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1234 The Great Wall Of Despair, The Winter Is Here! (Top) Two In One
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing Ted twitching under the crotch of the little sheep, that thought naturally emerged in everyone's mind.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who rushed across the river, turned his head, he was trembling in his heart.

     Lord can fly!

     As a result, looking at the kill at the top right of the screen and the corpse at the bottom, the corner of his eyes twitched.

     What is this big brother doing in the grass all right?

     He certainly didn't know that the other party simply wanted to fuck him.

      shook the head, Liu Zilang glanced at the shrunken poison circle around the map, and then at the opposite side of the river, following the dumbfounded people after chasing him, chuckled in his heart.


     The next moment, I saw him riding the lamb and moving forward a little bit.

      During this period, the corpse stuck under the pedal of the little sheep was dragged all the way to the ground and twitched constantly, looking a bit miserable.

     "I'm not a person, I'm not a person, not even a dead body."

     "Vic, won't your conscience hurt?"

     "Vic: Not only won't, but also pretty good!"

     "Stop talking, you guys think too much, Vic said what is conscience, can you eat it?"

     "In this way, Teddy seems to be worse than Xiao Jin, and he was dragged to show the crowd when he died.

     "Teddy: Shit Liliang! Shit Liliang heard!"


     Chi Chi Chi Chi——!

     The audience off the court was teasing,

     At this time, Liu Zilang suddenly flicked his tail.

     The elegant arc that slides out on the grass suddenly makes the originally clumsy and simple little sheep feel like a dragon."Tsk tsk, Vic's imperial car skills are quite like Fujiwara Takumi."

     On the commentary stage, the host smiled and looked at the big screen, could not help but said with a smile teasingly.

     Rong Ye also smiled and said, "It's the first time I've seen anyone who can ride a little sheep out of this style."

     "Then the problem comes."

     Sika raised her hand and touched her chin, and said somewhat puzzled, "What does Vic want to do? Does he want to get stuck by the river?"

     "Uh..." Upon hearing Sika's words, Rongye and Xiaoxiao couldn't help but glance at each other.

     Master Rong groaned and looked at the game screen and said, "Don't tell me, with Vic's personality, there might be this kind of possibility."

     "The problem is that there is no shelter near the river."

     Smiled scratched the head, "Vic must be too far away to block people here. He won't be able to take care of him if there are too many people."

     "Yes, eh wait! What does Vic want to do?"

     Accompanied by the exclamation of Lord Rong, a burst of gunfire like strong wind and swift rain also reached everyone's ears, and there was also a burst of metal trembling of "ding ding dang dang"!

     what's the situation?

     Everyone looked at the big screen with some wonder, and they were startled.

     Under the camera of the broadcast director, Liu Zilang was holding his SLR and pointed at the little sheep that was parked horizontally in front of him. He shot at extremely fast speed!


     A small flame emerged from the little sheep's ass.

     In the next moment, the flames suddenly rose and turned into a brilliant flame!

      with a bang sound!The little pink lamb jumped in place after being blown up, and once again changed from a beautiful sheep to a boiling sheep.

     "Oh! No way?"

     "I understand, Vic wants to use a little sheep as a cover?"

     "Wow! This is a bit crazy, but it seems you can really try it."

     "And the distance is perfect, just avoiding the minefield across the river."

     "Yes, although there are bunkers that can block bullets, it won't matter if the distance is too close and thundered directly across the river. Vic is just the perfect distance."

     "That's what I said, but is this guy really opposite the person who can block the river from here?"


     Answer them,

     It's the powerful gunfire from AWM!


     The person who was chasing over from the other side of the river was still moving forward, and the whole person flew back all at once.

     In an instant, everyone's footsteps stopped, and they were somewhat flustered looking for shelter.

      This time, they realized that the other party was not a soft persimmon that was chased by them, but a severe floods and fierce beasts of AWM at one end!

     Among those people, Shourd frowned, immediately stretched out.

     No matter how fierce AWM is, the bullets are limited.

     If he remembers correctly. From the beginning of the game, I saw the screen on the top right of the screen,

     Although Shroud didn't remember how much the opponent had knocked out, he was sure that there was not much left.

     Right now the circle of yin and yang was brushing across the river. Although the second wave of poison was not as painful as expected, it is not a problem to always carry it in the poison.In the absence of a vehicle. It is not realistic to want to detour, this river Shroud they must cross.

     And not only Shourd had this idea, but everyone else had the same idea.

     After calming down, the remaining players on the northern side of the Inland River once again kept a safe distance from each other, and soon dashed into the river dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

     In fact, everyone across the river guessed that Liu Zilang's AWM had only three bullets left.

     To be precise, after removing the shot that was just shot, there are only two Magnum bullets left in Liu Zilang's gun.

     Fortunately, he was not prepared to hit people with AWM.

     Looking at the people who charged fierce and unafraid of death on the opposite side, Liu Zilang opened his backpack and glanced at the handy thrown in the man's bag that had just been crushed to death by the sheep.

     The corners of his mouth suddenly rose slightly.

     It's true that the person across the river can't throw him at this distance.

     This does not mean that he can't bomb others.

     As long as the opponent gets down the river, he will immediately enter his bombing range.

     "Huh? Vic put away AWM!"

     "What does this guy want to do? Why do I have a bad feeling."

     "Look at Vic's hands!"


      A snapping sound came.

     Your Thor membership has been renewed successfully!

     Liu Zilang's thunder was warmed up in his hand for a while, then he threw it obliquely forward.


     The grenade fell into the water and splashed a little bit of water, and the surface of the water rippled round after round, it looked like someone raised his hand and threw a stone into the water.A person in the water who was throwing his arms and kicking his legs was dumbfounded. He glanced at his side, and suddenly his whole body was not well.

     A loud sound, it seems that a torpedo exploded underwater, the person "swish" was blown out of the water before he could react, and fell into the water again, turning his belly like a dead fish.

     On the presiding commentary stage, Lord Rong was so blown that the corners of his eyes twitched, and he muttered, "This is really fried fish."

     "Oh! Vic cut the mine again!"

     "Damn it! Brothers in the water are going to hurry up. It's not enough to be bombed like this."

     Needless to say.

     With learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor, where are the people in the water wondering if they will be stabbed by the "superficial brothers" next to them after going ashore?

     In an instant, everyone blushed and swam desperately forward, as if a men's swimming competition was going on on the court.


     Another thunder was thrown into the water by Liu Zilang.

     With a loud sound, the water splash was blown up again and again.

     Shroud looked at the thunder that exploded not far behind his ass. The heart in his chest flew into the air like a roller coaster, and then fell heavily.


     so close!

      Shroud, who was mortal danger, escape alive, did not dare to delay, so he hurried to the shore, and everyone else around was the same.

     No one can guarantee that the beast on the other side of the river will hit his head next moment.


     Exploded?Liu Zilang, who was hiding behind the "Boiling Sheep", took a sneak peek and scratched his butt, but his face was not too many surprised or disappointed.

     He pondered, and put his backhand into the bag again.

     The next moment, he suddenly had an extra bottle in his hand.

     Of course not the soy sauce bottle.

     There is only one type of bottle in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and that is the Molotov cocktail.

     Liu Zilang who took out the bottle act without taking time to think raised his arm, and threw his backhand towards the river.

     "My heavenly grandfather, does Vic want to burn the Red Cliffs again?"

     "What a ruthless animal, it's not four people!"

     "Wait, how do I feel that this Molotov cocktail can't be thrown into the river?"


      bang sound!

     When the Molotov cocktail fell to the ground, the flames blazed along the river bank.

     Everyone was stunned when they saw this.

     The next moment, the audience off the court hadn't reacted yet, and Liu Zilang backhanded another Molotov cocktail.


     The Molotov cocktail drew an arc in the air and landed on the bank of the river again. The burning flame was immediately connected to the flame just now.

     Before everyone could react, Liu Zilang stretched out his hand, but for the third time, a Molotov cocktail appeared in his hand. He raised his hand and threw it toward the river.

      'Chī la' sounded!

     In just a blink of an eye, the three Molotov cocktails formed a line by the river, which reminded people of the Great Wall of the North that resisted night ghosts.

     The slight difference is that this is obviously a great wall of flames.

     It is not the night ghost who resists.But a group of water ghosts.

     Seeing this not expected at the outset scene, the corners of their eyes twitched slightly after the audience was dumbfounded.

     "My God! Is there such an operation?"

     "Now the poison from the back has come, and those who don't go ashore will have to eat poison."

     "You tell me how to get on? It has to be roasted into a roast chicken."

     "Speaking of which, I remember that Vic didn't search very much. Where did he get so many Molotov cocktails?"

     "It seems like this, and I didn't watch him lick a few bags."

     "Wait! It won't be..."

     Not far below the stage.

     Ted, who had just been eliminated from the field, looked up at the burning fiercely flame on the big screen, his face turned blue and red, and it seemed that he was very unhappy.

     It was originally a "present" he prepared for Liu Zilang, but he did not expect to be "presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers" by the other party. It is strange that anyone can feel comfortable!

     Kim Doo-hwan seemed to see the depression in Ted's heart, and couldn't help raising his hand to pat his shoulder.

     Ted turned his head and saw that the person comforting him was Kim Doo-hwan. The expression on his face couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

     And looking at the extremely determined expression in Jin Douhuan's eyes, the depression in his heart seemed to be relieved a lot in a moment.

     Yes indeed!

     It was only the first day of the game, and even the miserable brother Dou Huan survived.

     My little frustration...

     What is it?

      Thought until here, Ted suddenly looked up and raised the spirits again.Seeing this, Jin Douhuan glanced at him somewhat surprised and surprised.

     If he knows that Ted who is face glowing at this time is not because of the two shoulders he patted.

     Instead, I found comfort from him, I'm afraid I can kick him ten meters away!


     On the host commentary stage of Huaxia District,

     "Vic is really bad."

     Looking at the countless bewildered players in the river, Lord Rong couldn't help but said with a wry smile, "How did the guy come up with the operation of blocking the river bank with this Molotov cocktail?"

     Laughing also couldn't bear sighed, "The key is that his timing is too good. First throw thunder and fry the fish to scare people, catch the people in the river swarming ashore, and then use the Molotov cocktail to give Deadly Strike, my duck Oh! To be reasonable, if I were in the river, I would have begun to curse."

     Sika looked at the game screen, solemnly started to talk and analyzed, "Now there are people in the river who are eating poison. Winter is approaching, and the Molotov cocktail has blocked the nearest landing route. It is definitely not possible to rush into the river. All the people who want to go ashore have to swim some distance against drugs.

     "Wow! This is better than being burned by fire, but it's not much better."

     "Well, there is no way to fight medicine in the river. We assume that in the ideal situation, each person can find the landing point of each other's psychological safety line, and it is estimated that most likely are not in condition when they land."

     "You said it's the most ideal state, but I think it's impossible at all. I can already predict the second infighting in the next'reunion'.""Tsk tsk, Vic's hand is really ruthless! It just played everyone in!"


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