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1202 Big Plate Chicken! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

has to say, Satan’s idea doesn’t have any problem.

     However, when he arrived at the scene, the expected crowds and chaos did not appear.

     Satan frowned slightly, his face seemed somewhat puzzled.

     Obviously, he by no means can predict in advance that two Boss-level monsters will be refreshed next to these two airdrop boxes, so that no one dared to approach them.

     Satan parked the car on the crater around the crater, looking down like a large disk, the pair of Westerners' sharp eyes like falcons were slightly narrowed.

      At this time, the director's footage did not follow Satan, but to Liu Zilang who had arrived in the smoke near the second airdrop box.


     5.56mm bullet!

     Tertiary head!

     Level three!


     Obviously, this double yolk does not produce double AWM like the off-site audience YY.

     However, Liu Zilang, who carried M24 on his back, did not have so much hope. After seeing this big pineapple, he decisively threw down the M16 and replaced it on his body, and then walked around in the smoke, while inserting a bullet like a chain. In the chamber.

     With a click, the loading is complete.

     Seeing the 100-round bullet in the magazine, Liu Zilang felt a sense of fulfillment. He wanted to find someone to do a good job and shoot him.

     He was thinking like this, and suddenly there was a roar of engine in his ear, but it sounded a distance from him.

     Is someone racing?

     Because of the lack of Sting!Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow and quickly changed the eightfold lens on the M24 to the M249 in his hand.

     "Someone has come down! Is there an airdrop?"

     "No, it's The Fast and the Furious's pursuit!"

     "Huh? How do I look like they are all players from our Huaxia District."

     "You really read it right, and they are all from the 4AM team."

     "Oh! It's a lone existence chasing Wei Jiang to fight!"

     "What's the situation? As soon as I came in, I saw the lone presence Da Weijiang."

     "Wait, eh eh eh!"

     "Calm down, there... not there!"

     Suddenly, the commentator on the stage screamed in panic.

     Because at this time, Wei Shen turned around and galloped toward the smoke where Liu Zilang was. The lonely existence behind naturally followed closely behind sb or sth, as if he was hurriedly killed.

     Although they didn't face the rush, but this direction revealed a dangerous signal.

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang is holding the big pineapple M249!

     "Wei Shen's blood volume is a bit low in this wave."

     "Just now it seems that Wei Shen was attacked alone when he was fighting Grif alone."

     "Is it so clingy? Shen Wei is afraid it will be difficult."

     "Oh! Vic is out!"

     When everyone was silent for God Wei, Liu Zilang suddenly walked out of the smoke with a big pineapple in his hand.

     In an instant, the eyes of everyone off the court also gathered together.

      In this brief moment, the much-anticipated Liu Zilang has undoubtedly become the man who holds the power and the power to kill the two lives. The director's shots even quickly cut to Liu Zilang's first perspective.However, Liu Zilang didn't shoot immediately. Instead, he looked around and found that no one took a gun at his head, then jumped on the stone next to him in three and two steps, and immediately fell down with a tactic.


     The M249 Gatling heavy machine gun was smashed to the ground by him, and the triangle bracket below quickly opened.

     Liu Zilang, who was lying behind, put his eyes on the quasi-centre of the eight-fold mirror, and the quasi-centre instantly locked the front of the two cars, with his fingertips lightly resting on the trigger.

     Seeing this, everyone in the live room suddenly heart cooled.

     "Fuck! Vic's goal is Wei Shen!"

     "It's over, Wei Jiang's wave is really add hail to snow!"

     "Hey, victor, badass, fuck you!"


     The next moment, the gunfire suddenly exploded!

     The muzzle of M247 flickered, and countless bullets swished across at low altitude, looking like a flowing light in a crater.

      ding ding dang dang —!

     The bullet hit the metal car body and picked up countless flying sparks in the air!

     But at this moment, the expressions of the audience off the court were somewhat frozen.

     Because they suddenly discovered that although Liu Zilang's quasi-center was aimed at Wei Shen, all his bullets fell on the desert jeep that was left behind.

     At the host commentary stage of Huaxia District, he smiled and said in a bit of astonishment, "Uh... what is this ghost?"

     Sika touched her chin, cannot bear saying, "Is this the legendary refers to the front and back?"This is, Xiaoxiao suddenly guessed, "Will it be a problem with the OB perspective, such as delay, etc. I often encounter this problem when I watch my teammate’s viewing angle when I play."

     "Oh, it doesn't seem to be impossible." Sika put her arms around her chest, looking thoughtful nodded.

     Listening to what the two said, Master Rong on the side said with a smile, "I think... we still have to use the eyes of development sports to see the problem."


     "Development movement?"

     Xiaoxiao and Sika were both taken aback.

     Rong Ye smiled bitterly, and explained, "Look, although Vic is aiming at Wei Shen, the bullet and the car are actually moving vertically relative to each other. The distance between the two is not close, so the bullet is not pointing forward and backward. ."

     Hearing what Rong Ye said, not only Xiaoxiao and Sika, but also many viewers in the domestic live broadcast room also reacted, and they couldn't help but sigh that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is indeed a game that uses "the world's most realistic physics engine".

     And at this time, many people have not recovered his wits!

     Just listening to a loud sound, a dazzling light suddenly burst out on the big screen above the stage.

     Everyone raised the head to look, their mouths could not help but opened slightly, and their eyes were round to look at the undead chariot that seemed to have been completely slammed by someone at the moment of the explosion and soared into the sky, and their hearts were plunged into huge shock !

     At this time, the upper right of the screen will be displayed in a timely manner.

     "Se7en2-vic detonated the vehicle and killed 4AM-guncun!"


     Suddenly, there was a sound of holds breath cold air in the auditorium around the stage."My God! Vic, this big pineapple is too strong, right?"

     "Strong invincible! Eight times the mirror pressure gun can be shot so accurately! I Nima took it!"

     "Are you sure? But Vic clearly played Wei Jiang."

     "Such a saying, it seems to be a beating right?"

     "Vic: dying person, my bullet will find you!"


     Just when everyone was speechless, then, without omen, a more jaw-dropping picture appeared!

     On the big screen of the stage, I saw the lonely undead chariot that was burning with flames, and at the moment it exploded, the undead chariot stood straight with the sound of hunting wind, whistling towards the front of Wei Shen’s pickup truck and smashed it down!

      kuang duang'ed, caught off guard Wei Shen was instantly crushed by the sound of cars!

     In an instant, the remaining durability value of the pickup truck dropped crazily like water leaking. Immediately after listening to a loud sound, the surging air waves and fireworks spread to the surroundings instantly.

     "Se7en2-Vic detonated the vehicle and killed 4AM-GodV!"

     Seeing this "the mountain road twists around each new peak" a kill, the commentators on the stage were all stunned. After a long time, Lord Rong said, "Lonely Cun is really a Harmful!"