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1208 Who Is The King Of This Cornfield? (Big Chapter)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The car is a bus.

     Man is a free man.

     A man as free as the wind.

     Hearing the blatant car noise, everyone off the court was slightly surprised and subconsciously turned their heads to look around, and the corners of their eyes twitched slightly.

     What the hell is this Nima?

     Theshine also squinted slightly, and a trace of cold intention appeared in his eyes.

     Grab business?

     Suddenly, the 98K muzzle in Theshine's hand suddenly moved away from one person!

     The red crosshair of the eight-fold mirror was dragged onto the bus all at once.

     Hold your breath!

     The surrounding air seemed to freeze.

     "No! Theshine is about to do something with Vic."

     On the commentary stage in Huaxia District, Lord Rong uttered an exclamation!

     Sika put her arms around her chest, smashed it, smashed his mouth, "It's reasonable, Vic is also hitting someone's gun. I am sorry if I don't fight.

     Xiaoxiao stared at the eight-fold quasi-centre that was swaying with the bus, and asked carefully, "The question now is whether the shot of Theshine can be hit. Vic just drove into the circle with anti-drug. The amount is not full yet, if you have a headshot, you won’t be able to hold it even with a third-level head."

     Rongye nodded slightly, and said half speculatively, "Well, I don't think the marksmanship problem just demonstrated by Theshine should be very big."

     Before the commentary fell, Theshine pulled the trigger.

      bang sound!

     The fire pulsed in the muzzle!A sniper bullet fired by the Rapid Spin screamed like an electric fire and tore through the sky over the wheat field, and immediately struck towards the bus driver's seat.

     To be cold!

     In an instant, everyone off the court opened their mouths and jumped their hearts to the throat!

     At this moment, the bullet was only three centimeters away from Liu Zilang's head in the driving seat.

     That is the distance between life and death,

     Seems very short,

     It seems very long again.

     Seeing that the bullet was about to shed blood on Liu Zilang's head, suddenly, Liu Zilang in the driving seat suddenly figure flashes and disappeared into the air.

     Everyone was stunned when they saw this. The next moment, the European and American commentators on the scene suddenly exclaimed!

     Under the big-screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang appearing coldly in the bus's No. 6 seat, almost from the front of the bus and appeared in the rear of the bus.

     If this kind of distance transfer is placed in reality, it may take a long time to complete, but in the game, it is instantaneous, just like a teleport.

     "Oh! Vic is going to steal the chicken!" On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District, Lord Rong had already reacted.

     Isn’t it just stealing chicken?

      if this is not the case, why did Liu Zilang rush down in the bus in order to steal the chicken?

     In the picture, half of his body was seen sticking out of the car window, with a long black sniper in his hand.



     At the moment the gunfire sounded, a striking blood mist suddenly bloomed somewhere in the wheat field!

     A beaten Voldemort just got up from the ground and wanted to fight back and was hit hard by this!Under the scorching sun of the desert, I saw his whole head tilted suddenly, and instantly fell to the ground!

     "Se7en2-Vic killed RBQ-Coppinlee with an M24 headshot!"


     Bright red numbers appeared on the screen.

     Successfully steal the chicken!

     "Pretty! This shot is absolutely terrifying!"

     "As expected, he is a man who can compare with world-class snipers. Vic is really a monster."

     "That's right, and it's still a monster with a big heart. Look at Vic driving the bus to face, do you have the feeling of a heavy cavalry charging on an ancient battlefield."

     "Huh? This is really a bit."

     "What did Theshine say? This is equivalent to someone rushing into his fish pond to fish! Can't bear it!"


     After the explanation, the director's shots did not give Theshine the first perspective.

     Everyone is somewhat puzzled.

     At this time, a tractor suddenly appeared on the big screen of the game.

     Of course this is not the point.

     The point is that a man wearing a tertiary head is standing next to the tractor holding a long silenced SKS in his hand. The magnifier on the gun is a rare 15 magnification lens!

     "Oh! It's Jembty, the North American sniper god!" someone off the court reacted.

     Suddenly, the director's camera is everything.

     Everyone felt that they saw a flash, but when they looked at it again, they saw a huge crosshair and the figure with half of his body leaning out of the bus window.

     and many more!

     How does this man look so familiar?

     "Fuck! Isn't this Vic?""My God! Jembty is eyeing Vic!"

     "It's reasonable. Although Vic is hateful, you have to do mental preparation before you start."

     "Tsk tusk, why bother to provoke that man, isn't it okay to live well?"

     "Who gave you the courage, does the third-level head make you feel safe?"

     "Maybe this is the case. Jembty should rely on the tertiary head on his head to not be afraid of one shot, otherwise there is no reason to hold SKS at this distance to hit Vic."


     Everyone off the court discuss spiritedly.

     During the game, Jembty's eyes closed slightly, seemingly flashing.

     He held his breath and focused, and the mouse in his palm moved slightly with the feeling, and he controlled the constant shaking of the fifteen times lens!

     In the next second, the muzzle burst out!

     Bang bang bang —!

     In the sharp gunfire, the bullets of in unbroken succession roared out of the chamber, tracing a path full of gunpowder over the wheat field, and instantly came to Liu Zilang's side!


     This is the dull sound of bullets penetrating through the body.

      ding ding dang dang —!

     This is the metallic vibrato of the bullet hitting the car body, sparks scatter.

     Damn it!

     Who attacked me especially cold?

     Liu Zilang thought about this in his heart, but his body quickly retracted into the car window, and then quickly cut to the driving position, and immediately pulled the steering wheel!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     There was the sound of friction between tires and wheat fields, and the Driverless bus looked awkwardly twisted.In an instant, that plump butt was like a slowly turning pointer, completing a wheat field drift that was neither handsome nor cool nor chic.

     Even so, it is enough.

     With only half of his blood left, Liu Zilang quickly jumped out of the car, took out a medical kit from his bag, and hit it off.

     He listened carefully to the direction of the gunshot in his ear, a bright light flashed in his eyes and lightly snorted in his nose.

     Hemp egg

     Labor and management will let you know who is the king of this brink of rice today!

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Master Rong suddenly exclaimed, "Wow! Vic's hand drifts beautifully!"

     "Eh?!" Xiaoxiao couldn't help but touched his forehead, his face seemed somewhat stunned.

     He recalled the scene of the bus awkwardly twisting his butt in the wheat field like a big bear turning over in his mind, but how could he not connect the scene just now with the word "beautiful".

     Smile couldn't help but coughed dryly, "Well, let's public black Vic like this... not so good, right?"

      ?Ah?!" The Lord Rong who was about to continue to say something was taken aback for a moment. Some did not understand such thing turn the head and looks to a side with a smile, and said in a bit of astonishment, "I don't have a black Vic? "

     Sika on the side reacted, cannot help but laugh, touching his nose and saying, "I think what Rong said about being beautiful is not that Vic drifts, but that his car is parked beautifully and directly seals the left front and The gun lines in the three directions of Theshine on the side!"

     "Oh!" Xiaoxiao was also a little surprised at this time.He stared at the screen carefully, and found that if Sika said that, he couldn't help but chuckle and said, "I haven't noticed, Vic is really a chicken thief!"


     The commentator on stage was sighing.

     Liu Zilang, who was hiding behind the bus, had already pumped up his blood with a first aid kit, got up and took out the M24 in his hand.

     "Huh? What the hell? Don't you need AWM?"

     "Do you want to save bullets?"

     "But he can't beat the opponent as the third-level head."

     Under the director's lens, Liu Zilang's eyes were slightly narrowed, and the black M25 still in his hand.

     The dark green AWM that exudes death aura quietly carries him behind him.

     Of course, what more people are curious this time is who Liu Zilang will hit first?

     The answer will be revealed soon!


     The M24's muzzle flashed, and a bullet shot away like a meteor!

     The target of this shot was Jembty who had just shot him.


     The next moment, Jembty crouched down, and the bullet flicked over his head.

     M24 is amazing?

      he cannot bear raised the eyebrow, taking advantage of Liu Zilang's gap in pulling the bolt, he leaned out and raised the fifteen times silencer SKS in his hand!

     "Oh! Jembty is not convinced, these European and American players are really tough!"

     "He has a three-level head on his body, and Vic uses an M24 again, so he must not panic."Um... I think at this distance, Jembty is a combo with single shot damage. Unless he can play a'two in a row', the two of them are afraid that some will hit him."

     "That's now 15 times SKS vs. 8 times M24. Although Vic is a bit more powerful, it seems to be a bit disadvantaged in the magnification lens."



     Bang bang bang —!

     Between guns and bullets, under the director's God's perspective, audiences off the field can clearly see two streams of different colors shuttle back and forth over the wheat field.

     On the crater where the two craters were tangent, Theshine saw that the other party had taken the head and ignored him. At this time, he couldn't help but complexion slightly sinks, running quickly in a certain direction along the crater.

     Obviously, he was trying to pull the gun line and bypass the sight of the bus in the wheat field.

     Next, when Theshine drew a distance and saw that it was about to bypass the bus, a thunderous gunshot suddenly sounded over the wheat field.

     This sound!

     It's different from all previous gunshots!


     Whose AWM?

     Theshine's face changed suddenly!

     Seeing that he made a mistake, he couldn't care about going up to beat Liu Zilang, and immediately found the bunker.

     Break everything with one shot!

     AWM can be said to be the nightmare of all the players in the singles, which makes people love and hate.

     Even if you have a three-level one, the other party can not give you any chance, and take you away rudely without any reason, even if it is a nerve gun...Therefore, after AWM came out, even if he was as fierce as Theshine, he was unwilling to pull the gun line in order to hurry and continue to run without cover on the crater.

     In the event of a shot headshot, all his efforts in this game will be ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.

     After quickly finding the hiding place in three or two steps, the relaxed Theshine followed the gunshots and looked at it carefully, but in his heart he don't know why, I always feel that this direction is a bit familiar.

     In the next moment, his pupils suddenly shrank!

     Yes... that man! ?

     and many more!

     Isn't he M24?

      in a flash, Theshine suddenly realized a frightening fact.

     He was silent for a moment, his eyes suddenly narrowed slightly.



     Of course, compared to Theshine.

     What was even more frightened at this time was that a huge blood hole was opened in his head, and he kept bleeding out of the blood, looking dead but will not close the eyes falls to the ground Jembty looking up at the sky.

     It was noon, the sky in the desert was blue as washing, and a scorching sun hung high on the ground.

     The scorching sun was just like Jembty's mood at this time.

     Two words, I X!

     Recalling the picture just now, he still couldn't understand why the two of you came and I met the guns well, and the other party suddenly took out an AWM!

     Is this Nima poisonous?

     With AWM, won't you say that you are cold?

     Killing labor and capital is not right with you!

     Memories always want to cry.

     Jembty wanted to cry.

     As for the countless audiences and commentators who have just witnessed all this off the court.At this time, they were staring at the big screen with stunned dogs, their mouths slightly open uncontrollably, as if they had seen something hard to believe.

     After a while, Xiaoxiao turned his neck stiffly, and looked at Sika on the side, "Kazi...I'm not mistaken, am I? The machine sight...Huh da do you love?"

     In fact, it is no wonder that Xiaoxiao is so surprised.

     Just now, a few people thought that Liu Zilang had suffered the loss of the other party's 15x mirror with the eightfold mirror.

     But in a blink of an eye, you have a "zero magnification" machine sight. Who is not surprised if you change it?

     Not to mention such a long distance, Liu Zilang still used AWM for sight.

      It should be noted, AWM sights are different from those of 98K, they are exactly the same plane as a blade.

     Can that thing really aim?

     The waist shot is better than it!

     Hearing the words of a smile, Sika was also a little unable to respond for a while. He is still in a daze and can only guess, "Uh...I think...it should be nerve..."

     "Not a nerve gun."

     Unexpectedly, hasn't even finished his sentence, Rong Ye interrupted him, staring at the game screen.

     Master Rong took a deep breath and grave expression again and said, "It's a sense of gun, Vic... it's a sense of gun!"


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