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1205 Ninja!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Everyone off the court was panicking, but Liu Zilang cut out the grenade not surprisingly under everyone's eyes.


     Seeing this picture, Xiaoxiao suddenly raised his hand and slapped his bald forehead with a slap.

     "Fuck! Vic really is It is hard to change one's essential nature."

     Rong Ye also shook the head and let out a sigh, but he doesn't have any surprise for the scene before him.

     He has explained so many big game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Liu Zilang has almost never missed, so he is also the one who knows Liu Zilang best on the stage.

     According to Rong Ye, if Liu Zilang didn't cut the thunder at this time, then he would not be "Thor Vic".

     Not to mention the people who reacted differently. Behind the crater next to the smoke, Satan's face did not show any expression, but the slightly raised eyebrows still revealed some emotions inadvertently.

     Is the player with the most personal value?

     Satan's eyes narrowed slightly, the moment the red dot was pulled past, his fingertips suddenly pulled the trigger!


     The fire snake spit, countless bullets exploded from the gun, and screamed towards Liu Zilang with the sound of the wind!

     Liu Zilang, who was holding the grenade in his hand, was surprised when he heard the shots!

     Hemp egg!

     Who attacked me?

     He and Satan had been sniping for a long time, and they always acquiesced that the other party would use sniper, so they were suddenly fired by rifle. The first reaction was naturally someone else attacked.

     Suddenly attacked, Liu Zilang was a little unable to take action at this time, and could only move left and right in a panic.

     Puff--!The dull sound of the bullet hitting the body sounded, and Liu Zilang's blood volume instantly dropped a bit at the moment the blood burst, and the court suddenly exclaimed!

     "It's over, Vic's wave is going to be cold!"

     "This guy is too nasty, he wants to throw thunder when he sees the smoke."

     "It's okay to die here. If you let this guy eat chicken again, the players probably won't have to play in the next game. He still does not know how he wants to let himself go, how to be a demon."


      In the hail of bullets, the sense of crisis is on the back, and Liu Zilang, who may die on the spot at any time, suddenly raised his hand and threw the thunder in his hand.

      Thinking about bombing people this time?

     Everyone was taken aback when they saw this.

      It should be noted, the distance between Liu Zilang and Satan is different from the distance between him and the smoke, the former is farther away.

     If he can blow up Satan, then he is not Thor, but a "human mortar"!

     However, the next moment, the audience off the court and the commentator on the stage watched Liu Zilang's body slightly slumped, and the grenade thrown by the squat was a hook and roll mine!

      what is this Lei Fa?

     The audience was stunned when they saw this. Many people even couldn't help but secretly suspect that Liu Zilang was thinking of self-defense. Those who thought of this couldn't help but feel deep veneration for sb.

     Strong man!

     Boom -!

     The fire flashes, and the air waves are surging!

     The intense gunpowder instantly rolled towards the surroundings, and suddenly blocked everyone's sight.

     Satan frowned on the crater, the previous continuously and uninterrupted burst of fire suddenly!He lost his goal!

     But grenades are not smoke bombs after all.

     Explosion that moment The smoke of gunpowder spread and was blown by the wind in the crater, and quickly dissipated invisible.

     Just as the gunpowder dissipated, Satan on the top of the mountain was thinking about pulling the trigger and shooting again. Suddenly, the pupils in his eyes shrank suddenly!

     In his field of vision, Liu Zilang's figure was captured not without, but in addition, with a dark and cold spear in his hand!

     Iron Sniper M24!

     In an instant, a chill instantly rose from Satan's heels to the Tianling Gai, telling him intuitively that he might die.


     Almost in the hundredth or even a thousandth of a second when this idea appeared in Satan's mind, a strong and loud gunshot blasted in his ears like thunder!

      Without a doubt, the bullets fired by a heavy bolt sniper rifle like the M24 have already surpassed the speed of sound.

     When Satan heard the gunshots, everything came without enough time.


      Without omen, the bullet instantly tore through the helmet, blasting a dazzling blood.

     All of a sudden, Satan's blood volume went straight down in an instant and plummeted to the bottom.

     Under this heavy damage, the vision in front of his eyes shook violently, and the target was lost again.


     There was an uproar from the audience in an instant!

     "My God! Vic shot the shot just now?"

     "Tsk tusk, grenade as smoke, Boundless Mana!""How do I feel that this guy is like a ninja, throwing cigarettes and attacking if he can't beat people."

     "Brother, this wave is a bit embarrassing and dark, Vic is a bit wrong, sneak attack? You sneak attack one under Satan's hands, show me?"


      Between Life and Death Instant, Satan with residual blood can scan hard with the memory of his hand muscles according to the position he just saw.

     The problem is once he makes a wrong bet.

     Whether it was changing bullets or guns, Liu Zilang could easily take away his last trace of blood.


     Still don't fight.

      If this problem is placed in the past, fierce players like Satan would definitely pull the trigger directly without accident.

     Can be put right now.

      It should be noted, Satan almost didn't score a point in the last game. This game is so high from dangers spring up all around to get such high points, even for him, it is very difficult.

     So is he a man for one second, or a lifelong "slavery"?

     The world focuses on you!

     The next moment, there was a sudden silence, and there was a burst of uncontrollable boos all around, and there were even many fans in Europe and America.

     Because of Satan.

     The legendary True Eye of the Evil King, Child of Devil.

     That in the "The Godswar" that year, the life and death bureau pull strongly against a crazy tide and defeat Se7en.

     That Thai the mountain collapse in the front and the color does not change man...

     He ran away!

     Ran so decisively,

     So decisive,

     So happy and free...Obviously, European and American audiences who prefer fierce gunners are stunned while feeling a bit irritable, and the more agitated brother even shouted "cowards" and "cowards" on the spot.

     In the Mercedes-Benz Center arena, the two commentaries on the European and American hosts are also a bit dumbfounded!

     "Oh Maiga! Satan gave up his opponent."

     "Vic's blood volume is so low, why not try?"

     "Well, I think seeking stability is not an option, but it's really a pity."


      at the same time, in the game.

     After a shot of the M24, Liu Zilang was changing the ammunition in his hand, and the whole person was jumping in snakeskin like a wind, while putting away the M24, he quickly replaced it with the big pineapple behind him.

     When he started with the big pineapple, the muzzle was suddenly raised.

     Looking at the crater in front of him taking out the figure as empty as anything, Liu Zilang was also a little stunned. He pulled the muzzle and looked left and right, and he felt a little dazed.

     This Nima...what's the situation?