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1201 Big Plate Chicken! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the face of airdrops, not picking up and not picking up are two different things.

     In general, many people belong to the former, but Shroud at this time belongs to the latter.

     The attraction of the airdrop to him is far less than that of the sweet and delicious head in front of him.

     And another aspect, Shroud's eye corners squinted the motorcycle that was flying along the inside of the crater like the wind like a "new triangle arrow", his brows could not help but frowned, and he always felt that there was a familiar breath on the other person.

     Isn't he a hot man?

     Shourd had a guess in his heart, and his eyes sharpened instantly.

     When he moved ahead, he drove a desert bus, which was huge and very resistant to beatings.

     Shroud took this fancy to driving such a car in the crater, which is equivalent to carrying a Mobile Fortress with him.

     At this time, standing in the open space, he used this bus as a cover, and his fingertips with AKM in his hand touched the trigger, the gunshot fired, and a series of bullets burst out of the chamber instantly!

     Whoops whoops—!

      ding ding dang dang —!

     Although Liu Zilang did not leave his car, his speed was always faster than the bullet speed.

      With a burst of alarming metal trembling, countless sparks suddenly splashed on the motorcycle, and bullets passed by behind the car, stirring up countless earth, gravel and gravel.

     Judging from the intensity of the bullets, it didn't seem like a person was firing, but in fact, Shroud was the only one at the moment.


     Liu Zilang takes a deep breath, a little marveled at the opponent's excellent gun and controlling ability.At this time, he stopped and beat back naturally impossible, and it was a bit stupid to continue to show off his skills, so Liu Zilang simply pulled the front of the car and rushed towards the top of the inner wall, and in a flash, he rushed out of the crater.

     Since this airdrop has "weird" guards, Liu Zilang naturally knows that it is a double yolk egg, and naturally there is no reason to waste it here, so just try another airdrop.

     "Vic is pretty acquainted."

     "Haha, under Shroud's gun, everyone has to tremble."

     "This is AWM. I'm so curious what the other airdrop is."

     "Isn't it double AWM?"

     "It's too much. Double yolks and double AWM. You treat the game as your home."


     At this time, the airdrop hadn't landed yet, and everyone off the court could only have fun.

     The director's camera was not always locked on Liu Zilang's side, but pulled to the sky above the map to give a God's perspective overlooking the overall situation.

     From this perspective, the players on the field who are moving toward the safe zone are like a trickle, rushing toward the river and sea.

     There are always exceptions to everything, but in these "little streams" there is a mountain torrent wandering around freely, constantly devouring other rivers around it.

     The director naturally noticed this, and the camera quickly moved downward.

     "Oh! It's Satan from SKK!"

     "Fogweed, what is this style of play?"

     "Wild prostitute? Desert sheriff?"


     The audience quickly screamed, and many people's eyes widened.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!The Ferrari tires rubbed sharply against the sand, making a harsh sound, and the ground was also dusty.

     At the next moment, the flaming sports car hadn't stopped, so the next person jumped on the car, not saying anything further, raising the muzzle in his hand, quietly pointing in a certain direction.


     Flower of Death bloomed from the muzzle!

     A sniper bullet exploded from the muzzle, piercing the sky in a blink of an eye, and hitting a player who was driving more than 100 meters away with great precision.

     The white dangling second-level head on that person's head burst into blood, and the whole person flew out of the bouncing in an instant, and fell on the ground for a few laps, and the corpse went straight across the wilderness.

     "SKK-Satan used Kar98K to kill RBQ-Aswp with a headshot!"

     Move the headshot, shoot into the soul!

     If this is not enough, then Satan pulls the trigger, Bullet From Chest's that moment, the handsome back of the Bullet From Chest, directly confidently closes the gun and turns to the car, it makes countless European and American audiences cheer up!

     "Come back! Spicy man is back!"

     "Oh! God is dead, and Satan is coming!"

     "Yes! He is the man waving Death Scythe!"

     "Come on Satan! Kill vic!"


      has to say, European and American audiences do not lose at all in China. They shouted various slogans with all their faces. In a certain area of the auditorium, there were even SKK fans who took the lead to play with the crowd. The atmosphere was fast. Soaring.

     "Hey off the court!"On the commentary stage in the Huaxia District, Lord Rong glanced at the European and American audiences off the court, cannot help but laughed and said, "This guy Satan was not very lucky in the start of the game and he was shot and exploded by Rocky not long after. It bottomed out."

     "Well, Satan played really well in this game." Spoke until here, Sika glanced at the kill list, and suddenly couldn't help but breathe slightly, "Still number one! Satan is still leading the way with 15 kills. List."

     Smiled and exclaimed, "My Ya'er, this guy is really weird, how do I feel that this guy and us usually play a different game?"

     Master Rong stared at the screen for a while, and then sighed with a sigh, "It's really different, we are the Jedi Battle Royale, this guy is the Jedi Battle Royale."

     Isn't it the Jedi Chase?

     Under the big screen director's lens, Satan was driving a Ferrari in the area on the east side of the two craters, chasing various sounds and driving madly. Once he saw a person in his vision, he would directly and straightforward to get out of the car.

      In comparison, the current top five killers like Gtiger's Theshine, the Great Demon King Shroud, even including Liu Zilang.

     There may be no difference in their strength.

     But no one is as crazy and efficient as Satan!

     Just off the court, everyone was surprised by Satan's crazy style of play. During the game, Satan frowned slightly and seemed unhappy.


     Still too slow!

     He said to himself in his heart.If Satan said this, maybe nine out of ten thought he was pretending, and the other one thought he was crazy.

     But in fact, Satan is not crazy either.

     Because he really felt that it was too slow and completely failed to meet his psychological expectations.

      It should be noted that Satan's performance in the last game was very poor, so if he wants to compete for the honor of "The Strongest Soloking" today, it is not enough to eat chicken in this game, and he will kill it.

     But now with the ebbing of time, the fewer the number of survivors on the field, the less, and Satan is only halfway to the goal of twenty-nine kills and chickens set for him at the beginning.

     How can he not be anxious?

     On the east side of the desert crater, when the fiery red Ferrari passed by the same one region/place for the third time, Satan did not get off the car because he found that there was no one around.

     So he turned abruptly, drifted on the sand, and swiftly flew towards the crater.

     Satan remembers that there was an airdrop there, so now it's the harvest season.