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1217 Fighting With The Sky Is Endless Fun!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the secluded Tropical Rain Forest, there is a very resourceful place.

     It mountains on one side and water on the other can be described as Feng Shui treasured land.

     It is the Training Base, and it is also affectionately called the "Autistic City" by countless players, a city where machos can cry to autism.

     In this solo final, the plane fly all the way along the route. In the first two games, Liu Zilang, who came first in triennial palace examinations, logically said that this game should be steady.

     But from the California World Championship to the current PGI World Championship at the Mercedes-Benz Center in Germany, Liu Zilang's unruly style of "a day without waves, blue and thin" has already penetrated the hearts of many audiences.

     Seeing him appearing above the Autistic City, whether it is the commentary on the stage or the audience off the field, I feel that this is both contrary to expectation and reasonable.

     In fact, it is not only the commentary and the audience.

     High in the sky, even many players familiar with Liu Zilang's style kept pulling their perspective, looking around the surroundings, seeming to be looking for some suspicious target.

     Obviously, these people have guessed about Liu Zilang's approximate location, and having high fighting spirit wanted to culminate their biggest "class enemy" before landing!

      has to say, the player who bet on "Autistic City" is right.

     But only part of it.


      The whistling sound of the wind kept pouring into the ears. In the high sky of the autistic city, there were a dozen black spots almost at the same time standing upside down. Pulling the body down vertically, it fell rapidly toward the ground like a meteor!

     Sometimes a resource point like Autism City is not enough just to have strength, you have to be fast.Only those who land quickly can find the gun before others and survive.

     One time is life.

     In this harsh and fierce atmosphere of "Hundreds of horses competing for free, all kinds of frost and sky are free", there is a person who is like a war reporter in a state of being completely out of the picture.

     That person is surprisingly Liu Zilang.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     At that moment when Liu Zilang jumped off the plane, the whole person was like lying on a beach chair by the sea in a completely flat relaxed state.


     The next moment, when everyone is free to land on the beach,

     Liu Zilang didn't even know whether it was hand sliding or what's going on, so he opened a parachute at high altitude, and the parachute hung in the air.

     In an instant, the countless people who were looking forward to this wave of autistic city work with a common purpose off the field were all dumbfounded.

     "What the hell? Why did this guy open his umbrella?"

     "This is over. If he goes down so slowly, I'm sure everyone else has taken a gun."

     "Maybe someone will be targeted as a bird in mid-air. This guy really doesn't make trouble and feels uncomfortable."

     "Uh... Could it be the wrong hand sliding?"

     "Wrong press? Do you think he has pressed it wrong?"

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw that Liu Zilang's falling speed was getting slower and slower, from the first 100 Km/h to the middle 30 Km/h, and then to the last 12 Km/h.If the viewing angle of the director is slightly further extended, the scene where everyone sees Liu Zilang in the air is almost still, and the whole person seems to be floating there.

     This nonsensical picture immediately made the mouths of everyone off the court grow bigger and bigger, completely unable to make any sense of the matter.

     This guy...

     What the hell?


     In the game competition, Liu Zilang completely without this kind of consciousness.

     After being almost still in the air, the countless small black spots and the disputes that are about to begin under the place looks below all seem so small.

     There seemed to be a glimmer of epiphany in his heart, and he felt like an independent world, eclosing and immortal.

      In this brief moment, what fame or fortune is like a cloud in the sky.

     Floating clouds...

     It's all clouds.

     In the face shot of the contestant given on the big screen, he only squinted slightly, his face like a smile yet not a smile, as if he had already entered an unmotivated/unselfish "sage state".

     Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this!

     "Fuck, Vic's what is this ghost?"

     "How come I finished two games, this guy doesn't treat his opponent as a human being."

     "It's over, it's expanded! This ratio is really expanded."

     "Can't you go down? If you don't look for a gun anymore, is he going to hold his fist and throw someone in a while?"

     "Take a fist? It's estimated that when the people in Autism City finish hitting him and see him flying in the sky, they will strike him as a bird.

     "Wait, Vic moved! He seems to have moved!"

     "..."Someone called out in alarm off the court, and others also discovered anomalies.

     In the picture, I saw Liu Zilang, who was originally unmotivated/unselfish hanging in the sky like a bright moon, suddenly moved!

     Floating in a certain direction at a height of 10,000 meters.

      At the same time, there was a roar of airplane engines in everyone's ears!

     At this time, everything about the guide camera lens, what caught everyone's eyes was an airplane coming from the south-east direction of the map.

     And Liu Zilang, who was hanging on the parachute, was floating in the same direction as the plane came.

     That was the first airdrop of the game!

     Is not it!

     When everyone saw this, they couldn't help but "ge-deng", as if suddenly realized something inconceivable, they stared at the game scene unconsciously with wide eyes.

     "Vic this guy... this guy..."

     On the commentary stage in Huaxia District, Lord Rong dumbstruck said with some incoherent speech, "Does this guy want to drop by air?"


     Xiaoxiao takes a deep breath.

     "My bud! It doesn't cost a penny for equipment to start an airdrop box. Is there such an operation?"

     Sika stared at the game without blinking, and murmured, "It seems...that there is such an operation..."

     The plane coming from the sea level cut through the clouds and flew slowly and steadily above the rainforest map, giving people a sense of stability as a mountain.

     As an airdrop transport aircraft, it really does not need to worry about it.Even if some melon skins were often shot at it in the past, this level is only a tickling, and it is far from enough.

     But today is different!

     Today, one human appeared on top of it.

     A man with a parachute hanging on his body and stepping on it!

     Suddenly, this transport plane seemed to be kicked by someone's ass, and the whole body shivered!

     Then, a black spot appeared below.

      without a doubt!

     This is an airdrop!


     Someone's jaw fell to the ground.


     Someone dropped the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

     At this moment, the Mercedes-Benz Center of Nuo Da was pressed into silence, and fell into a dead silence!

     Everyone's eyes widened, and they stared blankly at the scene before them.

     Oh god!

     Is there such an operation?


     In the game, Liu Zilang hadn't noticed the shock of his wave of godlike operations on the people off the court, and even if he noticed that he would not pay attention to other people's ideas.

     After seeing the airdrop dropped below the plane, he couldn't help but chuckled, and then saw him quickly adjust his flight attitude like a predator who found prey in the air, chasing the airdrop and followed.

     Everyone was speechless to see this scene, but the other players on the field still didn't notice it.

     For example, Kim Doo-hwan from South Korea's SKT team.

     He chose the "Autistic City" for this game, and his purpose is self-evident.After finding the gun in Autistic City, he shrank in the corner and stared at the upper right of the screen, carefully distinguishing the surrounding gunshots.

     As time passed by, Jin Douhuan's brows became deeper and deeper.

     Because whether it was killed or killed at the top right of the screen, the familiar ID never appeared.

     Isn't the other party here?

     This doubt quickly became affirmation.

     Since the target is not there, Jin Douhuan naturally has no reason to continue spending here.

     Thinking of the airdrop that had just been dropped on the other side of the mountain, Jin Douhuan resolutely found an opportunity to slip out of the closed city, pass over mountains ridges through the Tropical Rain Forest, and fumbled in the direction of the airdrop.

     His eyes narrowed slightly, in the heart cannot help, thinking that it would be great if an AWM came...