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1215 Chicken You Are So Beautiful! (Below) 2/3
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Is Liu Zilang abnormal?

     Facts speak louder than words.

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw him like a ghost, like a predator in the wilderness in "A Quiet Place", ruthlessly culling those who make noise.

     Amidst the weirdness, there is terror everywhere.

     The great horror between life and death!


     The gunfire sounded again!

     When Liu Zilang approached, one person on the field just got up and wanted to fight back!

     However, Liu Zilang shot AWM mercilessly and killed him in the finals of the wheat field that had almost been stained with blood.

     Under this extinction killing, can the last two Japanese and European and American players remaining on the field bear it?


     How can it be repaired!

     Instead of being a piglet to be slaughtered,

     Why not pick up the gun in your hand!

     Almost at the same time, the two of them stood up from the wheat field with "swishes", and the guns in their hands spewed out dazzling flames at the moment they got up, with a fanatical light in their eyes.

     I see you!




     Da da da-!

     The gunshots were like waves, countless bullets burst out of the gun, like countless sharp blades carrying all the grievances and anger accumulated since the finals into the opponent's heart.

     Under the scorching sun, a figure swayed and fell to the ground unwillingly.

     The next moment, Sabrac from the Japanese SST team watched that he had only a trace of blood left.

     Wei Wei was lost for a second,

     My heart was immediately overwhelmed by the joy that hit like a tide.I... killed the hot man!

     and many more!

     It seems something's wrong!


     Without waiting for him to think about it, a gunshot suddenly rang from the ground, hitting Sabrac's waist without a bit of precision.

     This shot looks very urgent,

     Very hastily,

     Some even... flustered and exasperated!

     On the commentary stage in Huaxia District, the voices of Rongye and others floated in the venue.

     "Ah! Sabrac killed T**'s Zven! Why did the two fight each other?"

     "Yeah, my goodness! There is a big boss over there that hasn't been pushed down yet!"

     "It's over! Isn't they getting Vic for nothing like this?"

     "Vic has already shot!"

     "Fuck! Direct waist shot? Is it so irritable?"

     Hemp egg!

     Grab the head!

     Liu Zilang is indeed a little grumpy right now!

     He thought that these two heads were nothing more than his own, but he didn't expect that they would be intercepted halfway.

     In the end, I ate chicken by myself, but why does Nima always feel a little melancholy and regretful?

     After thinking about it, Liu Zilang stretched his brows, but there was some relief on his face.

     Great success is lacking.

     Life may not always be fulfilled.


      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Off the court, from the moment that the screen was frozen, the director immediately gave a shot of the "Chicken King" player, and wanted the audience to share the joy of Liu Zilang's moment!However, Liu Zilang's deadpan, brows tightly frowns appearance that jumped into the eyes of everyone on the big screen, it seemed that there was still a little bit of worry...

     Everyone:? ? ?

     Something is wrong, you shouldn’t be wild with joy after eating chicken, are you too beautiful to have a chicken?

     Even if you are the kind of forced king who has experienced strong winds and waves, you can at most pretend to be serene this time. What the hell is your sad expression?

      This time, the worry should be someone else, right?

     Of course, if they knew that Liu Zilang was regretful because of a human head in the end, and thus realized the truth that it was not enough, they might call the collective "Bah" to Liu Zilang, and loudly ask him if he wants his face?


     Don't you want to face? !


     On the presiding commentary stage, Lord Rong shook the head, "I thought it was Vic's death hunt in the end. I didn't expect the two people to fight and let Vic pick up a bargain."

     Sika was nodded and couldn't help starting talking, "Well, but thinking about it now, judging from the reaction of the two people, the timing should be too coincidental. I immediately regarded each other as vic, and then I wanted to stop. enough time."

     "These are not the key points. The point is, do you know how much vic is in this game?"

     With a smile spoke until here, his lips tremblingly said, "Twenty-four kills! Plus the basic point of eating chicken is 490 points!"

     "hiss-!"Ye Rong suddenly reacted and couldn’t help but sucked in a mouthful of air, “If I remember correctly, Vic’s 510 points should have been scored in the game. Then add this game, my God! This guy is Qian I broke up."

     "Tsk tsk, soloking has already been scheduled by this companion pitted."

     "Then the next game is going to be over. Vic The last battle will definitely let me go."

     "This kind of monsters let themselves go, how does this Nima let others play?"

     "But having said that, this vic's score seems to be lower than that of the game."

     "Hehe, after all, Vic was injured and went to the orthopedics department just before the game. It is normal for him to decline."

     Rong Ye and Xia Ka couldn't help but twitch at the corners of their eyes when they heard the smile.

     If Du Nima is in such a bad state and is still in decline, don't others have to buy a piece of tofu and hit him to death?


     On the game bench, Liu Zilang also stood up from his chair, and he accidentally affected his injured leg, and he suddenly hurt him to bare one's fangs.

     The director's footage was also given to him this time. The lights in the venue were all turned off, leaving only a beam of lights converging on Liu Zilang.

     Suddenly, there was a burst of warm applause enough to overturn the roof of the stadium!

     No way, the guy on the stage is a bit meaner, shameless, and sinister...

     Under these appearances, he is powerful enough to make everyone unable to ignore it!

     Even at some point, he can completely conceal the shamelessness and insidiousness of him, so that people can't deny his powerfulness.In the front row of the auditorium, Zhang Xiaotong looked at Liu Zilang, who was under the spotlight, without blinking his eyes, at the corner of his mouth with a familiar smile, waving his hand at the audience.

     Suddenly it wrinkled its small nose, lightly snorted imperceptibly.


     After the second game came to the end of a phase, for Liu Zilang, the "body disabled, will firm" player who took the first place, this interview was from the official accompanying press team in China.

     In addition to interviews, some barrage will be randomly selected to answer, and the person responsible for the interview is Rita, a well-known e-sports host in China.

     Not long after Liu Zilang returned backstage, Rita knocked on the door with the photographer walked in.

     After the exchanges between the two sides, the interview soon began.

     "Hello Vic, hehe, let's say hello to the audience in our domestic live broadcast room."

     Liu Zilang smiled and waved his hands, "Hello, domestic audience friends, thank you for staying up late to watch our game at this time."

     Rita glanced at the notebook in her hand and raised her head to say with a smile, "I believe that many of our audiences are also very concerned about your physical condition, but you played very well in the last game. You can reveal that you have played yourself in the next game. Do you have all your strength?"