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1233 Who Will Bring This General's Red Rabbit!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The shrinking of the drug circle and the attraction of Liu Zilang, the autistic city can be said to be fish and dragons mixed in together.

     In this case, when Liu Zilang rode a little pink sheep all the way out.

     Except for a limited number of "indigenous inhabitants" complexion changed in the autistic city, no one else noticed.

     As for Satan...

     This guy is a little unlucky.

     In the toilet of one building, Li Muqiu was holding a thunder and pressed in. Although he succeeded in killing Li Muqiu, he himself was hard to believe, his eyes widened and he was suffocated by a thunder in the toilet.

      In comparison, Theshine is a little better.

     He was shot in the back of the head by Shen Zeyan when he was against Gao Yunyang, which is equivalent to being killed by Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang in partnership.

     Uh... it doesn't sound much better.

     In any case, with the two "small score tyrants" Satan and Theshine being killed by Se7en, there is currently only one Shroud with the highest points in the first two games except Liu Zilang.

     However, although Shroud's score is not low, it is insufficient to look in front of Liu Zilang.

     And even Shroud didn't have enough to watch, and the other players who were 50 outside the first two games need not be mentioned.

     In fact, at this time, the rest of the players on the field rarely care about everything.

     Just as the commentary just said.

     Killing Vic is not a loss!

     Therefore, when a small number of people chased out of Autism City with the little sheep, the rest of the people in Autism City reacted, immediately holding guns and chasing them with red eyes.As a result, among the grass and woods in the south of the Autistic City, Liu Zilang in front rode a little sheep, followed by a lot of chasers with long guns and short cannons.

     Countless bullets carried the ear-piercing sound of the air, like a downpour from the rear, making people tremble unconsciously.

     This is much more exciting than when Zhao Zilong was chased by Cao Cao's army, at least Cao Cao's army did not have such a firearm.

     "Go up, go up, now everyone is up."

     "Hehe, it's all this time, and you won't be able to go on without it. What does it mean?"

     "Then this wave will depend on whether Vic can make a miracle once again."

     "Well, Ze Shao and Qiu Shen are both cold, and there is no cover in the wild. I think it's a little bit hanging."


      At this moment, although Liu Zilang's situation is very critical, the three people on the stage talk and laugh cheerfully, completely without the worry.


     Se7en just engaged in such a non-discriminatory offense, resulting in a large reduction in the field, which is tantamount to invisibly pushing Liu Zilang's ranking up.

     At this time, today's "strongest soloking" is equivalent to being given by him, so I am worried about a hammer!

     Not only the commentary on stage.

     The viewers in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms saw Liu Zilang being chased by chickens flying and dogs jumping, but their anger just disappeared at this time. The happy laughter and cheerful voices on the barrage were filled with cheerful air."Huh? Don't Vic turn? I'm going to rush into the river any more!" At this moment, Lord Rong on the stage suddenly called out in alarm, with a somewhat uncertain tone.

     Sika and Xiaoxiao were also taken aback when they heard that.

     Sika raised her hand and rubbed her chin, looking at the game screen somewhat suspicious in her eyes, "Could it be that Vic can't stand it anymore and wants to abandon the car and go down the river?"

     "Well, it's possible."

     Xiaoxiao nodded, but somewhat worried, "But this is only a plan of convenience. Now it's easy for him to get off the river, but it's harder to think about it later."

     "Well, that's the truth." Rong Ye also said, "If Vic gets down the river and fails to get ashore in time, maybe he will be hit by someone else in the water, then he will be too late to come up again."

     "It's true." Sika also nodded, turning around and looking at the big screen, and suddenly said in surprise, "Hey wait, there seems to be someone across the river!"

      At the same time, everyone in the audience also found something wrong.

     "It's SKT's Ted! He seems to know that Little Sheep said that it was Vic, and he came for Vic!"

     "It's over! Then Vic has a wolf before and a tiger, if he gets into the water, don't even think about going ashore."

     "I'm a ghost! Think about waiting for that many people to push Vic this dog thing in the water wheel, showing up is a shot, showing up is a shot, tusk! That's so sour!"

     "Puff haha! Suddenly a little excitement after thinking about this is what's going on."

     "Wow! You are all perverts! Why don't you just wait for him to show up?"

     "It makes sense to me!"


     ......This guy is finally going to be overrun!

     It's so comfortable!

     With the big orange already set, seeing that Liu Zilang, an improper guy, was about to be taken, everyone couldn't help showing their perfectly contented expressions when they saw uphold virtue and condemn evil.

      dūn dūn dūn dūn Ton——!

     The little lamb's exhaust pipe was spraying black smoke and let out a noisy and harsh roar.

     In front is the inland river that runs through the entire Tropical Rain Forest. The river is swift and rushing.

     Liu Zilang's little sheep, however, drove straight towards the river ahead without any reduction in speed.

     "It seems that Vic is really going down the river. He probably wants to swim there directly."

     "This guy might still do not know that someone is lying in ambush across the river, otherwise he wouldn't be so reckless."

     "It's really not easy to find, Ted is lying in the bushes to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, it's sinister."

     Seeing this, the commentators on the stage could not help shaking their heads.

     Unexpectedly, at this time, Lord Rong raised the head to look at the big screen, and suddenly he was surprised, "Huh? Wait! What is?"

     That is a stone.


     That is a rock by the river.

     In the next moment, under everyone's shocked gaze, Liu Zilang riding a little sheep rushed up to the stone. That cute pink little sheep was soaring high into the air like Flood Dragon leaves the Sea!


     There was a what thing passed over the inland river and hit the grass on the other side of the river with a "bang".

     All of a sudden!

     Countless people off the court were suddenly in an uproar!"This... this is the cute little pink sheep?"

     "It's not right! This Nima is a red rabbit horse, right?"

     "Fuck! Wait, if you have something to say, who first tell me what's under Vic's wheel?"

     "Huh? Under what wheels?"


     Just when there were still people who were puzzled off the court, the director's camera suddenly everything.

     In the big screen picture, I saw Liu Zilang's little sheep under the pedal between the front and rear wheels, and a body was lying on the ground and twitching frantically. It seemed that he was walking uneasy.

     The next moment, a kill was swiped at the top right of the screen.

     "Se7en2-Vic drove SKT-Ted to death!"

     Kill that moment, and there was a dead silence in the Mercedes-Benz Center Arena of Novosibirsk!

     Everyone's eyes widened, and they stared at the big screen inconceivablely.

     SKT, this is... the full gold player?


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