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1226 The Loss Of Animality, The Return Of Humanity? (Two In One Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When a person concentrates on something, he may enter a state of detachment, forget the outside world and oneself.

     In fact, under normal circumstances, Rocky will not be like this when it comes to a gun.

     But it's different now.

     Not only was the opponent holding an AWM that was enough to kill him to the scum with carelessness in his hand, but also because he knew that the opponent was the man.

     The man whose ID is "Vic".

     Rocky can only and must be ready for twelve points.

     Then... he was stolen.

     As if the body was Instantly Consumes, the whole person fell feebly, rolling along the hillside.

     Rocky's angle of view was suddenly pulled into the air, and the screen changed from rainbow to black and white in a blink of an eye, staring blankly at the kill that rolled over on the screen.

     Menhera sauce?

     The previous pictures in his mind kept tumbling, Rocky gradually remembered who this ID was.

     in memory. She seems to be a cute girl with a bun face, always appearing around that man.

     A pair of big eyes flickered, like a gem cat, full of curiosity about everything around him.

     and many more!

     Didn't Theshine say that the girl is a mascot?

     That in other words...

     I was killed by a mascot?

     The moment he realized this, Rocky's face suddenly turned blue and purple, looking wonderful.

     Host the commentary stage.

     The three of Rongye also used for a good while to digest the not expected at the outset scene before them, and after a glance at each other, they became speechless.The live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms directly exploded, and countless barrage scrolling makes people too much for the eye to take in.

     "This... Menhera sauce raised her hand?"

     "Fogcao! The mentor and apprentice loves deeply! This is too timely!"

     "What kind of master-disciple love, it is obviously wet to abuse me thousands of times, I treat me as wet as first love!"

     "I'm just lemon, oooooo! Please stop talking!"

     "Crying! Please give me a beating disciples like this!"

     "By the way, Vic is not too brutal, didn't he come back to save Menhera sauce in the end?"

     "It seems so...this Nima, why am I more sour!"

     "It's like love!"

     "Love: Shut up, everything looks like me!"


     Behind the tree under the hillside, Liu Zilang killed Karl with a single shot. He already left the keyboard with both hands. He almost gave up the treatment and closed his eyes and waited to die.

     No matter how hard you struggle in this situation, it is futile.

     In the next moment, the sound of gunshots not far away and the killing at the top right of the screen made Liu Zilang startled slightly!

     After he saw it clearly, the corners of his mouth gradually opened, imagining Rocky's suffocation when he died, and finally let out a hearty sneer.

     Of course, smiling, Liu Zilang hurriedly found a place to get down and fight medicine.

     In case that little second guy came to feel the hand, and then use his master to try the gun, this seems to be also not at all impossible, Liu Zilang naturally wants to prevent troubles before the event.

     It turns out that Liu Zilang thinks too much.Misaka Kotomi took advantage of the chaos to sneak out of the cabin and followed Rocky all the way to the present, and finally remembered Liu Zilang's teachings to get close to the ground and complete this wave of lore.

     After seeing that the other party's ID was Rocky, she suddenly opened her mouth slightly.

     Whether it is before or after the start of the world competition, the super dark horse team GTiger from Iceland is naturally no stranger to Misaka Kotomi, a member of Se7en2.

     No stranger to the rumored sniper Rocky who does not lose "True Eye of the Evil King" Satan.

     But that's it a player...

     Was he killed by himself?

     In a moment, Misaka Kotomi subconsciously made a formula conversion in his somewhat dazed little head.

     Wo killed Rocky.

     Menhera sauce>Rocky.


     Satan≈Ze Shao

     Ze Shao is wet and wet, Ze Shao> wet!

     Menhera sauce>>Wet! ! !

      Thought until here, Misaka Kotomi's big eyes couldn't help but sparkle, and the round bun's face was beautiful.

     It seemed that the girl who had been growing up under the expectation of her old father suddenly made an achievement that even her father had not achieved, and her chest was suddenly filled with pride and pride.

     Of course, if Liu Zilang knew what she was thinking at the moment, I am afraid that she would be deeply impressed by the Logical Thinking of this mathematics genius, and then give her a hard hit.


     Host the commentary stage.Master Rong sighed and said with a wry smile, "This Captain Pokal and Rocky may have never been expected to be overshadowed by the two masters and apprentices Vic and Menhera, maybe they thought it was a good deal."

     "But we know that it is absolutely impossible. It was negotiated, otherwise Vic would not have stolen the little sheep from Menhera sauce and would blow up the remaining car."

     Sika continued with a smile, "This wave I can only say that Vic and Menhera sauce have a good understanding, and that Vic is really a bad person lasts for a thousand years, fated to escape death, otherwise Menhera sauce is early or It's late, Vic is getting cold all this time."

     "What do you say next? Vic has used his first aid kit to pull up his blood."

     Smiled and rubbed his chin, some hesitation said, "Are they going to be the master and apprentice next?"

     "Joining hands?" Rong Ye suddenly laughed when he heard this.

     He coughed dryly, holding back a smile and said, "I think it's better to hurry around this time for Menhera sauce from the lessons of history. It is better to stay away from her master.

     "What? Will Vic bite the hand that feeds one?" Sika turned her head, looking at Lord Rong somewhat uncertain.

     "It's not that serious, bite the hand that feeds one is not enough." Rong Ye shook his head hesitated for a moment, and continued, "But in Vic's words, he might choose to overdo the other party and send others off stage to rest."

     Sika choked, a little speechless, "Super? Uh...Isn't this bite the hand that feeds one?"

     "Sure enough, it is a Huaxia First animal!"

     Xiaoxiao also let out a sigh of emotion, "Then Menhera sauce is best to go fast."After speaking, he couldn't help but froze after looking at the game screen, rubbing his nose and smiling bitterly:

     "Uh...it seems that our Menhera sauce hasn't realized this yet."

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw a figure pouting his butt beside the box on the grass, squatting there licking the bag incomparably sweet, giving people a somewhat delicate feeling.

     Seeing this picture, everyone in the audience suddenly felt "ge-deng" and became anxious.

     "It's over! What a mess!"

     "Menhera sauce, run!"

     "Run! Your beast is coming!"


     At this time, the director's camera was given to Liu Zilang, and there was a sudden exclamation in the audience.

     Unsurprisingly, what jumped into everyone's eyes was a grass-blue spear, and Liu Zilang on the grass held up the AWM in his hand.

     "This guy is really not a human being!"

     "My silly Menhera sauce, Nicole has a snack!"

     "Why do you keep this kind of wetness? Betrayed the teacher!"



     The majestic gunfire suddenly sounded!

     Like the black clouds really dense in winter, a muffled thunder rolled in the sky, and the icy rain fell down, making everyone feel cold!

     That's it!

     The director's camera cut to Misaka Kotomi's side. Beyond expectation is that in the screen, she squatted on the head of Misaka Kotomi, who was licking her bag. It didn't explode any blood, but it looked like a frightened cat. Jumped up.

      what's going on?

     Is Vic emptied?When everyone saw this, their heads were dumbfounded, and the atmosphere on the scene suddenly solidified.

     At this time, Lord Rong complexion changed, it seemed that something suddenly came to mind.

     The next moment, a kill prompt floated quietly at the top right of the screen, and it appeared in front of everyone.

     "Se7en2-Vic used AWM to headshot SKT-Benz!"


     There was a sudden uproar off the court!

     At this time, the broadcast director on the big screen timely cut out the playback shot. In the screen, only a person standing on the hillside, holding a 98K in his hand.

     This person is Mercedes-Benz.

     The next moment, the director's camera is everything, giving Mercedes-Benz the first perspective.

     What catches everyone's eyes on the big screen is a quadruple-lens field of view, with a slightly undulating crosshair in the middle.

     In the middle of the crosshair is Misaka Kotomi who is pouting her butt and licking her bag on the grass!

     Seeing this, the heads of everyone off the court couldn't help but "buzz", as if they had grasped some key point.

     But the common sense of until now makes everyone somewhat unbelievable, as if they are facing a paradox that violates science.

     For example... Vic as a human...

     is it possible?

     If it is the past, then obviously you can directly deny it without even thinking about it.

     But immediately after the director replayed the expected scenes in the scenes, the audiences off the scene had their eyes widened, their faces were full of horror and hard to believe!

     This guy in front of me...

     It seems to be a person!

     Click!On the commentary stage, Rong Ye lifted his right hand and closed the jaw drop almost shockedly, turning the head and looks to a smile on the side.

     "Am I right? Vic saved Menhera's life again?"

     "It seems like this." Xiaoxiao Weiwei eyes narrowed, speaking slowly as if remembering, "It was Mercedes who was about to sneak attack on Menhera who was licking her bag, and then Vic killed Mercedes."


     After confirming this unacceptable fact, Sika took a deep breath deeply.

     He looked at Liu Zilang holding a grass-blue spear under the director's camera, and said gravely:

     "I think there is a problem! There must be a problem! It is definitely not just the loss of Vic's animality or the recovery of humanity."

     "Well, I agree with Brother Kazi." Xiaoxiao immediately raised his hand to second.


     For a while, everyone on the commentary stage was suspicious.


     Kotomi Misaka, who had just been rescued by Liu Zilang from the gun of Mercedes-Benz, was killed on the screen blankly.

     Suddenly Boundless Radiance appeared in those big shiny eyes, which seemed to be filled with countless little stars.

     Wet... saved the nest?

     If there is such a setting in reality, then Kotomi Misaka's value must be rising like sitting on a rocket?

     Even the ones that were "run to death" and "exploded to death" by Liu Zilang in the previous two games were brought back together.

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang ignored the bubbling stupid apprentice.After killing Brother Benz with a single shot, the corner of his mouth was slightly chuckled in his heart, as if he had thought of something very interesting.

      humming a little tune picking up the gun, he turned around and touched the little sheep that had just stopped in the distance.

     The poison circle has begun to shrink.

     He is about to get into the circle.

      dūn dūn dūn dūn Ton——!

     Liu Zilang jumped on the lamb and twisted the gas pedal. There was a roar of the engine from behind the car's butt.

     This sound pulled Kotomi Misaka back to reality from a certain fantasy after being “wet and cared”. She tilted the head and had a somewhat uncertain bun face.


     Why is this sound a bit familiar?

     The next moment, Liu Zilang riding a small sheep suddenly appeared in her field of vision, disappeared into the foot of the mountain in a hurry, and drove in the direction of the "self-closing city".

     Standing on the hillside, Kotomi Misaka dully looked at Liu Zilang's back, and suddenly reacted!


     Nest of beautiful sheep! ! !

     All of a sudden, her round bun face was like an inflatable ball, and it suddenly bulged.

     Hum hum!

     Someone becomes Jet Ji...


      At the same time, on the other side of the hillside, the two waves of people who came from Autistic City and Paradise Resort to encircle Liu Zilang, but were fighting halfway when they were chasing back. They were almost there now.

     From God's perspective, basically 7 to 8 parts removed out of 10, originally close to 20 people, now only five to six people are left.

     When the "population density" in the mountains and forests came, the war was immediately quelled.Of course, the most important thing is that the radiation grid behind it has been refreshed. If you continue to fight, you may have to baffling down in this poison.

     This is of course an undesirable result.

     So the remaining people crossed the top of the mountain again, and crossed the inland river to the southwest and touched the safe zone of the Yin Yang circle centered on the autistic city.

     On the hillside, Kotomi Misaka said panting with rage also found the figure around, and was shocked!

     She hurriedly squatted down and moved forward carefully and climbed into a bunch of bushes.

     It's all wet and dry!

     Regardless of the nest!

     What nest doesn't know at all duck!

     Misaka Kotomi whispering in her heart.

     At this time, she was somewhat uncertain to find that someone coming from the mountain had clearly found her trace, but did not come over to find out.

     It seemed to let her go easily.

     ? ? ?

     I said earlier that Kotomi Misaka is thick-skinned, but not really stupid.

     Lying in the bushes, she carefully glanced around, turning around in her mind, and quickly reacted.

     Obviously, these people didn't come for her, and they didn't know that she and Liu Zilang villains collude together just now.

     And the one who saw her unconsciously just now seemed to regard her as a "reunion" ally.

     It is not surprising to think about it.

     Just now, there was a pot of porridge over the mountain. Except for the Mercedes-Benz who heard the gunshots, who also cares about whether there are people villains collude together here, let alone whether Misaka Kotomi is the enemy or friend.Thinking of this, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help but chuckled secretly, glanced at the radiating grid that was slowly contracting behind him, and got up from the ground numbly.

     Next, she first looked around cautiously, and found that no one was staring at her, and then she sighed for a long time, patted her chest to relax, and then trot with her gun and followed everyone in the mountains. Up.

     At that time, the appearance of stick one's head out and look around, it looked alive like a husky mixed with wolves...

     Everyone off the court saw this scene suddenly became a little speechless.

     The director's camera suddenly saw everything, but what jumped into everyone's eyes was a tall building in the autistic city.

     Of course, this is not the point.

     The point is that there is a man on the top of the building staring into the distance, the flower lining under the collar seems to be hunting in the wind...


     . m.
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