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1197 Who Is The Illusory God Of Civil War?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Whose bullet is flying?

     Ted was beaten for a while, and sprinting forward stopped for 0.3 seconds.

     In the next moment, he reacted violently.

     It's above!

     Li Muqiu was around the corner and shot the Final Fire bullet in his magazine!

     Perfect headshot!

     Unfortunately, the damage of sks differ by some margin after all.

     But even so, ted has the feeling that hair stood on end instantly.

      There is a big horror between life and death!

     At this moment, the adrenaline of Ted, whose blood volume turned red, soared wildly, his heart almost jumped out of his throat, his eyes staring like a copper bell.

     In this case, I am afraid that most people will subconsciously produce dread psychology, but the difference between top professional players and ordinary players is instantly reflected!

     Ted's Adam's apple rolled down, and he forcibly swallowed the heart that had jumped out.

     At the next moment, a very fierce spirit flashed in his eyes, and he rushed up with his spear brazenly like a dying beast!


     The muzzle fluttered, and the bullet burst out like a blue-fire Gatling!


     Come and kill me if you are bold enough!

     Obviously, I just guessed that Li Muqiu ammunition there is not much left ted this is ready to bet!

     In fact, his wisest choice right now can only and must be a bet!

      In comparison, ted is just that most people use a shorter time to make the most correct player.

     Wow!And seeing Teddy's momentum to "x sky x earth x air", countless audiences off the court were stunned!

     "Fuck! Brother Teddy dare to do this?"

     "This ted real Nima is a humanoid teddy!"

     "It's over, Qiu Shen is now out of a bullet."

     "Come up! Teddy is up!"

     "Run, Autumn God!"

     Some fans of Li Muqiu off the field or could not bear to see Li Muqiu continue to be beaten by the audience were suddenly anxious, as if already saw it Li Muqiu was beaten into a sieve by blood, and fell heavily backward in the corridor Picture.

     But at that moment when Teddy grandeur like rainbow, the gun rushed up.

     After going upstairs and hiding behind the corner of the corridor, Li Muqiu suddenly took the initiative to sortie and threw his fist!

     Yes, even if there is no bullet.

     But he still has fists.

     If you have a fist, you must make a fist!

     The next moment, puff~ muffled!

     Li Muqiu was like Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain, and his raised fist slammed into Ted's head wearing a tertiary head!

     However, at the same time, the bullet fired from Ted's muzzle madly tore through the body armor, and numerous eye-catching blood blossoms bloomed in front of Li Muqiu.

     However, the gunshots seemed to be mixed with other what things, but the hearts of everyone off the court were captured by this unparalleled picture!

     "Fuck, Qiu Shen is also reckless?"

     "Qiu Shen hold on, can't fall down."

     "Come on, Qiu Shen, he just died!"

     "Nice! Teddy was knocked down!"Suddenly, there was an exclamation from the court, and everyone's eyes were betting there.

     Under the big screen director's lens, Li Muqiu's right fist, who was swiftly thrown out, struck Ted's head in an arc in the air.

     Ted's body was short in an instant, and the whole person crashed toward the ground!

     Obviously, Li Muqiu made a final punch and successfully knocked out Ted's last HP.

     However, the cheers of everyone off the court were not heard yet, and the next moment I saw Li Muqiu following Ted.

     The two facing each other knelt on the ground in a "Husband and Wife Couple Worship" posture.


     Seeing this caught off guard scene, the heads of countless spectators off the scene were all in a daze!

     "What's the situation?"

     "That's not right, Qiu Shen clearly killed Teddy?"

     "This damage judgment is unscientific!?"


     Seeing this unusual scene, everyone off the court suddenly began to talk in doubt!

     It stands to reason that unless it is a force majeure factor, such as two people throwing thunder at each other, there may be Perish Together.

     But this kind of duel between a fist and a gun, even if it is equally fatal, in the end, there must be one side of the damage judgment that is invalid, and it is undoubtedly breaking this iron law.

     Just when everyone was somewhat uncertain, and even suspected that there was a bug in the system, the two kill prompts flashed out at the top right of the screen made everyone's eyes widened, as if seeing something inconceivable. .

     "Se7en2-lech killed skt-ted with his fist!""Se7en2-wolves used kar98k to headshot se7en2-lech!"

     Almost at the moment when the kill was brushed out, the camera on the big screen was suddenly pulled, and it was suddenly given to Shen Zeyan on the roof of the building next door.

     Shen Zeyan stood quietly on the top of the building, deadpan, and slowly lifted the 98k muzzle in his hand from the window of the corridor next door.

     Vaguely, a wisp of gunpowder that didn't exist seemed to pass through the muzzle.


     The audience is silent...

     All the spectators off the court never thought that se7en2, which had been defaulted to a nest of snakes and rats, villains collude together.

     At this moment, he massacre one another. In a critical moment, instead of helping his teammates, he stabbed him from behind.

     Too cold, heart flying!

     At this moment, Li Muqiu, who had completed the desperate fight with great difficulty, looked at the game screen on the big screen, and was stunned for a moment. He staring at oneself hard to believe and looked at the screen carefully again.

     Ze... Ze Shao?

     To be honest, the experience of Li Muqiu not without being "stabbed" by his teammates can even be said to be sad with ample experience.

     But in comparison, even if that person is Gao Yunyang, he can accept it.

     If it were Liu Zilang, he would even have to accept it more easily...

     But only Shen Zeyan,

     Li Muqiu just couldn't accept it.

     At this moment, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly to turn the head and looks to Shen Zeyan, who was sitting not far away. The grievance in his eyes was enough to make deep-wife complaints retreat three day's march, but Shen Zeyan didn't have any reaction.

     Because he is very busy.Almost at the moment when Shen Zeyan's gunshot sounded, there was a rush of footsteps under the floor.

      In addition, the direction in which he was attacked just now was shot again.

     The bullet screamed across the sky and struck Shen Zeyan's head sharply!

     This shot...not the butt!

     Because the Mercedes-Benz who "loves" his ass has been sanctioned by motorcycles, Liu Zilang who inherited the Mercedes-Benz m24 is replaced at this time!

     But Shen Zeyan's reaction was faster!

     At the critical moment, he crouched to the limit, and escaped the shot with the slightest difference.

     And almost at the same time, I rushed up from downstairs without disguising my steps.

     Naturally, Gao Yunyang, who had just finished licking the sword box, was rushing upward with the spray.

     "My God! It's Vic and Sao die!"

     "The two of them are trying to do Ze Shao, is it revenge for Qiu Shen!"

     "Tsk tsk, if this is the case, then you should look at it if you know it under the Qiu Shenquan."

     "Wait, but how do I feel that the two of them simply want to loot a burning house?"


     For a while, the audience off the court was also shocked to discuss spiritedly.

     On the top of the tall building, Shen Zeyan's complexion condensed slightly, revealing a heavy color.

     The family played here for most of the day, and Shen Zeyan naturally knew who the remaining two were.

     If single talk about the attack, Shen Zeyan will not lie to Liu Zilang even at 98k.You must know that the three pinnacle gods in Asia, Bai Shaobin, Jin Douhuan and Shen Zeyan, although these three are tied, each has its own merits, and Shen Zeyan is best at this kind of beyond a thousand miles!

     But if the original conditions remain unchanged, Gao Yunyang, holding a sprayer, rushed downstairs, who had "breaking a thousand troops" back then.

     Then, unless Shen Zeyan was possessed by Li Muqiu, he would only hit the second half with enthusiasm in this situation.

     But as a calm sniper, Shen Zeyan knew better to do the right thing under the right situation.

     So under the director's camera, he didn't hesitate to close his gun, and rushed down the spiral staircase outside behind the tall building very quickly.

     The moment I rushed through the window on the fourth floor, the sound of footsteps in the corridor was getting closer and closer, as if it was in my ears.

     "Oh! Sao death is about to rush forward."

     "Ze Shao looks at the situation and doesn't intend to be tough, he is going to yo-yo."

     "Well, that Sao Death's side should come up to the sky, and Ze Shao's decision is too fast."


     Just when the three commentators were analyzing the situation on the court with one word and one word, all of a sudden, Shen Zeyan, who sprinted at the end of the spiral staircase, slammed his hind foot, flying straight down!

     But the direction he jumped to was the ground, but a window edge somewhere on the second floor.