most people don’t have much time to develop, so this is also good."

     "The problem is that Jin Yan has already touched it. No matter how well developed a4n is, it will be a working emperor at best."

     "Well, this is indeed a problem, do you think there is a chance for a4n to fight back?"

     "Uh, although there is definitely no mediocre person who can enter pgi, but this is a4n in the dark, without any preparation, I think it is a bit difficult to fight back."

     "Well, if you can really fight back, it must be Jin Yan's own mistake."


     Just when you are on the stage to explain the battle situation under the director camera.

     Jin Douhuan had touched the fiery red Ferrari with a calm expression, and immediately fell down quietly, and then crawled over it little by little.

     His movements were very light, not even a slight breeze in the air was disturbed, let alone a4n who was happily searching for things in the building.

     The simple distance between the two is not far.

     Soon, Kim Doo-hwan climbed to the side of the sports car and lurked noiselessly.

      Clearly and easy to see, he is preparing to plan a wave of assassination.

     Seeing the scene under the director's lens, Chen's audience couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

     "Tsk tut, Jin Yan is also yin up."

     "The sniper is not scary, the perineal sniper is the most terrifying.""I seem to have seen a4n's dumb face."

     "Oh! A4n is out!"

     In an instant, everyone's eyes converged on the big screen, too nervous to breathe.

     In the game, a4n naturally does not know that the danger has come.

     After landing, he looked around and found that there was no one, Li Li ran to the Ferrari parked not far away, and opened his backpack to check the jungle harvest.

     First aid kit,




     Quadruple lens

     Looking at the supplies in the backpack, a feeling of fulfillment and happiness suddenly flooded his body.

      blue sky and white clouds, the years are quiet.

      It should be noted, there are few resource points on the route of this game, and many Yan have experienced a wave of fierce battles.

     But the second lap has not yet been refreshed, and there are only six over ten people left on the court.

     But there are always exceptions, a4n is that exception.

     In this game, he belonged to the group of people from Gaopiao Southeast Coast. He just saw that many places were occupied. He had to go all the way south, and finally fell into the monkey to swim for a while before going ashore.

     Although he started slowly, but because of this, a4n avoided the chaotic opening.

     Of course, this is why the rest of Southeast Coast at this point in time, such as Wei Shen and Wedge, are all gone, but he is still here.

     At this time, smooth sailing's a4n was extremely peaceful and peaceful, and even imagined that he could not make the top ten without a shot.


     A sound of fine footsteps came into my ears.One step, two steps, and three steps struck Kim Doo-hwan's heart like a drum.

     However, Jin Douhuan, who was lying on the other side of the red Ferrari, still looked not a word or movement, but he clenched the 16 in his hand silently, looking like a cheetah’s energy before preying.


     The moment the opponent got close to the car, Jin Douhuan, who had been charged for a long time, bounced up like a Fierce Tiger Comes Out of Den, with 16 moments Spear Departs like a Dragon in his hand!


     Sun thief!


     Unexpectedly, at this moment of a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, Jin Douhuan suddenly felt that his vision was dark, and a shadow appeared around his body. It seemed that something was blocking the light above him.

     And Jin Douhuan himself had just pulled the trigger, and the corner of his eye realized the shadow cast near his body.

      in his heart suddenly "ge-deng", a bad feeling emerged!

     And in this 0.01% second,

     With countless thoughts in his mind, he subconsciously adopted the "exclusion method".

     First of all, this is not a car!

     At the moment he realized this, Kim Dou-hwan, whose heartstrings were tense, was inexplicably relaxed!

     But the next moment, he still reacted, and there was a Behemoth(s) booming above his head, and it slammed down with great momentum.


     With a grunting sound it stops.

     The fire from the muzzle flashed out.

     Because in this short moment, Jin Douhuan seemed to be hit by the front of a fast-moving train, squirting out a mouthful of blood, and the whole person was more like a kite with cut string and flew out!The next moment, there is a loud boom!

     I saw a speedboat that was originally only used to appear on monkeys, but appeared on the shore in such an incredible way.

     All of a sudden, in the stadium of Novosibirsk, not a sound to be heard, my face was dumbfounded!

     Immediately afterwards, hit kill and flash out at the top right of the screen.

     "The se7en2-vic drove the vehicle and killed the skt-azrael!"

     Everyone in the auditorium around the venue stared at the kill on the big screen for two or three seconds, and then there was an uproar around them!

     "Oh, what did I see!"

     "Fuck! How did the ship get here?"

     "No, vic is a spacecraft, right?"

     "It's too fake to be drunk."

     Chen was shocked, and suddenly someone reacted.

     "Wait, so Jin Yan was caught by a car again in this race, isn't it right, was he killed by the boat?"

     "Huh? It seems to be so!"

     "Misty and vic is the dog thief again!"

     "Silence for the incense 2333!"

     "I really feel sorry for my Jin Yan. The agency is smart and smart, and I didn't expect to be killed by the dog thief Vic in the end."

     "Madan! I just want to know how this guy got the boat up."


     In fact, it didn't take long for Chen's audience to wonder, everything about the live director's shots on the big screen.

     Soon I got the speedboat that just brave the wind and the billows, galloping towards the shore.