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1231 The Ultimate "four Guarantees One"?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At this moment, the psychology of the audience in the audience is a bit like the complex emotions of many people towards their alma mater

     You can bury it as you scold, but outsiders will feel unhappy when they come up.

     "Madan! These foreigners are doing things!"

     "What about the referee? Isn't Nima forming a team illegally?"

     "Shady! There must be shady!"

     "It's reasonable to think that Vic is not a human being, so doing it like this is too much."

     "Report and go! Report and go!"

     "Hapi, you have a trick to report in the live broadcast room. Believe it or not for you in the live broadcast room?"


     For a time, although the viewers in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms were dissatisfied, they felt a little "incompetent and furious."

     After all, the game is far away in Berlin, so if you want to learn 60E to throw a mineral water bottle, it won’t work!

     During the game, Liu Zilang was a little dumbfounded as he listened to the increasingly dense footsteps around him.

     This Nima...

      that many people don't fight?

     At this time, he regretted that the box he had just licked had not been transferred in time.

     At this moment, there are people everywhere, don't tell him to go out, he jumped out of the window, he might have to be beaten into a sieve before landing.

     How can it be repaired!

     Liu Zilang gritted his teeth, glanced fiercely at the house, and his whole body exuded a strong breath.

     That's right!

     He finds a place to hide AWM.

     Hemp egg!

     Labor rather die than submit!

     Even if you get my people, you will never want to get my gun!Under the scenes of the players cut by the director, the audience off the court saw Liu Zilang's brave and fearless face, and they could not help but clenched their palms.

     In the next second, complexion turned black on everyone's faces, and countless black lines appeared!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     Seeing Liu Zilang suddenly squatted to the corner, he unloaded his AWM with his backhand, and staggered and hid the gun in a crack somewhere in the corner.

     "This...this Nima is too cheap!"

     "I'm hot! He really is a man who won't make others comfortable."

     "This group of foreigners is really too much. They actually forced Vic to be at an impasse."

     "Protest! Labor and management are going to protest this time!"

     In this situation, everyone on the court gradually turned from protest to anger!


     Suddenly, there was a crisp sniper rifle on the field, as if lightning pierced the darkness, and instantly illuminated the night sky!

     Not far from the building in the middle of the autistic city, a figure was holding a gun stick one's head out and look around and staring at the building, but a striking blood mist burst out of his head without omen.

     When everyone saw this, they couldn't help being taken aback!


     In the next moment, a kill flashed out on the upper right of the screen.

     "Se7en2-Wolves used Kar98K to kill MITH-Tanx with a headshot!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising kill, the noisy voices suddenly stopped!

     Everyone was stunned!

     "Ze...Ze Shao?"

     "What the hell? Ze Shao is here to save Vic?"

     "Wow! Sure enough, the mentor and apprentice loves you!""Ze Shao: My people, no one is allowed to move!"

     "Turtle tortoise, are you starting?"


      Caught off guard, just when countless female fans are somewhat agitated and inexplicably unable to close their legs.

     Suddenly, from several different directions in Autistic City, there was a shot of up here, down there again!

     The situation was like when the reunion army assembled to do the "Purple Potato Essence", the captain turned back, and the iron man turned back... the friends all turned up Nima!

     "What's the situation?" On the commentary stage, Lord Rong was suddenly dumbfounded.

     Sika stared tightly at the upper right of the screen. The next moment, his eyes widened suddenly, and his face was shocked and said, "Oh my God! It was Qiu Shen who shot just now!"

     "Wait, it's not just Autumn God, but Sloth."

     Two kills suddenly appeared on the screen, and everyone was stunned when they saw it.

     At this time, the shot of the director is everything.

     Da Da Da—!

     The gunfire was connected in a line, and it sounded extremely dense.

     I saw a figure hiding in a bunker cow, holding an M4 in his hand and shooting frantically.

     "Oh! It's Menhera sauce!"

      has to say, although Kotomi Misaka's blast did not kill people, but the momentum of howling wind and torrential rain also beat everyone who wanted to engage in Liu Zilang chickens flying and dogs jumping.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang surrounded by everyone is like Zhou Xingxing in "Kung Fu Football".

     He closed his eyes slightly, listened to the sound of the wind, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly unconsciously.


     Are all back!The AWM that was stuffed into the gap in the corner suddenly disappeared and appeared again in his hand the next moment.

     This scene is like Zilong, who has been removed from his armour and returned to the field, once again picked up the spear, and it was like another stick that stirred the world in the hands of a monkey under Wuzhi Mountain!

     That man...

     He is back too!

     This scene happened to be captured by the director's camera, and all the audience watched in a moment, and the countless viewers on the official domestic event live broadcast platform were instantly boiling!

     "Wow! Se7en7 is going to do something!"

     "Turtle, do you play five rows in singles?"

     "Yeah! Let these foreigners form a team illegally, that's it!"

     "Puff haha, precisely precisely, compared to shame, we have Vic and Qiu Shen in Sai Wenqi, but I have never been afraid of anyone!"


     Compared with the excitement of the audience and friends, the commentary on the stage is obviously more calm.

     Rong Ye looked at the game screen on the big screen, but he couldn't help but takes a deep breath, "Ze Shao and the others are going to lift Vic a hand."

     "Tsk tusk! This is the return good for evil." Sika heard that he couldn't help but laughed, "Speaking of the first two games Vic did not miss Keng Ze Shao and Qiu Shen."

     "What do you mean by no less pit?" The smile on the side immediately murmured, "I remember correctly, he killed it."

     Hearing this, everyone was a little speechless.

     Others this is not Li Muqiu and the others are magnanimous and broad-minded. Li Muqiu was killed by Liu Zilang twice, and he almost wanted to beat him to death, but Li Muqiu still distinguished the main contradiction and the secondary contradiction.

      don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field.If you let Liu Zilang suffer this time, then maybe the honor of the strongest Soloking will be picked by others.

     Now that the other party doesn't follow the rules, they naturally don't mind giving Liu Zilang a hand. This is also the common psychology of Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang.

     Of course, with the exception of Kotomi Misaka, even if Liu Zilang cheated her a thousand times, he would probably run over to help, just like this.

     Er...Although it didn't kill people, it also played a role in restraining firepower.


     With Shen Zeyan's harassment from behind their ass, the pressure on Liu Zilang trapped in the middle was suddenly relieved!

     The most obvious change is that before he was behind the window upstairs, let alone fight back, he would be slapped by bullets from nowhere.

     But now, Liu Zilang, who picked up AWM again, came to the window again, his eyes condensed slightly, as if he had entered a certain hunting mode!


     . m.