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1246 Suicide And Death?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The man who tried his best to encircle and suppress the man in the last game was actually killed by Molis at the start.

     For a moment, Molis in front of the screen felt that happiness had come too suddenly, and suddenly it even made him a little confused between reality and dream.

     Until he turned his head and saw Kanna Hashimoto's somewhat broken face.

     Molis couldn't help but think he was dazzled.

     The next moment, he suddenly "ge-deng" in his heart, and suddenly realized that something's wrong.

     At this time, Molis was a little dumbfounded when he was blown away by his thunder to make up for Hashimoto's kill.

     Feeling the murderous aura next to him, Molis with a numb scalp stammered:

     "Big... Big sister! I can explain!"

     "No need to explain!"

      "Ah!" Molis couldn't help but shudder.

     Hashimoto Kanna suddenly pointed out the criminal ringleader, main offender who was kneeling on the roof, Liu Zilang, his nostrils screamed towards the weather, "Within three seconds! Shark him!"

     Molis was stunned for two seconds, but he also reacted.

     Yes indeed! You must kill someone this time to vent your anger to Hashimoto!

     Looking at Liu Zilang, who was kneeling and crawling forward with his ass pouting, Molis couldn't help but smiled gloomily, and his heart surged with great pleasure again!

     At this moment, if Molis an opportunity again, he will probably throw the grenade without the slightest hesitation.

      not for anything else, how many people can sanction that animal in this game?


     I can!

     Molis raised his head!For this reason, Molis felt that he was worth it even if he was kicked to death by Hashimoto!

     That is now Final Fire.

     The corners of Molis's mouth raised slightly, and the 98K in his hand also raised.

     I will end the life of sin!

     Seeing the scene of a shooting in the execution ground, the audiences off the scene suddenly became slightly nervous, and stared at the scene of the game with their eyes unblinking holding the breath.

     "The scourge of Vic is finally getting cold!"


     "By the way, isn't Xiaotong sauce still there? Is there a chance to save it?"

     "Hehe, Xiaotongjiang is right, but Tongjiang is still busy picking up the tatters."

     "Oh! Spicy is really over."


     Just when everyone had begun to mourn for Liu Zilang, during the game, Molis pulled the trigger with his finger on the trigger!

     Everyone only heard the "bang" a snapping sound, and the fire flashed in the muzzle of 98K!

     A sniper bullet burst out of the gun, and the distance was suddenly shortened.


      The bullet of the Rapid Spin tore a first-stage head, and a bloody mist appeared on Liu Zilang's head instantly!

     The audience in the audience is all heart cooled!

     However, in the next second, everyone's eyes widened instantly, and their mouths opened slightly uncontrollably.

     In the picture, Liu Zilang, who was shot headshot, was not replaced, but continued to crawl forward with his ass pouting.

     All of a sudden, the barrage in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms burst!

     "Meow meow meow?"

     "What the hell? It's not dead?""I, Nima...this guy has grown up, right?"

     "Obviously I have a headshot."

     "That's not right, the blood spray just now looked like a fountain. Is this really fake?"

     "Fake? The bullet is also fake?"

     "So 98K is also fake?"

     "Fake your sister! Why don't you say that Molis is also fake."


     Everyone in the live broadcast room was frantically complaining, and at this moment, the director's camera suddenly changed everything.

     Everyone off the court was stunned when they saw the game. When they saw the game screen, they couldn't help but raised their heads and rubbed their eyes in surprise, their faces full of hard to believe.

     On the commentary stage, Tuantuan covered his face and exclaimed, "Tina! Molis' head... why is there an arrow?"

     is not it!

     Under the scene of the big screen director, I saw Molis, who was still lively dragon and animated tiger just now sprawled out on one's back, lying in the corridor, a crossbow arrow sank from the back of his head, it looked like a watermelon had been inserted. A chopstick.

     Everyone was somewhat dazed, and a kill prompt suddenly appeared on the screen.

     "Xiaotong sauce killed SST-Molis with a crossbow headshot!"

     Crossbow headshot?

     Xiaotong sauce?

     In an instant, everyone off the court was petrified!

     Obviously, the truth only has one.

     That is, the crossbow killed Molis with a headshot first, making the sniper bullet that Molis fired was judged as invalid damage.In fact, if you change to someone else, this scene is not incomprehensible, but putting the "crossbow headshot" and "Xiaotong sauce" together, everyone can't accept it.

     Somewhere in the front row of the auditorium.

     An audience widened his eyes in surprise and murmured in shock, "Is it a lie? Dizzy! I must be dazzled!"

     Unexpectedly, just after he finished speaking, the handsome uncle who had just fed him dog food suddenly turned his head, glanced at him deeply, and said meaningfully:

     "Young people, off the court is not a place outside the law, but you are responsible for speaking."

     Out of law?

     Be responsible for?

     The man's face was startled when he heard the words, but the corners of his eyes twitched.

     Hemp egg!

     Can't I complain about it?

     Who are you, uncle?

     At this time, the gentle-tempered woman next to her smiled and sneered at the handsome uncle: "They are all that old, and she scares other children."

     "Who makes him doubt my girl." Handsome uncle in the right and self-confident, "That's not good."

     The woman couldn't help but shook the head with a smile, as if somewhat grudgingly towards his childishness.

      At the same time, an affectionate "sour smell" also filled the surrounding air, filling the mouths of everyone around with dog food.

     But at this time, the people around did not care about swallowing the dog food. Instead, they were horrified and surprised, and their eyes widened in surprise, and their eyes floated towards the handsome uncle from time to time.

     What does it mean to be a girl? Means this old man very probably may be Xiaotongjiang's father!After being shocked, the man behind almost jumped up and knelt on a chair, loudly roared "Lord Father-in-Law is here, please be respected by my son-in-law!"


     They seem to have no chance.


     On the big screen of the game, after the director camera was pulled over, it quickly cut to the replay of the kill that was just missed.

     Everyone's attention was suddenly attracted, and they stared at the game screen with wide-open eyes.

     Under the playback camera.

     On the elevated Zhang Xiaotong picked up a crossbow from the spiral staircase on the east side, and quickly installed the quadruple mirror she had just picked up.

     Immediately afterwards, everyone watched Zhang Xiaotong spread the bow and put an arrow, opened the mirror and held their breath.

     The sight of the quadruple lens aimed at Molis's head with a tertiary head on the top of the C-shaped No. 2 building!

     "I'm going! Why doesn't Molis move?"

     "Uh... I feel a little excited that this guy may have just killed Vic."

     "What are you excited about! If you want to be excited, make up that guy and be excited again."

     "Tsk tusk, I finally knows how the villains on TV died."

     "My God! Don't move the target. You don't need to raise the gun when you hit high and low. No wonder Xiaotong hits his soul.


     The next picture is just like what everyone just saw.

     Molis just pulled the trigger.

     The head of the third-level head was penetrated from the back of the head by a sharp crossbow arrow.

     He leaned forward and fell heavily to the ground.On the commentary stage, Lord Rong couldn't help but shook the head. "This wave of Molis is a pity, one step, really one step away, he can get Vic for the first time in this world game."


     Haitao coughed dryly and said with a smile, "Well, but Xiaotongjiang crossbow is really life-saving. Vic will be cold if it gets a little late."


     At this moment, Tuantuan on the side suddenly shouted, "Vic hasn't been helped up yet, is there time for Xiaotongjiang?"

     Tuantuan's words immediately reminded the audience who were still immersed in Liu Zilang's inconceivable mortal danger, escape alive.

     After everyone reacted, they were stunned, and the atmosphere in the audience suddenly became tense again.

     Master Rong glanced at Liu Zilang's rescue blood bar, and couldn't help taking a deep breath.

     "No, Xiaotongjiang is still on the elevated road, this distance... I'm afraid some comes without enough time!"

     Before the clinker Rongye's words fell, a cry of exclamation suddenly came from off the court!

     Under the big screen guide lens, Zhang Xiaotong on the east side spiral ladder suddenly climbed the railing with both hands, and jumped directly from the elevated frame!