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1207 King War! (Two In One)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Satan's death was both contrary to expectation and reasonable.

     Vic missed his life once.

     This is not just talking about it.

     Now that you have met Liu Zilang, you must prepare to be killed while killing

     Even a world-class sniper like Satan, being killed did not cause any waves.

     What really makes people speechless is naturally Satan’s non-natural death method...

     "Tsk tsk, Vic is really not a human being."

     "My Nima... can't this ratio be a pleasure?"

     "Ahem, Satan is dead and more dignified to be reasonable, think about Xiaojin..."

     "Uh... I'm heartbroken, Yunbi!"

     "Jin Doo-hwan: Gan Liliang! Gan Liliang hears Mo De?"

     "Eh wait? Didn't Satan fire a shot just now? Did it hit?"

     "Obviously missed, Vic has not lost any blood."


     Everyone off the court was talking about it. At this moment, everything happened suddenly in the director's camera.

     In the picture, I saw the third-level head of Theshine's brain that was stuck on the crater between the two craters, which seemed to be torn and penetrated by some sharp object.

     With a sneer, there was a striking blood mist on his head in the sun.

     Seeing this scene of beyond expectation, the audience could not help being stunned.

     "Who! Who beat me Shine brother?"

     "This Nima is very risky. Fortunately, it is a third-level head."

     "Fuck, it's pretty accurate, it can actually get a headshot without Theshine's discovery.""He's a ruthless man, but there are not many snipers left on the court. Is it'Li Kui''s sniper Jembty?"

     "Well, Jembty can be regarded as a European and American sniper, I think it is possible."

     "Wait, did you forget someone?"

     Suddenly, someone had divine light flashes in their minds, and their eyes widened suddenly, as if they realized something inconceivable.

     As if to explain everyone's doubts.

     Suddenly everything happened in the scene on the director's side, to the sniper who pulled the trigger to the limit when Satan was blown up!

     In the slow-motion playback, everyone off the court could clearly see that the moment Satan shot the gun, the strong air wave of the grenade exploded in front of him, and his body unconsciously leaned back!

     This caused the bullet to burst out of the gun. Satan's shot was like a "surface-to-air missile" and fired toward the sky.

     At the next moment, under the lens of the director, I saw the sniper bullet that jumped out of the gun flame and fire light suddenly over the near crater, piercing a parabola in the sky like electric fire.

     Immediately under the sight of countless inconceivable people, it hit Theshine's head with great precision!

     "This... what a joke?"

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District, he smiled and opened his mouth wide enough to fit a geoduck.

     Countless spectators off the field and in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms are also stunned!

     "Fogweed! As expected of True Eye of the Evil King, this is really evil enough."

     "Theshine is probably dumbfounded, thinking about who did I piss off?""Haha, this is really taking bullets even when lying down."

     "Eh wait, how come I feel that someone is going to be back."


     At this moment, Theshine who was suddenly attacked didn't see much panic on his face. Hearing the gunshots, he instantly judged the position, and he found the bunker in an electric form.

     The eyes under the bangs on his forehead narrowed slightly, not a word or movement, where the gunfire came from.


     This was the first thought that came to his mind.

      It should be noted, now the poison circle has shrunk and the other party is not in the circle.

      In addition, he really couldn't think of why people in that direction would take the initiative to expose himself, and even when he knew he was a third-level head, he shot him with 98K.

     Is this really not a provocation?

     The corners of TheShine's eyes became longer and longer, and his face became more and more harsh.

     If Liu Zilang knew this, he would probably scream wronged, but he didn't know that he had been caught in a pot.


     During the game, on the right side of the factory crater, the poison circle slowly contracted without any emotion, and soon the sandy ground where Satan had fallen was gone.

     In this case, Liu Zilang naturally did not lick Satan's bag.

      In comparison, Shroud's box is more attractive.

     Chuck! Chuck!

     Liu Zilang moved quickly, and a dark green long sniper quickly appeared in his hands.

     Oh, don’t slip away, love!

     But at this moment, there was a sound of exclamation and inhalation from off the court!

     "Fogweed! What the hell?"

     "Uh... Vic took another sniper?""No way, my Nima... really!"

     "Stop! This is not the Fish Pond Bureau!"

     "Spicy man! Spicy legendary sniper macho is coming back?"

     "This guy is really swollen. Waiting for someone to get close in the finals is like holding two fire sticks?"


     Looking at Liu Zilang with the left hand M24 and the right hand AMW under the big screen director camera.

     Both domestic audiences and European and American audiences stared in horror off the court. It seemed that there was still some unbelievable, and some people would actually play this way in such international events.

      that's not to say (that) No one has played sniper in the game.

     The world-class sniper gods such as Satan and Rocky in Europe and the United States have used sniper operations, but they were all when there were not many finalists.

     What's the situation now?

     Even if the drug circle and the safety zone overlap, the refresh is only the fourth from the bottom, one step away from the finals.

     Not to mention that there are still 21 people left on the field, and it is far from the time to draw a place for you to show off.

     Liu Zilang's forced sniper in this situation is really unreasonable and not worrying.

     Humph, I'm doing it again!

     In the audience, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but bulged and ahem'ed gently.

     Hehe, hehe, there's nothing about it on her little face.

     In her impression, although Liu Zilang often does something inconsequential, he has never disappointed people.

     No, except that time...


      at the same time, on the commentary stage in Huaxia District.Sika gently stroking her chin, looking at the game screen with a slight frown, said, "Don't mention the sniper. Vic is a bit difficult. The poison is about to be brushed over. He is likely to be beaten when he goes downhill."

     Rong Ye nodded, expression grave said, "The point is not this. The point is that the circle will be refreshed later. If the factory crater on the right is brushed, it is okay, but once the farmland crater on the left is brushed, Vic has to go over Theshine The line of defense rushes into circles."

     "Yes." Smiled and said with a toothache, "and even after crossing the line of defense of Theshine, there are still a lot of Voldemorts like mines in the wheat fields of the farm, which can be said to be unable to move a single step."

     "Oh! Wait! Will Vic drive?"

     "It's the bus that Shroud parked below before."


     Amid the violent roar of the engine, the bus had started driving along the mountain road staggering from side to side outside the crater, and its body was shaking continuously.

     Liu Zilang was humming a song, looking quite comfortable.

     With the car, he did not cross the crater along the original road and cross under the factory crater.

     Instead, he ate a little poison, and surrounded the crater.

     The only disadvantage of this route is that the speed of the bus is too slow, and it is difficult to get rid of easily once hit by someone.

     But fortunately, Liu Zilang was ready to jump off the car at any time. At this time, the bus was a mobile shelter for him in addition to transportation.

     Halfway through, his side had not completed the transfer, and the drug circle coincided with the border of the safe zone.

     The next safe zone is refreshed!

     "Oh! The next circle is the wheat crater!""You can see it in the back, there are not many bunkers in the wheat field crater."

     "Well, the number of people is quite large at the moment, and the next battle is afraid it will be a little cruel. When the poison circle shrinks further, the conflict will definitely be like an explosion.

     "Vic is lucky in this wave. If he still wants to bet there, he will probably fall into a passive position now."

     "I don't think it's lucky. If you look at this kind of circle, when the chaos is coming, Vic will probably be educated."


     Punish the master indiscriminately.

     If everyone is on one side and shoots at each other, then Liu Zilang's sniper might still have a little effect.

     The problem is that in the finals of the wheat field, the fight is basically without too many cover up, and his sniper may be shot to death in the end to a large extent.

     On the high mountain between the two craters, Theshine quickly reacted after hearing the sound of the car, closing her eyes and listening carefully to the direction of the car.

     Even with the sight of each other blocked by the crater, the path of the car gradually emerged in his mind.


     Theshine opened his eyes and disappointed without too many.

     Perhaps in his opinion, killing later and killing early is killing, just let the opponent live for a while.

     And now that the safe area brushed into the wheat field crater on the left, Theshine on the mountain looked at the golden wheat field in the distance, and the corner of his mouth gradually aroused a smile.

     It's time for the autumn harvest.The next moment, without seeing how he moved, the Kar98K behind him appeared in his hand.

     Open the mirror, quasi-center!


     As soon as the crisp sound of sniper guns reached everyone's ears, the broadcast director's camera saw everyone saw a flash, and in a blink of an eye they gave a sudden splash of blood on the wheat field.

     "GTiger-Theshine used Kar98K to headshot SST-esker!"


     Seeing this kill suddenly displayed on the big screen, countless spectators off the court couldn't help but fell to the ground and breathed in air.

     "My God! Seventeen kills? Theshine has killed that many people?"

     "Look at the kill list! Satan was killed by Vic, and now Theshine has risen to number one."

     "Wow, where did this guy stole the heads of that many people? I thought Satan was dead and Vic could reach the top."

     "It's not weird, I remember that the one in front of theshine is the second one, isn't it always riding on Vic's head?"

     "Well, but GTiger's sniper is Rocky. I didn't expect the guy Theshine to be so sniper. This shot almost blinded me."

     "Free people, they are all perverts, can understand, just look at Vic."


     This shot of Theshine was undoubtedly stunned many spectators off the court.

     Of course, what was even more frightened at this time was the few Voldemort lurking in the wheat field, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

     Because the rest of the people don’t know whether Theshine’s shot killed the chicken to warn the monkey or gave a small demonstration of one's impressive skills.If it is the former, then no one knows if he has been discovered, and no one knows if the one just learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor.

     How can they not panic?

     This is exactly the purpose of Theshine's shot.

      It should be noted, professional player Even "Voldemort" will use the surrounding terrain to find the most suitable location for concealment. It should be impossible to really say that you can't see me like a passerby.

     In this case, Theshine cannot say cover all at one glance.

     The person who had just been headshot was actually he had found out a long time ago, just waiting for a suitable opportunity.

     Obviously, that opportunity is now.

      It should be noted, panic is contagious.

     One person panics nothing else, and a group of people panic and something will happen.

     On the commentary stage, he smiled and looked at the game screen and said, "Theshine is a little bit good, but why doesn't he continue? There are still a few lying down below."

     "Um..." Sika touched her chin, tilted her head slightly and said, "I think he may not have seen it yet."

     "Well, I probably didn't see it." Rongye nodded, continued, "But theshine shot is a shock. Now the situation on the wheat field is a bit messy, I feel that everyone is beginning to stir a bit."

     "Oh! TSM's Jeemzz got up, he wants to find cover."

     "Well, this situation is really disturbing after all."

     "But wait, someone got up next to him."Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator on the stage, a somewhat embarrassing scene appeared on the big screen of the game.

     In two wheat fields not far apart, where it seemed that it was not a soul in sight, two figures suddenly appeared at a certain moment.

     Both sides looked at each other.

      At this time, they would naturally not say "It's so coincidence that you are there" or even "Did you eat?"

     The only thing that can communicate at this time is the gun in their hands.


     Da da da-!

     Gunshots exploded in the wheat field, and the sound of bullets exploding from the gun's chamber instantly became a piece!

     The gunfire is like sparks that ignite a barrel of explosives.

     At a certain moment, other people lying on the stomach in the nearby wheat fields also got up and wanted to change their positions.

     The result was that everyone found their neighbors, and they were still bad neighbors, at least six or seven people at a glance.

     Seeing this passionate scene, everyone off the court raised their spirits.

     "It's fighting! It's fighting!"

     "My God, it's a pot of porridge on the wheat field."

     "No way, I don't know if I don't fight. They shouldn't know beforehand that there are so many old Yinbi lurking around them."

     "Tsk tusk, Theshine is really a master of rhythm, is this to enter the finals early?"

     "Oh! Theshine started stealing chickens over there, do you silence SKS?"

     "Wow, the configuration of this guy is also a bit weird. He is carrying 98K and SKS. It seems that these free people are not taking unusual paths."

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     In the dull silenced SKS gunfire,

     Blood flowers bloom.Two people in the wheat field were unconsciously stolen by Theshine in the residual blood.

     And his number of kills has come to 19 kills!

     Rong Ye on the Huaxia commentary stage could not help but takes a deep breath and said, "Theshine is starting to exert strength, and I feel that his kill may exceed Vic's last game..."


     Unexpectedly, Lord Rong hadn't finished speaking, suddenly there was a loud engine roar on the court.

     The next moment, a bus rushed down from the crater toward the wheat field!