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1225 A Drop Of Blood, A Gun! (Double Ticket At The End Of The Month)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     The commentator looked at the route of Karl and Rocky, and the three couldn't help but look at each other in dismay.

     "Captain Carl and Rocky, what does it mean?"

     "I thought they would fight as soon as Vic showed up. Both of them actually held back?"

     "Has one to say one, if you just hit it when you show it, it's okay if you can shoot it directly, otherwise vic must have shot it for one region/place.

     "That's true, so it seems, Captain Carl and Rocky should be trying to get closer and take away Vic directly with a death shot."

     "Tsk tusk, this is a bit cruel, is this a good discussion between the two?"

     "They are not in the same team, and they are strictly speaking opponents in the European and American divisions. Villains collude together is not good enough, but this tacit understanding is really a bit basic."

     "Vic is still stealing chickens, doesn't he change places?"

     "This guy seems to have tasted the sweetness. If the card team leader and Rocky get close at this time, the situation may be a little bit optimistic."


     The perspective of the commentator looking at OB is naturally deeply worried and sick at heart.

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang is both eyes shines, unaware of the coming danger.

     After one shot, he pulled the bolt to change the bullet and pushed a Magnum bullet into the chamber again.

     He squinted his eyes, looking down like a fox stealing a chicken.

     Here comes my brother!

     Suddenly Liu Zilang's eyes lit up, and the AWM in his hand as the arm moves the finger was thrown out. The moment he opened the mirror, he pulled the quasi-centre.Puff--!

      without omen ground!

     The screaming bullet tore through the helmet.

     Before Liu Zilang could react, he felt a flash of blood in front of his eyes, and a sudden violent shaking in his suddenly scarlet field of vision.

     Damn it!

     He was shocked!

     The person who stole the chicken was eventually stolen, and Liu Zilang obviously had this kind of consciousness long ago.

     At the moment of the attack, he didn't squat down immediately, but like a convulsion, QE shook his head suddenly.

     as expected.

     He only heard two "swishes" in his ear, as if something was holding death aura passing by his ear.

     "Ah! Rocky's three in a row is actually empty!"

     "My God! Vic's consciousness is invincible!"

     "Well, if he just squatted down or got down or walked, it would be too late, but he made the most effective dodge in the shortest time."

     "To be reasonable, Rocky is a little angry in this wave, and the target doesn't fall within a second without moving."

     "It's too much to say that vic is a non-moving target. Have you ever seen such a snake-skinned non-moving target?"


     During the game, Liu Zilang felt the death aura shocked by the gap, and he couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     When he had just been shot headshot, there was indeed that moment that he wanted to squat, but in a flash, there was a subconsciously voice telling him not to squat.

     Since the other side plot actively went to that place, thinking from others' point of view, if he was replaced by him, it would certainly not be so simple and easy to just shoot a headshot with a rifle in his hand. Mostly there are back players.has to say, Liu Zilang’s thinking from others’ point of view is very successful.

     Of course, thinking from others’ point of view each person will.

     But between Life and Death Instant,

     In that extreme time, using extreme sensibility and calmness to overcome panic and fearful thinking from others’ point of view is not what each person can do.

     It can even be said that few people can do it.

     Realizing this, many audiences off the field couldn't help but suck in a cold breath again, and even their eyes towards Liu Zilang changed slightly.

     This guy... is still human?

     the answer is negative!

     At this moment, Liu Zilang gave an affirmative answer as if he was self-certifying under the big-screen guide lens.

     I saw him avoiding Rocky's "three in a row" with an inconceivable reaction and no longer had the steady and calm just now.

     On the contrary, it became crazy snakeskin on the hillside like burning ass. This was obviously a normal "human" reaction.

     In fact, there is no way,

     It's not that Liu Zilang didn't want to shoot the AWM direct and straightforward backhand to kill the sneak attacker.

     The problem was that before he raised his gun, there was another SKS gunshot on the other side of the hillside.

     Even if the third-level head is resistant to beating.

     But also can't bear such a beating.

     One wave after another, Liu Zilang dared to fight back, so he could only hide behind a thicker tree.

     In the next instant, bullets screamed through the air and hit the trees in a blink of an eye.

     Seeing Liu Zilang being put behind a tree by Carl and Rcoky, the hard work of the bound hand and foot squeezed his body.It's rare that everyone on the field where he was so embarrassed could not help but laugh out after a moment.

     "Tsk tsk, Captain Carl has also extended a hand of justice."

     "LMAO, this story tells us, um, be a man."

     "So simple truth!!"

     "Hehe, just look at Xiaojin, that guy vic should never understand this truth."

     "If Captain Carl and Rocky can kill Vic here, it would be like Theshine, Ze Shao and Shroud should still have a chance. As for Satan..."

     "To be fair, Satan's ranking in the first game was not very good, but he scored a lot of kill points in the second game. This game is not without a sprint opportunity. Of course, Theshine was killed when they were killed. "

     "Well, so the Solo game is really different from the team game. Here you don't have any teammates. Each person except yourself is your enemy."

     "Hehe, of course, everyone may become your friend under certain special circumstances. Aren't Captain Carl and Rocky good brothers now."


     In fact, Captain Carl and Rcoky are not only good brothers, but also a pair of good brothers.

     Seeing Liu Zilang hiding behind the tree and not coming out, the grenade couldn't be thrown at this distance.

     The two did not need at all. Any exchange, soon one shot a gun and the other ran along the hillside to pull up the gun line.

     The gun is sniper Rocky.

     It was Captain Karl the assaulter who pulled the line.Obviously, even if they don't have any communication, they are very clear about their positioning and division of labor.

     "Crap! Vic can't move now. After Captain Carl pulls down the gun line, Vic will be unavoidable exposed to Captain Carl's gun."

     "It's really hard to fight. If he moves now, Rocky will definitely not let him go."

     "Well, the problem is that Captain Carl's actions are very concealed. Vic waited until he found out that he was attacked on both sides. Even if he could drop one in a second, he would not care about the second one.

     "It seems that this wave of Vic really has to be explained here."

     "After all, it's too greedy. If this guy enters the circle earlier, nothing will happen."

     "Yes, having said that, the Menhera sauce that was innocently backed up just now is saved."

     "Hehe, it really deserves to be a mascot."

     "It is estimated that the mascot is currently already sneaking away, and Vic has done a good thing before he died."


     The commentator on the stage was sighing with emotion, but Liu Zilang's situation became more and more precarious during the game.


     There was a sudden sound of gunfire in the ear.

     Liu Zilang, who had just hit one shivers with a first aid kit behind the tree, instantly realized what happened, and could not help but curse the enemy shamelessly.

     At this moment, he must show his position to Rocky to dodge, and if he doesn't dodge, he will have to give this wave of bullets to him.

      At the critical moment, Liu Zilang gritted his teeth suddenly, and he suddenly slammed out of his bloody body.

     do not care!

     Take one away if you die!in a flash, I saw the blood volume to drop a thousand zhang in one fall The grass-blue spear in Liu Zilang's hand slid out a round arc in the air!

     The muzzle suddenly burst into flames, and a sniper bullet burst out!


     As if thunderbolt rolled across the sky, the lightning hit the center of the earth.

     In the next instant, before Captain Carl had time to react, his head suddenly exploded like a smashed watermelon, and the scarlet juice sputtered everywhere.

     One shot into the soul!

     "Se7en2-Vic killed SKK-Karl with AWM headshot!"

     The next moment, under the director's lens.

     Liu Zilang's blood volume remained locked in a trace of red blood. At first glance, his blood volume almost seemed to be emptied, but he did not fall down.


     There was an inhalation sound from the audience!

     Wait... red blood? !

     Suddenly, everyone who was awakened from the shock realized that something was wrong. Didn't Rocky stand the man upright?

     The other party has just clearly appeared from behind the tree, how can it be survived?

     Didn't Rocky shoot?

     Or was it distracted at that moment and failed to seize the opportunity?

     When everyone was puzzled, a kill was swiped out at the top right of the screen.

     "Se7en2-Menhera used M416 to kill Gtiger-Rocky!"

     Seeing this kill, the surroundings of the stadium felt like a hurricane passed, and they fell into a strange silence for an instant.At the next moment, the camera of the director suddenly saw everything, but what jumped into everyone's eyes was a figure lying in the grass and touching the gun, and there seemed to be a slight burst of gun smoke from the muzzle.

     This person is impressively Misaka Kotomi.

     Not far in front, a figure slowly fell to the ground, and then rolled weakly along the hillside.

     Obviously, Rcoky was not distracted, but was a little too focused...


     . m.