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1216 One Hundred Ways To Kill Vic! (3/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Have you used your full strength?

     Upon hearing this problem, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly "ge-deng", and a kind of bad feeling arose.

     as expected.

     Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment, suddenly pointed his right leg with a finger, and asked seriously, "Do you know what is this?"

      "Ah?" Rita was taken aback, and subconsciously said, "Uh, bandage, aren't you injured?"

     "On the surface this is indeed a bandage."

     Liu Zilang glanced at the camera seriously, grave expression said, "In fact, this is the First Seal."


     Hearing this, it was not only Rita at this time. Li Muqiu and Su Changming, who were sitting on the sofa nearby in the lounge, were also surprised by Liu Zilang's deadly earnest.

     The corners of everyone's eyes twitched at the same time, and they couldn't help but lick the middle abdomen. This comparison is really getting closer and closer!

     The barrage in the domestic live broadcast room even exploded. Everyone expressed their understanding of Liu Zilang's pedantic behavior and cursed him shamelessly!

     After a while, Rita, who recovered his wits, covered his mouth and chuckled, "Uh, it seems that Vic is as funny and humorous as the rumors."

     "Then we move on to the next question."

     Rita glanced at Taiben and said with a smile, "The last two snipers left a deep impression on Chen's audience, Yan on the court and even on stage."

     "Then we want to ask here, what caused you to pick up the sniper at that time?"

     Sure enough, mention this problem.Not only the audience in the live broadcast room, but even Li Muqiu and others in the lounge mentioned that they looked at Liu Zilang, somewhat curious for what reason he had a double-sniper sore.

     Liu Zilang did not hesitate this time, but did not hesitate at all and said, "Because there are two snipers there."

      has to say, this answer is very direct and straightforward, just like someone asks why you want to install x, and then you make a similar answer.

     Everyone around was speechless again, even Shen Zeyan held his forehead slightly, and suddenly got up from the sofa and walked out of the door, seeming to want to go out and breathe.

     "Ze Shao wait for me." Li Muqiu screamed and followed quickly.

     Before leaving, he turned around and glanced at Liu Zilang, as if he was saying that you can dress well.

     After Rita recovered from the speechlessness, she felt more minded to ask questions next.

     Even so, from time to time, she was made a little silly by this man who "pretended to be like the wind and is always with me".

     "Then the last question next."

     At the end, Rita suddenly blinked her eyes narrowly and asked with a smile:

     "I just saw on the barrage in the live broadcast room that many water friends seem to be more concerned about the physical condition and want to know if you have any further plans to see orthopedics in Germany after the game."

     After speaking, she looked at Liu Zilang interestingly, as if she finally had a chance to recover some lost ground.

     Liu Zilang was stunned when he heard the words, scratched his butt, and suddenly made a fist coughed dryly.

     "Is there a housekeeper in the live broadcast room? Please seal the friend who asked this problem, Yongfeng."

      "Ah?"Rita was stunned. Obviously, he didn't expect Liu Zilang to say this, and suddenly dropped his head slightly hanging one's head dispiritedly.

     It seems that it is too difficult to take advantage of this man.

     After exposing this ridicule, the interview after the second game came to the end of a phase.

     The rest time between games is not long, half an oblique passed in an instant.

     Soon, Chen's Yan ended his rest, and once again stepped onto the stage from both sides of the stage, and walked toward the competition stand amidst the cheering of numerous audiences.

     In the crowd, Liu Zilang was still on crutches with the help of Kotomi Misaka, and he was dragging his legs when he walked, and it seemed to be very awful.

     However, the surrounding Yan was terrified of this kind of man, and at the same time they wished to swallow him whole, just like turning a slave to the Venerable Earthly Lord Cai, his eyes were full of strong class hatred.

     no way!

     He is so hated right now!

     Based on Liu Zilang’s second consecutive rooster scoring in the first two games, if he is not eliminated early in the game, let alone those who are at the bottom, even the top ten or even the top five of the two games will not have the slightest chance. To compete for the position of today's "strongest solokg".

     After Yan was seated, the game quickly entered the preparation stage.

      Around the Mercedes-Benz Center arena, commentators from all over the world are also talking about the ownership of the "most personal value" Yan in The last battle.

     Of course, this is just a nicer statement.In fact, in addition to the commentary in Huaxia District, the explanations of hands dance and feet trip and talk idly about important matters in Europe, America and Korea are more like discussing "100 Ways to Kill Vic".

     Before they discussed a result, the 100 Yan on the bench was ready.

      With a burst of rumbling, a fully loaded plane appeared in the sea.

     On the interpretive stage in Huaxia District.

     "Oh! Our game has started."

     "This is our The last battle solo finals today. Although vic's score is far ahead, Mitsuo and Ze Shao are not completely without opportunities."

     "Yes, our game followed the format of the last California World Championship and increased the head point weight, just to make every game full of hope."

     "But having said that, although I don't want to hit the confidence of other Yan, as long as vic does not die in this game, such as the resource points of the big chaos, the championship is basically determined by him."

     "Well, there is no way, this guy's performance in the first two games is really horrible!"

     "Let's not talk about it. Our game is a rain forest map. Let us first look at the route."

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that the route started from the dock on the map, and the resource points on the map were allocated fairly evenly, almost 45° diagonally cut map.

     Next, when the plane arrived over the pier of the starting station, some people started parachuting one after another.

     Although the resources of the rainforest map are relatively rich compared to the desert and island maps, the materials of each resource point on the map are also quite different.The dock at the bottom right of the map is undoubtedly a resource point with relatively rich materials, and it is also a place where battles frequently occur at the beginning of the game.

     "Do you think Vic will jump here?"

     "Tsk tusk, although you can win with stability, it's really hard to tell with the character of this guy vic."

     "Huh? Didn't jump the b guy did not jump the dock."

     "Wow! I didn't expect Vic to have another day, so the other Yan will have nothing to play."

     "Yes, it's really scary for someone like Vic to stand up."


     Next, the plane passes over the map, and many people will fall down every time a resource point is reached.

     During the period, whether it was a large resource point or a source point, but the figure that attracted the most attention in this game was delayed.

     When the plane was halfway through the course and arrived near the training base, the center of the map, the sound of parachuting "huā lā huā lā" kept in my ears, and many black spots appeared under the plane again.

     At this time, Chen suddenly found something in this black spot, and was screamed when he couldn't help it.

     "Dumped! Vic jumped!"

     The director's camera was also jerked, and he gave Liu Zilang a close-up, and he couldn't help widening his eyes when he found him in these black spots.

     However, everyone gradually realized that Liu Zilang's posture was something's wrong