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1192 Suicide Or Homicide? (5/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

During the game, Liu Zilang couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath after seeing Ted being suppressed by gunfire behind him.

     Although no one was seen at this time, he almost guessed that it was Li Muqiu.

     While liking him, I couldn't help but poke inwardly, thinking that since Lao Qiu is so witty, then I will leave him a whole body later, this can be considered a kind of reward.

     Well, Liu Zilang's repayment will not be mentioned for the time being.

     The fighting downstairs stopped for a while, and the director's camera suddenly gave everything to the smoke on the roof.

      At this moment, I saw Shen Zeyan and Sexypig standing quietly in the smoke on the top of the building, both of them were motionless like a statue, not showing any footsteps to each other.

     "What's this? I won't move if the enemy does not move?"

     "Hapi, I haven't seen Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng decisive battle, the masters must first brew their momentum."

     "Eh, you such a saying, you seem to have such a meaning!"

     "Uh, why do I feel that Sexypig is a little bit scared, this Korean porno pig was not like this before."


     Near the roof of the outer ladder.

     In the white smoke.

     The invisible and intangible Sexypig listened to the noisy gunfire coming from one after another below, and his heart was indeed a little weak.

     The cause of this was actually not the indistinct smoke in front of him, but because the gunshots downstairs completely interfered with his grasp of the enemy's footsteps in the smoke.

     Of course, because the opposite is Shen Zeyan, the man called "Godkiller" in Se7en2.

     It may be that Liu Zilang has suffered too much. Sexypig now has an indescribable fear of the person who leads the team.When I was downstairs, I didn't feel anything. When the cold wind blew on the roof, I felt regretful at once. Everyone was not in a hurry. He came up in such a hurry and did his best.

     And there are still that many people on the court right now, if he has a long and two shortcomings, he will be out of thirty.

     As the thoughts turned, all kinds of thoughts rolled through Sexypig's mind.

     At this moment, a rustling footstep suddenly came from a certain direction in the smoke.

     Sexypig's eyes suddenly cold glow flashes, and the powerful professional player's instinctive reaction instantly defeated all his deep in one's heart panic and anxiety!

     The next moment, under the veil of smoke, he rushed up with S686 in his hand.

     Double spray in hand, World Is Mine!

      has to say, in a one-to-one situation, the S686 spray is indeed a melee artifact.

     A philosopher once said that in this world there's nothing about it is a matter of being unable to solve.

     If so, give it another spray.

     Obviously, the two-pipe two-shot S686 perfectly fits this statement.

     Under the guide lens, Sexypig's complexion was dark, his body passed through the smoke like a predator cheetah!

     The footsteps in the ear suddenly sounded again!

     Clearer than the previous time.

     He raised his eyes and swept away, and he saw a figure in the smoke ahead was moving away!

     Suddenly, that figure released many rays of light!

     The gunshots are loud!

     Whoops whoops—!

     The bullet screamed through the smoke and struck towards the sexypig wind!However, after discovering the target, Sexypig was not afraid of it. He raised S686 with his backhand, squirting in the direction of the fire!

      bang sound Gunshot!

     The majestic shotgun burst away instantly!



     The dull sound of the bullet hitting the body sounded, and through the hazy white smoke, the blood mist could be seen faintly.

     The gunfire of the other party suddenly with a grunting sound it stops, and replaced by a grunting sound of footsteps.

     Sexypig groaned, he glanced at his only one third blood volume, and then raised his head again and looked forward, his brows frowned slightly.

     not dead?

     Then I will see you off again!

     He was in the eye flickers with a cold light, and his whole person was like a bloodthirsty beast in the chaos, holding the spray and rushing up again.

     Seeing this extremely dangerous picture, the audiences off the field and in the live broadcast room suddenly jumped to the throat eyes, staring at the director's God's perspective without blinking!

     They can clearly see that Shen Zeyan's blood volume has only a trace left, and he will die if he scratches his skin!

     "It's over! Sao Zhu is coming up again!"

     "No way, the sniper is really too difficult to get close to this top assault."

     "Moreover, sexypig is still holding the sprayer, if Ze Shao also took the sprayer here, maybe he could just wave."


     Just when everyone off the court shook their heads and sighed.

      In the pitch-dark smoke, sexypig and Shen Zeyan are like supreme experts who clash with each other, and they suddenly pass by!It stands to reason that this time should be horizontal and vertical, one standing and one lying down, but the reality is sometimes far more frightening than imagined!

     Under the director's God's perspective, I saw Shen Zeyan still standing in the smoke, which is correct.

     But sexypig was not overwhelmed by Shen Zeyan.

     In fact, nothing can be seen in the smoke. The two were just visually intertwined, and they were still a little apart from each other, so the two of them had just "passed by" the moment they didn't even have time to fire the gun!

     It's not that they reacted slowly and didn't have time to shoot.

     Even if these two people look at the entire worlds and realms' professional circle, if they say that they are slow to react, few of them dare to say that they are quick to react.

     The truth of the matter was that at that moment, the bloody Sexypig stepped on the air, and unexpectedly stumbled and fell from the edge of the building.

     At this time, the director's camera pulled and gave the fallen sexypig.

      It should be noted, the two had a wave of hands in front of them. Although sexypig's blood volume is a bit more than that of Shen Zeyan, there is only about one third left.

     He stepped down from this height and fell into the air, instantly like an egg hitting a pot, turning into a box of eggs!

     Sure enough, the next moment, the kill on the upper right of the screen was displayed in due course.

     "-Sexypig fell from a high altitude and fell to his death!"

     Seeing this kill message, the off-court and the commentary stage suddenly fell into silence!

      deathly silent...

     After a while, Lord Rong on the commentary stage recovered his wits with difficulty, but still turned the head and looks to a little hard to believe and smiled on the side."Sexypig is... fell to death?"


     Xiaoxiao heard that he clenched a fist and coughed.

     "Well, if Ze Shaogang didn't push him behind, this wave of sexypig should be determined as suicide."

     Upon hearing this, the audience who was still somewhat dazed couldn't bear and burst into laughter at the scene.

     On the side Sika touched her nose, muttered in a low voice, "I think suicide is suicide, but Ze Shao's wave is also pretty bad, I don't know if you pay attention, he just finished a shuttle and ran towards the edge of the building. , I can’t see the road in the smoke, I just worried about him falling."

      Spoke until here, Sika shrugged the shoulders, "As a result, Shao Xiangze didn't fall down, and the Sexypig who caught up fell down. I don't believe it if you want to say no, I don't believe it.

     Upon hearing Sika's words, Rongye and Xiaoxiao couldn't help but glance at each other.

     "So? Ze Shao designed everything just now?"

     "Isn't Ze Shao an Aloof God? This is not right."

     "Haha, haven't you heard that high cold and black belly are always accompanied by each other?"