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1179 The Four Brothers Of Fulian!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Berlin, Germany.

      Mercedes Benz Center.

     The crowd in the auditorium around the venue seemed to have been enchanted. Everyone looked up stupidly like a goose, staring at the playback picture on the big screen without blinking.

     In the picture, I saw the speedboat chopping through the waves on the sea, with a long white train trailing behind it.

     When approaching a steep coastline, the speedboat did not slow down, and suddenly rushed up to the rocks beside the beach like an arrow from the string. The bow of the boat suddenly rose, and it stood straight!

     The dragon looks up!

     All of a sudden!

     There was an uproar in the surrounding audience!

     Everyone never expected Liu Zilang actually rushed to the beach in this way, and he hit Jin Douhuan, who had just got up next to the car, with his ass to drop from the sky when he didn't have any field of view.

     Not to mention that the audience is bewildered by the audience, and Jin Dou-hwan, who has fallen from the sky, is even worse.

     Competition seats, South Korea Division.

     I saw Jin Douhuan sitting there with a little lost in his face, staring blankly at the black and white picture in front of him, his eyes looked a little hollow.

     According to the system of this PGI solo solo competition, those who are eliminated will have to "the loser to quit". When encountering those who forget to quit due to the intense emotional ups and downs of the game, the referees and staff members will generally remind the players.

     But at this moment, the referee in the Korean division walked behind Kim Doo Hwan, and he opened his mouth but he stopped talking.

      has to say, in this PGI game, Kim Doo-hwan is the first man to make the referee feel distressed.

     ......Everyone off the court was silent,

     With emotion,

     There is anger...

     However, in the game competition at this time, Liu Zilang, who just drove a "spaceship" bear down on one with the weight of Mt. Tai, sat to death by Jin Douhuan, as the perpetrator, he had not had time to see who was the person who just sat to death. .

     Because at this time, another person in the car next to him was staring at him dumbfounded.

     This person is not someone else.

     It was the half-mutilated ma4n who was just beaten by Kim Doo-hwan who was attacked by the car.

     Ma4n said that his head was a little confused.

     It's like a moderate wind, beautiful sun, and the same morning as usual, you drive to work.

     As a result, as soon as I opened the door, there was a sudden sudden appearance of a person holding a gun at you.

     You haven't reacted yet, and the sky is like a Vice City like a tank dropped from the sky. Everyone is embarrassed.

     However, as a fps professional player, ma4n's muscle response has caused him to quickly cut out the gun in his hand. The backhand against Liu Zilang is a wave of crazy fire.

     However, Jin Douhuan had already helped Liu Zilang with the front output. Seeing that this man had not been scared by himself, Liu Zilang could not help but raised his brow slightly, saying that he was a man!

      in a flash, Uzi in his hand lifted up.


     The muzzle flashes fast, and bullets with extremely fast fire rate are pouring out like a torrent!

     Liu Zilang originally thought that this wave of two sides would battle of wits and bravery, and launched a wave of life and death fight.As a result, he did not expect that as soon as he fired a shot, the other party tilted the head and directly corpse the front of the car.

     "Se7en2-vic used Uzi to kill RBQ-ma4dn!"


     Seeing this sudden kill prompt, Liu Zilang couldn't help but froze for two seconds.

     Uzi at what time is so fierce?

      It should be noted, although uzi is a submachine gun with strong firepower, single shot damage is not enough.

     Liu Zilang was hit by at most two shots, but the other party was caught off guard dead. It was too late to say goodbye to the breakup, which made him feel a sense of sorrow as soon as he took off his pants.

     Immediately afterwards, thinking of the gunshots from below when he was still in the sky, Liu Zilang's heart was a little surprised. It seemed that this person should have been maimed by the person just now.

      thought until here, he cannot bear I looked at the upper right of the screen.

     At this time, the last kill message remained on the screen, and Liu Zilang glanced at it casually, and there was a fog in his heart.

     Why is this guy again?

     In conscience.

     Of course on the premise that he has.

     Liu Zilang really didn't want to slap Xiaojin's classmate anymore. He remembered the "secret" look in the opponent's eyes when he was killed by his car in the game.

     It just makes people goosebumps all over.

     Therefore, if it’s possible, he naturally does not want to experience that feeling again.

     what a pity...

     Liu Zilang shook the head, looking at the corpse that was just flying out by him, in the heart cannot help thought:

     Xiaojin, Xiaojin, it's not that my brother doesn't love you, but my brother's car loves you more!If Jin Douhuan heard Liu Zilang's heartfelt voice, he would probably have a mouthful of blood sprayed on his face.


     Next, after Liu Zilang licked the two boxes quickly, the poison that had contracted from the sea was already on his buttocks.

     When he saw this, he immediately poured his drink and filled it up, and immediately jumped on the red Ferrari next to him.

     After looking at the map, he drove along the highway towards the safe zone to the west.

     At this time, Liu Zilang chose the route through the Lion City and then through the route south of Picardo.

     To be honest, there must be no straight-line distance to travel along the highway.

     However, in the PUBG desert map, the Ferrari sports car does not have enough climbing ability, and it is easy to overturn when driving fast.

     Good car skills don't mean death.

     Under this circumstance, Liu Zilang would naturally prefer to fill the energy bar to carry some poison and go around the circle by choosing a more comfortable road.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "It's a pity player Jin!"

     "Indeed, it seems that there is a relationship between him and Vic."

     "But fortunately, the ranking of the first game of the gold player is not bad. Although this game is a bit close, but at least it is ranked close to the top half. The next game cannot be said to be completely without chance."

     "Yes, the battle for several resource points under the route of this game is very fierce. At present, we only have four 13 people left on the court."

     "Well, oh! The director has given the current real-time kill rankings."

     "Really? I think about it... Vic has already scored six kill points, so why should he be in the top three?"As soon as the voice of the smile on the commentary stage fell, a list of players on the field was flashed on the left side of the screen to kill in real time.

     First: SKK-satan; 8kills!

     First: GTiger-TheShine; 8kills!

     Second: Se7en2-wolves; 7kills!

     Second: C9-shroud; 7kills!

     Fifth: Se7en2-vic; 6kills!


     Seeing this and a kill ranking, everyone off the court couldn't help sucking in air!

     These animals are too cruel to Nima!

      It should be noted, because Liu Zilang is well-known and he is also the king of chickens on the field, the director's shots will naturally take more care.

     Therefore, the people off the court followed the director's camera all the way to watch Liu Zilang's tricks, winning repeatedly, to kill people like scything flax ... Naturally, they thought that the head kill of others must be far ahead.

     As a result, I did not expect to kill satan and The Shine Tied for first, Shen Zeyan and Shroud Tied for second place in real time. Liu Zilang, the theoretical third, actually ranked fifth.

     "Tsk tusk, it seems that this game is really intense and unprecedented!"

     "Well, how do I feel that most of the people killed in the battle are concentrated on them."

     "Hehe, these are all machos from various major resource points. They must be bloody hands."

     "That's true. In addition, SKK's satan is also working hard in this game."

     "Speaking of which he was killed by Rocky's nerve gun on the field. He was very behind in the rankings. I thought it would affect his state of the game.""I'm not worried about this, powerhouses have lasting strength, satan this kind of person will not be affected by the mentality."

     "Then it seems that vic has to work harder. At present, most of the players survived on the field have already entered the circle. Although his route is good, it should be unimpeded all the way, but if the entry point is not selected when entering the circle, it may be possible I'm going to run into some trouble."

     "Oh! You mean the God of Autumn at the foot of the substation?"

     "Wait! It seems that not only Qiu Shen, menhera sauce and Sao death are also nearby."

     "Huh? SKK's Vivian is also opposite, uh...they seemed to be killed by vic in the last game, right?"

     "What is this? Avengers?"


     Speaking of this, the three commentators on the stage glanced at each other, and they were actually speechless.