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1213 Chicken You Are So Beautiful! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Theshine's action suddenly broke the illusion of everyone on the court spreading smoke into the circle.

     During the transfer process, they cannot stay in the smoke forever.

     Smoke is more like a springboard for them than a natural barrier.

     If only has one Liu Zilang in the front is okay, the problem is that now a murderous Theshine appears in the back.

     Everyone running on the field suddenly fell into an embarrassing situation where the tigers were in front of them.

     "Tsk tsk, Mitsuo really dares to fight!"

     "His choice of harvest timing is really too sturdy. It's simply to pull chestnuts out of the fire."

     "Sure enough, none of these top free men has an oil-saving lamp. I remember VIc used this style of play once before."

     "Well, but when Theshine hits like this, it feels like he lifted Vic a hand."

     "It's impossible. He still does not know that Vic is in the center of the safe zone?"

     "It's not possible. Vic's three snipers and two shots were all AWM. Such a small circle can only be heard by deaf people."

     "I think... on the one hand, Theshine wants to score points, but on the other hand is self-confidence. A strong person’s self-confidence does not worry about giving Vic a chance, he only cares about whether he has enough points."

     "Yiguangnan's character seems to have this kind of possibility."

     "It's a pity that the other players on the field are a bit miserable. According to this situation, it is very probably may be that these two killing gods will clear the field, and there will be a wave of Tianwang Mountain."

     "Well, it's a heads-up contest now, to see who kills more."After spoke until here, the commentator on the stage could not help but sighed with emotion that Liu Zilang and Theshine "villains collude together", the fate of everyone on the field like a muster.

     At this time, smiled and turned around and looked at the big screen, and suddenly found something's wrong.

     "Huh? Wait, why didn't Vic shoot?"

     Not only was it a smile, but Rong Ye and Sika realized that they were a little strange.

     "He...has no tacit understanding with Mitsuo."

     "No, where is he aiming?"

     On the big screen on the stage, the director's lens gave Liu Zilang a first perspective.

     Next to the tractor in the center of the wheat field, I saw Liu Zilang squatting halfway, holding the dark green AWM in his hands.

     The fifteen-fold mirror on the big sniper opened and closed at the distance from time to time, as if looking for something.

     No way? !

     When everyone on the court saw this, their hearts moved, vaguely guessing.

     What about villains collude together?

     At the next moment, Liu Zilang’s 15-fold "Astronomical Telescope" screen suddenly paused, and Zhunxin stopped at some place beside the wheat pile. It seemed that he had discovered something...


     Suddenly, there was a clear sniper gun sound from where the fifteen-fold mirror stayed!

     While the fire was flashing, a sniper bullet flashed across the wheat field as quickly as lightning, and hit the back of a running man at the edge of the smoke ahead without warning.


     The bullet suddenly tore the armor, and the blood of the man suddenly dropped a small amount.

     "Oh! It's the east gate of AHQ!"

     "Theshine's 98K shot didn't hit the end, it's a pity.""Wait a minute, Theshine has changed guns, it's SKS."

     "What do you say about this wave of mixed smoke, there is too little smoke over there, it's going to be cold in the east gate!"


     Everyone off the court to mourn for the Wanwan compatriots?

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, a loud sound suddenly "boomed" on the court, which sounded like a flash in the clear sky!

     Hearing this voice, three letters appeared in everyone's heart!


     Keep it up!


     "Vic this guy did it!"

     "Does he want to snatching the food from the tiger's mouth?"

     "No! He wants to kill the tiger!"


     Kill the tiger?

     Upon hearing the commentary, everyone off the court couldn't help but suddenly one shivers, subconsciously looking to the upper right.

     There is no kill on the screen.

     At this moment, the director's camera pulled abruptly, and it was given to Theshine who had just switched SKS.

     What leaped into everyone's eyes was a man who kept QE tilted his head like a convulsion.


     Suddenly, there was an uproar around the court!

     "His—! Theshine tilted her head... avoided Vic's AWM shot?"

     "Wow! Isn't this a reaction? It's that this is too scary for Nima."

     "It shouldn't be a reaction. Many players have the habit of shaking their heads when they are fighting."

     "Tsk tsk, Vic is a bit unkind. Mitsuo is spanking him, and he wants Mikoko for his backhand.""But then again, after all, the East Gate of AHQ is our compatriot Wanwan, and Vic's position is still okay."


     Everyone off the court was talking happily.

     When they watched the big screen again, suddenly everyone found that the situation seemed a bit wrong.

     If it was said that Liu Zilang was in front of him, Theshine was rushing behind, and the two "surrounded" all the people who were running poison.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang just silently declared his position to everyone with that shot.

     Those players who were chased by Theshine during the transfer and also worried about Liu Zilang in front of him heard the shot, as if they immediately "reached a certain consensus" with Liu Zilang.

     Punish him!

     So, in a blink of an eye, the court turned into a situation where Liu Zilang led a group of younger brothers to isolate the last Theshine.

     In front are seven guns.

     Behind is the Second Last wave radiation grid.

     Suddenly, Theshine fell into the most miserable position in the audience.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "Shameless, shameless!" Looking at the swaying figure holding AWM next to the tractor in the picture, this is the third time Sika has made such a sigh today.

     "Mitsuo is still too naive."

     On the side, Master Rong touched his nose, and said with a faintly forced smile at the corner of his mouth, "I think he must take into account various factors when he chooses this style of play. For example, Vic will rob someone from him, but he is not panicked.""For another example, he might raise Vic's hand like this. Vic will eventually become his only opponent, but Mitsuo has this confidence."

      Spoke until here, Rong Ye Pausing, continued, "But Mitsuo probably never expected it. Vic shamelessly teamed up with other players to put him on the outside."

     "It's really shameless!"

     Xiaoxiao also sighed with emotion, scratching his head and said, "I was just wondering, Mitsuo was playing so hi behind when the other players spread the cigarettes and transfer, why Vic hasn't heard the sound, whether it is true or false Has no vision?"

     "Now think about this impossible ah, this guy is mostly thinking about letting Mitsuo pull hatred behind him, and selling favors to other players on his own side."

     When he heard the laughter, Lord Rong also nodded, "This is indeed something Vic can do. If this is not the case, these people who entered the circle must regard him as the number one enemy. How can it be impossible to turn around and beat the man? ."

     "Then this wave of light male..."


     Da Da Da—!

     Bang bang bang —!

     The commentary on the stage hasn't even finished his sentence, the gunshots on the court suddenly became one piece, and the screaming bullets were like heavy rain.

     It is the bleak wind and icy rain, the man who hits the light!


     . m.