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1229 After My Flowers Bloom, A Hundred Flowers Kill! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In this situation of porridge, although AWM's gunshots stand out from the masses, in fact it is not as obvious as imagined.

     Imagine you are surrounded by powerful enemies with a high concentration of energy, how can it be and have time to take care of others?

     Of course, this is also the scoring situation.

     For example, the Fulian side is in conflict, and now there is a purple sweet potato essence who wants to destroy the universe.

     These brothers can't bear it! That is, no matter how busy you are, you have to come over and beat him quickly.

     This is the case with Liu Zilang.

     Before firing this shot, he actually hesitated inside.

     After experiencing that wave of field battles on the northern mountain, he already knew that he was almost a "humanoid wild boss" in the eyes of everyone, and each person wanted to hammer him.

     This made Liu Zilang very angry at one time, but at the same time he had no alternative.

     At this time, holding the Xeon Sniper AWM, Liu Zilang hid in the window on the third floor of the building in the middle of the autistic city for a long time and hesitated for a long time.

     Finally, when the gunfire was at its peak, one shot out without holding it!

     He originally thought he should be serene after this shot, what should everyone on the court do.

     As a result, I didn't expect that the gunfire around the entire autistic city was suddenly quiet.

     It's like you suffocated a stuffy fart in a crowded elevator. The next second, everyone in the elevator looked at you quietly.

      At this moment, the air is not only a bit embarrassing.

     There are also some dangers.

     Liu Zilang sensed this danger.After a shot, he suddenly squeezed somewhere, and hurriedly retracted behind the window.


     Liu Zilang let out a long sigh of relief, but his teeth tickled with anger. These people are all monsters, right?

     He felt that he was not playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but Resident Evil, and he didn't dare to make any movement when he shot.

     With his back against the window, Liu Zilang pondered again. He felt that he had just gotten back in time, and the people around him probably didn't see him, and he felt a little more settled.

     In fact, Liu Zilang guessed only part of it.

     The sound of gunshots was like a tidal wave, and a big wave suddenly appeared in the tide, although it was eye-catching.

     But after the wave, most people did feel at a loss.

     They knew that Vic was nearby, and they knew that the gunfire came from inside the autistic city, but they didn't know the exact location of Liu Zilang.

     Of course, this is not all.

     You look at the scenery upstairs,

     People watching the scenery are watching you on the ground.

     With such a huge flow of people, there are always some players in Autistic City who happen to be near the building where Liu Zilang is.

     Just when Liu Zilang shot, he not only heard the gunshots, but also accurately judged his location.

     Ding Ding Ding—!

      without omen ground!

     Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps outside the building.

     Liu Zilang, whose back was against the wall corner of the mouth twitch, gritted his teeth immediately, with a fierce light in his eyes.

     Want to fuck me, right?

     Then I have to ask about the gun in my hand first.On the big screen on the stage, the footage of the director was quickly given to the uninvited guests in the building where Liu Zilang was.

     "Come and see, who is our first warrior?"

     "Oh! It's Crazy from the Japanese SST team. He is really a crazy player!"

     "Yes, it's not enough to challenge Vic in this situation just by reason."

     "Speaking of which, I think one person may not be enough to see, why not come together?"

     "Go up together? The space in the building is so small, don't talk about playing Vic when you go in, I guess you have to fight first."

     At this moment, Xiaoxiao turned his head and glanced at the big screen, and suddenly let out an uncontrollable exclamation!

     "Wait! Crazy not the same person! He is not the same person!"

     On the big screen, the director's lens is everything in time.

     Beside the root of the wall outside, a man squatting and walking quietly jumped into everyone's eyes.

     "Oh! It's Li Kui's Sco!"

     "It seems that Sco was also nearby just now and happened to hear Vic's gunshots."

     "Then why didn't he follow in. If there are only two people, there shouldn't be a fight, but the odds of killing Vic are much better."

     "Sco's position... isn't he waiting for Vic to jump down?"


     Seeing the sudden appearance of Sco, the commentaries on the stage could not help being frowned.

     Suddenly, the director switched the camera again and gave a God's perspective of the whole building.

     Salsa—!Crazy, who had previously stepped in through the window, moved slowly. His hands had been cut from SCAR-L to S1897. Sitting in front of the computer, he unconsciously accelerated the shaking of his legs.

     In a state of high tension, each person has its own subconscious habits.

     Shaking legs is Crazy's habit.

     It also means that he has entered the state, his hands have begun to heat up.


     Crazy squinted his eyes, and some images flashed through his mind uncontrollably.

     He used to be a substitute for SST, and he didn't have the opportunity to play. If this happens, he will inevitably feel a little depressed.

     If you change to another player who can’t play for a long time, you won’t stay here, and you have your own place to stay. You may leave the team early and change to another team.

     Crazy didn't, he persisted.

     And the reason why I was able to persevere, one unknown reason is that cute girl in the team.

     From the first glance he saw her, he felt that it was a light, illuminating his bleak life and career dreams.

     Crazy is willing to make such persistence.

     He firmly believes that he can become a starting team one day and fight side by side with the light in his life.

     Correct! That's right!

     Just as he firmly believed in his own strength.

     But the reality is cruel and full of faint ridicule.

     Crazy in the end still started from the bench, but the light also came to China from the island country.

     Everything... is because of the man in front of you!

      Thought until here, the frequency of leg shaking under Crazy table is getting faster and faster.At the same time, the director cut out shots of both players at the bottom of the screen before the wave of attacking the building began.

     Seeing Liu Zilang's painful face, the water friends in the domestic live broadcast couldn't help but laughed, and the barrage appeared on the barrage, such as "it should be" and "comfortable".

     But when he saw Crazy's right hand being blocked and his body constantly shaking, the water friends in the live broadcast room and countless audiences off the field were stunned on the spot!

     "What the hell is this...?"

     "Rushing? Is the Neon player so exciting?"

     "Is it the first to come to sacrifice to the sky? Tortoise, I am Buddha!"

     "I think I want to enter the Sage Mode of Heart of Tranquil Water. Vic is in danger!"


     In fact, looking from the front, Crazy, with a slightly condensed complexion, is still very calm at this time.

     It is a pity that he is facing the audience sideways.

     As a result, everyone’s eyes became wider and wider, and their mouths opened wider and wider...until the sudden sound of gunfire came!


     Bang bang bang —!

     The bullets carried death aura and scattered like stars in the corridor.

     Down the corridor and on the corridor, the two people's forms are also flickering in an instant at a speed that is difficult for the naked eye to capture.

     "Oh! Vic and Crazy have played too fast!"

     "Yes, I almost thought I was dazzled."

     "Vic just used the SLR gun and Crazy's spray, this guy's heart is really big."

     "Fortunately, this guy flashes fast, otherwise this wave will be cold.""Speaking of which, the Japanese player's flashing method is okay. Vic's SLR didn't hit him with a single shot."

     "Well, speaking of Vic has suffered from this wave of fighting against Vic, he was hit by a shotgun half of his body, and he lost more than half of his health."

     "There is no way, after all, Crazy is holding a sprayer. It's a matter of making a face. Vic's SLR needs a single point. No matter how fast his hand is, he can't keep up with the sprayer."

     "That's pretty thrilling when you think about it. It's pretty good to be able to retract this wave."


     When everyone off the court was amazed, Liu Zilang behind the corner on the corridor also took a deep breath, secretly said in heart is dangerous.

     He just wanted to take a sniper against the person downstairs, but he didn't expect that the other person was holding a spray.



     The footsteps of the corridor suddenly rushed, and Liu Zilang couldn't help but sighed saying when he heard it.

     Then there is no way!

     With a wave of his right arm, the grass-blue spear behind his back appeared in his hand, and his eyes condensed slightly at this moment!

     "Oh my God! Vic pulled out AWM!"

     "This guy is too confident!"

     "Well, once he missed a miss or missed a headshot, even if it was a step slower to aim for a headshot, he would get cold!"

     "Hey, wait, Sco outside the corridor has a preheating grenade in his hand. Doesn't he want to go in and just use the thunder to harvest!"

     "Possibly, Sco should have heard the positions of the two in the building. The timing is also well grasped. It perfectly captures the time when the two have no time to hedge against distractions.""But he doesn't have a window at this angle, how can I throw it in?"


     On the stage, Lord Rong and Sika, you said a lot and spoke a lot of words very fast, but the smile that made the two of them quieted down instantly, a little dumbfounded.

     Yes indeed!

     What if there is no window?

     You can't just throw the fried beef outside the mountain, right?


     Suddenly, Lord Rong eyes shined and slapped Sika on the thigh beside him.

     "Who said there is no window!" He raised his index finger and pointed upward, "Isn't there a skylight?"



     Before Lord Rong’s words fell, two gunshots suddenly started in the corridor, which shook everyone one shivers, and quickly cast their eyes on the big screen again!

     In the director's God's perspective, Liu Zilang fell to the ground, and the muzzle of the AWM in his hand seemed to have a plume of smoke.

     In the corridor in front of him, a helmet on his body and head was cracked, and countless fragments flew in the air!

     A huge blood hole appeared in his head, and his body fell backwards weakly, and immediately rolled down the corridor!

     "Se7en2-Vic killed SST-Crazy with AWM headshot!"

     Seeing this kill, the commentary stage fell silent for a while, and Lord Rong opened his mouth slightly, turning his head to look at Sika aside stiffly.

     "It's done?!"


     Sika swallowed hard and nodded.

     "It seems... it became..."

     "......"When everyone was shocked and speechless, the smile on the side suddenly one shivers, remembering something, instantly screamed, "Wait, that thunder..."

     That thunder?

     In the next second, countless spectators in the audience couldn't help but shook their spirits!