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1204 Hyun!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

kill and burn gold belt.

     Shroud's gunshots from AWM were so loud just now that both Liu Zilang and Satan heard them.

     Since Shroud was killed at this time, AWM's "right of inheritance" was also on the agenda.

     Needless to say, Satan, as the chief sniper of SKK, can be said to be like a tiger that has grown wings for his promotion by AWM, which is not an exaggeration, especially in the solo match with only one life.

     If Satan has a nine-point confidence in eating chicken in this game, then with AWM, he will say "I must eat chicken" with 100% confidence!

     That's right, this is Satan.

     A man who is somewhat terrifying confident!

     As for Liu Zilang, who already has an M24 in his hands, he actually doesn't have that much demand for AWM, but his greatest pleasure is to destroy the needs of others.

     Do you want AWM?

     Come on, stretch your head over and I will show you.

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     Rong Ye looked at the game screen and couldn't help but say, "What do you say about this wave? Vic and Satan have passed by from both sides."

     Sika nodded slightly, "They should have also discovered each other's intentions. At present, the two are running and fighting on the hillside."

     "I'm ducking, these two people are A strangers!"


     The crater from the bottom to the top of the crater is a section of slope. Although the slope is not steep, the middle is rugged and full of obstacles of various sorts and varieties.

     Liu Zilang and Satan were in such an environment, running like two vigorous cheetahs toward the top.In the meantime, as long as they find an opportunity, the two will suddenly body paused, raising the sniper rifle in their hands and inserting each other into the center of the sniper scope.

     No aiming.

     Did not hold your breath.



     The crisp gunfire continued to explode.

     In the fire and gun flames, yellow-orange sniper bullets jumped out of the muzzle, tearing through the sky like electric fire, and in a flash pierced both sides of the crater around the crater.


     This is the bullet hitting the sand, sparks scatter, and gravel flying.


     This is the bullet hitting the body, the sound is dull, and the blood is little.

     In this "mobile sniper, mobile sniper" situation, unless the nerve gun triggers a lucky shot.

     Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get a killer headshot with precision, no matter how great you are.

     Even so, bullets pierced through the sky, and in the sound of howling back and forth, the two running snipers, snaps, jumps...

     The pinnacle skills in all kinds of sniping are like eating and drinking in their hands, they have the words at hand, which makes people feel dazzling.

     The audience's eyes widened and widened, and soon they were dumbfounded!

     "I'm going! These two animals are too fierce, right?"

     "Hyun Hyun Hyun! I won't say anything about the Satan show, after all, the world-class sniper, Vic is also on the Nima show, this guy is simply an almighty bully!"

     "Although Vic is a little rough, he can't beat King Billy close, and he can compete with Satan. This is really not black."

     "Don't make the bells and whistles for the Lord, this Nima hasn't killed anyone for a long time. The feeling is that the two came to set off firecrackers?""Uh...it seems to be so."

     "I think, depending on how they play, they don't seem to want to hit someone."


     In fact, Liu Zilang and Satan really didn't think about splitting life and death.

     At this time, they keep coming and going, to a large extent it is to interfere with the opponent's wave speed, and to gain a chance to lick the bag first.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "At the moment, it seems that Satan has to be faster. Next, if it is not surprisingly, he should have a chance to grab a first mover."

     "Yeah, but I think even if Satan seized the first move, he should not dare to act blindly without thinking about this airdrop. Vic would not stare at him as he licked his bag while standing by."

     "Let's take a look at the situation on the court. There are currently twenty-three on the court. The radiation grids around have also shrunk almost there. The next safe zone will be refreshed soon."

     "Well, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone on the field is in the circle now, so it's up to you how to do the next circle."

     "Not surprisingly, the next circle should be one of two craters. It may be the farmland crater on the left or the factory crater on the right."

     "Well, of course, it is also possible that the two craters each account for half. Vic and Satan are now in the factory crater on the right. There are 7-8 people lying in the wheat field on the farmland, and the rest are all around the crater. "

     "Hehe, if you really brush to the wheatfield crater on the left, I am afraid that it will not be the carnival of'Old Yinbi' in the finals of this game.""Huh? On TheShine's side, his position is a bit subtle. It happens to be at the tangent point between the two craters. It feels a bit ‘grass on the wall’."

     "Hehe, what a wall of grass, this is a swinger, and you won't lose out no matter where the circle goes."

     At this time, the director shot everything.

     Once again from God's perspective to Liu Zilang and Satan on the crater crater on the right.

     The smile on the commentary stage looked up and couldn't help but exclaimed, "Oh! Satan really got here first, he took out the smoke bomb in his hand, and he seemed to want to seal the cigarette and lick the bag."

     The Lord Rong on the side brows slightly wrinkle and shook his mouth, "I don't think it is that simple. Vic is also very close to this side. Satan doesn't seem like a silly bold."

     The reason why Rong Ye said this is because at this distance, even if Satan blocks the line of Liu Zilang's gun, the other party can flood him with thunder.

     Unless Satan firmly believes that he is a Child of Destiny and can avoid grenade in the explosion, but he named Satan obviously does not have such confidence.

     Immediately afterwards, under the guide lens of the big screen, Satan did not immediately enter the smoke and lick the bag after throwing out the smoke.

     Instead, with the help of smoke, he walked quickly over the crater, and then noiselessly climbed up from the back.

      This time, the Kar98K in his hand that he ran all the way has been replaced by SCAR-L.

     "No! Satan didn't want to lick the bag, he wanted to ambush Vic."

     "Hi—! This guy is a bit overcast, will Vic be fooled here?""It's not enough to be fooled, but I think with Vic's character that has to play three poles with or without dates, he will definitely throw a thunder in the draw when he sees smoke.

     "Crap! When Vic threw thunder, wouldn't Satan have a chance?"

     "Well, Satan should be doing this abacus. I didn't expect that this guy is not only good at sniper, but also deep enough to calculate."

     "Now it's up to what Vic said. I hope this guy won't always think about the lottery, otherwise he might really be drawn in."


     Hearing the commentary on stage, many of Liu Zilang's dog fans in the audience became nervous.

     Zhang Xiaotong in the front row had a tight face, and his big eyes stared at the game screen unblinkingly.

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