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1206 Never Be An Enemy Of That Man!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At this time, in order to avoid the bullets, Liu Zilang, who has been jumping around for a long time like a big god, has the embarrassment of the battle of wits and bravery. After cutting out the big pineapple, he has a kind of resentment of taking off his pants!

     Soon, these two emotions mixed into one sentence, and the enemy should take off his clothes!

     Liu Zilang, who had a small amount of blood, didn't fight medicine. Instead, with the help of smog, his figure blew across the crater like a gust of wind, and he rushed to the top.

     "Vic rushed up?"

     "Wow! Do you dare to get such a little blood?"

     "Bring the iron juice! Crush!"

     "Hahaha, Satan's bickering is unexpected."

     "What does this show? It shows that the American emperors are all paper tigers! Oh, oh! Come and greet me with the iron fist of Vic justice!"


     Without comparison, there is no harm.

     Satan's escape without a fight and Liu Zilang's outrageous pursuit undoubtedly formed a very sharp contrast.

     Many of Liu Zilang's dog fans off the field are no longer a dog this time, and they have turned into fans.

     And if the audience off the court was infected by Liu Zilang's courageous courage to "should be the courage to chase the poor," then the commentary on the stage saw farther.

     Looking at the game screen, Lord Rong suddenly said somewhat stunned, "Wait, the direction Satan is running seems to be a dead end."

     It is indeed a dead end.

     At this time, in the desolate and boundless desert, the even colder radiation grid was engulfing the land in the middle of the desert little by little from all around.

     In the panic, the direction Satan fled just now was the direction the radiation grid had shrunk.If Liu Zilang doesn't chase him, Satan finds a place to finish the medicine, maybe he can return in a swirl of dust.

     The problem is that Liu Zilang is chasing after him with a big pineapple. Satan gets a shot of an M24 headshot and his blood volume is like flickering candle in the wind, and he will die when the bullet hits. Where can he fight back?

     Looking at the radiation grid in front of him like a waterfall in the sky mixed with death aura's silence, Satan's eyes twitched twice.

     The next moment, before the bullet hit behind him, he rushed to a slope in front of him in three steps in two steps, and squatted down in a quick tactic.

     As soon as Satan got down, gunshots rang out from behind!

     The bullet rain swept over his head like a locust crossing the border, dīng dīng dāng dāng bitingly, making countless holes in the sandy soil in front of him.

     Obviously, if Satan reacted a little slower, he would have been beaten into a sieve at this time, and many European and American audiences in the audience were also shocked in cold sweat!

     "Huh! It's so risky!"

     "My God, this is so exciting!"

     During the game, Liu Zilang saw the opponent find the cover, naturally impossible to charge with zero cover.

     It's true that Satan has residual blood. Liu Zilang's red blood is not much better. The left and right are all shots, so he quickly found a bunker on the high slope of the crater.

     However, he not only has a high vision here, but also has a positional advantage. When the poison comes, Satan will eat the poison first.

     I won't move if the enemy doesn't move.

     Liu Zilang is not in a hurry.

     In this way, the poisonous circle engulfing death aura shrank silently, and the two faced each other in silence.

     Desert fierce flame floating high.In the increasingly anxious air, there seemed to be some kind of information passing back and forth between the two.

     Satan: The chase is very fast.

     Liu Zilang: You are also very handsome.

     Satan: You Orientals are really interesting, you always like to bite hard, are you strong?

     Liu Zilang: I'm not like you. I divide slaves, and the labor-management plan is a pleasure.

     Satan: You say I divide slaves?

     Liu Zilang: see the wind and set the helm, cannot hit then runs, not the ultimate slave?

     Satan: Okay, You said it right, give me a chance?

     Liu Zilang: How can I give you a chance?

     Satan: I didn't have a choice before, now I just want to enter the circle.

     Liu Zilang: Okay, tell the big pineapple in my hand to see if it lets you enter the circle.

     Satan: Then let me die.

     Liu Zilang: Congratulations, you guessed it right.


      without omen ground!

     The thunderous gunfire sounded again!

     Almost at the same time, the figures of the two of them turned into a blur, and they were taken away from behind the cover.

     The audience off the court hadn't reacted yet, and the two on the court completed a match!


     Lord Rong on the stage eyes shined, spit out two words in surprise!

     The principle of flash sniper is similar to jet spray, both of which use the vision of the cover card to quickly strike and close the body like lightning.

     However, the range of the spray is wide, and there is basically no need to aim, as long as the body is fast enough and skillful, it can hit it if it can flash out.

     If you change to sniper, if you want to exceed a thousand miles and take the first level of the enemy in such a shocking situation, the difficulty will be infinitely close to the "nerve gun".At this time, both Liu Zilang and Satan's shot failed.

     No way, fast!

     The physique of the two is too fast!

     Under the guide lens of the big screen, only two streams of different colors flickering in an instant passed by the ears of both parties. Both of them actually avoided each other very inconceivable by using their ghost and demon like skills. This shot.


     Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow.

     Although the other party has not exposed the information so far, he has roughly determined the scope of the other party's identity in his heart.

     It's not that he swells.

     In this professional circle, there are really few who can use the flash to fight him under serious circumstances.

     Thinking of this, the corners of Liu Zilang's mouth could not help but a little, revealing an interesting smile.

     The radiation was about to shrink at the sight.

     Since the other party wants to play, no matter who, he doesn't mind playing.

     "It's over, Satan spin a cocoon around oneself."

     "I guess he must regret it now. I knew it would be better to just gamble with Vic."

     "Well, Satan is very passive now. He is about to take poison, which is equivalent to someone holding a gun behind him."

     "This story tells us that House can't be divided into slaves."


     Seeing Satan's situation, everyone shook their heads and sighed.

     During the game, even if Satan had a big heart, he couldn't hold his breath now.

     At this point he wants to say that he has no regrets at all.

     That's fake.However, as the cream of the crop's professional player, Satan naturally does not immerse himself in this emotion, but stares bitterly in the direction of Liu Zilang.

     Can't wait to eat poison!

     Otherwise, he was originally in a disadvantaged position. If he fights against drugs, he won't have to fight this wave.

      Thought until here, Satan took a deep breath, his eyes closed slightly.

     This is a small habit before he concentrates on his mind to adjust himself into the best competitive state.

     When he opened his eyes again, Satan's emotions had become extremely calm, his mind was icy, his eyes were cold, and he looked like someone owed him two hundred dollars.


     At that moment, the scene of the director was given, and the European and American audiences off the field suddenly saw Satan's eyes as if they were bloodied, and they became excited.

     "Back! The Gate of Hell has been opened!"

     "That man, legendary Satan is back!"

     "Shake! Cunning Oriental!"


     Of course, most of the spectators who have passed the "Second Phase" are now more excited about Liu Zilang and Satan after the last California World Championships, they will meet again at their peak!

      It should be noted, although Liu Zilang from there's nothing about it title like "Sniper God".

     However, it has been proved countless times in previous competitions that he is the Uncrowned King in sniper!

      This kind of person, against the world-class sniper god "True Eye of the Evil King" Satan!

     Not only the audience around the audience, but also the commentators from Europe and the United States also raised their voices, shouting oneself hoarse.Suddenly, the atmosphere around the stadium rose more and more...until the explosion sounded, that suddenly awakened everyone off the court.

     And after seeing the middle image on the big screen, countless audiences off the court opened their mouths slightly, and the expression in a flash on their faces became as if they were constipated!

     Boom boom boom!

     The next moment, the sound of the explosion suddenly continued and uninterrupted, like a bombing area with thunder rolling.

      As everyone knows, in addition to the "Double Row Charity Exhibition" in the World Championships, whether it is a single row for the individual's highest honor, "The Strongest SoloKing", or a four-row main match.

     In order to eliminate accidental factors as much as possible, both of these have no bombing zones.

     Then there is only one possibility left!

     That's right, the artificial bombing zone!

     Pure manual blasting, precise "poverty alleviation", for you to create a 360-degree all-round three-dimensional bombing without dead ends!

     For example, when the director camera was pulled back, Liu Zilang who was throwing thunder crazy at Satan behind the bunker in the screen saw the corners of everyone's eyes twitching.

     "My Nima! What about the right?"

     "This guy is rough, right? I feel like Satan is about to cry."

     "Tsk tusk, I really don't give a chance at all."


     At this time, Satan was also so angry that his old face was black, his eyelids throbbed, and the aura he had just mentioned at the peak dried up like a punctured balloon.

     This Nima no matter how good he is.

     The grenade doesn't recognize this!

     Boom!Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the back right, and the strong wave of air from behind pushed Satan forward for a while.

     But he hadn't stood firm yet, and a thunder burst not far in front of him!

     As the fire was rising, a more violent wave of air hit, and Satan suddenly flew upside down.

     However, at that moment when his feet were off the ground, he violently raised the muzzle of Kar98K in his hand and pulled the trigger to the limit!


     The next moment, with a snap, Satan sat on the ground in a Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank style.

      tilted the head, belch directly.

     "Se7en2-Vic used a grenade to kill SKK-Satan!"

      True Eye of the Evil King, die.


     . m.
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