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1247 Feitian Xiaotong Sauce!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     High in the sky, a figure fell to the ground, like an egg hitting a pan.

     At this time, the director's shot gave a player shot.

     In the picture, Zhang Xiaotong's small face's expression is solemn, giving people a sense of perseverance for no reason.


     There was a sound of holds breath cold air from the audience.

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang is here to save Vic?"

     "Madan! I almost thought that Tongjiang was going with Vic."

     "Oh! It's so touching! Xiaotongjiang will be my sister!"

     "Brother stop talking, draw your sword."

     "Why can an improper guy like Vic have a good sister like Xiaotongjiang."

     "God has no eyes, but this distance seems to be it's a little too late."

     "If Vic is burping in front of Xiaotongjiang, he might be depressed to death."

     "Oh! Wait for the last second."


     Just when everyone spit out, the figure that landed on the ground made a "snorting"!

     Her blood volume has fallen to the bottom of the valley. She stood up on the ground with both hands. She didn't even hit a bandage, just like a gust of wind...

     Run towards the outside of the airport!


     Outside the airport?

     When everyone saw this, they were taken aback!

     "Wait! What happened? Xiaotong sauce slipped?"

     "Puff haha, Vic has been given up for treatment!"

     "Eh wait, Xiaotongjiang went to ride a motorcycle."

     "Could it be that..."

     Rumble--!The engine of the motorcycle roared suddenly, and a lot of smoke was emitted from the back of the exhaust pipe.

     Zhang Xiaotong rode a motorcycle, hula rushed in from outside the airport, and then rushed over quickly towards the C-shaped Building 3.

     "Look at it! I said there are motorcycles outside."

     In the team chat voice, Liu Zilang's voice was smug.

     Think about it, too, it is not easy for him to see the bicycle on the airport highway behind the elevated highway while watching Liulu while jumping into the K-shaped building.

     "Huh, I'm not saving you yet." Zhang Xiaotong wrinkled her little nose and pouted somewhat discontented.

     Liu Zilang immediately corrected his attitude and said, "Yes, that's right, Tongjiang is still awesome."

     Never wanted to be exaggerated suddenly, but Zhang Xiaotong was a little uncomfortable, she was small face blushed, she faltered twice, and suddenly turned her head, "Forget it...sensible, hum!"

     The corners of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched twice, considering that he had not been lifted up yet, so he could only continue to make two hehes.

     There may be some distance between the elevated and the C-shaped building with only one pair of legs. Zhang Xiaotong rode a motorcycle all the way and quickly came to the side ladder of the third building.

     She dropped her motorcycle and climbed up the stairs "driving".

     "Wow! It's all caught up."

     "Xiaotongjiang don't save him, let him leave this World."

     "Sacrifice him for the benefit of thousands of families!"

     "Tong Jiang, stop, that was a mistake!"


     When everyone shouted for a while, Zhang Xiaotong had already rushed to Liu Zilang.Right now Liu Zilang's rescue blood bar is not much left, and it is still passing by little by little.

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong's figure with a ponytail, he immediately a happy facial expression, like seeing a female bodhisattva who is helping people from suffering.

     But this female bodhisattva seemed a little weird. Facing Liu Zilang who was waiting for help, she by no means helped people immediately.

     Instead, he squatted down in front of Liu Zilang, and moved his legs around him like a duck.

     Liu Zilang: ...

     Are you doing this?

     He took a deep breath and just wanted to roar.

     As a result, I glanced unconsciously, only to find that my blood bar was almost empty, and I suddenly got stuck when I rushed to my throat, and my eyes went black for an instant!

     That's it!

     In the next second, Liu Zilang was shocked, and found that his blood was locked!

     He raised his head and looked forward, only to find that Zhang Xiaotong had turned in front of him again without knowing at what time, raised his little hand and slapped his forehead, still whispering in his mouth without knowing what spell he said.

     Liu Zilang clicked the corner of the mouth twitches, and several black lines appeared on his forehead, and he felt like he was broken by this little girl.

     In the next second, the anger in his heart instantly crushed his sanity, and Liu Zilang roared in anger:

     "Tina! Xiaotong, you are amazing!"

     "This wave is really timely, it is Powerpuff Girls, my savior duck!"

     If the audiences off the court heard these words of Liu Zilang, they would probably be shattered by this ethical guy, who would doubt life from then on.

     Zhang Xiaotong was not fooled.After supporting Liu Zilang, she immediately backed up two steps and stared at Liu Zilang warily with a crossbow.

     It seemed that as long as Liu Zilang had a slight tendency to retaliate, she would take force to suppress without the slightest hesitation, and the serious and nervous look on her small face immediately amused everyone off the court.

     "Puff haha, this can be said to be very real."

     "Plastic brothers and sisters are really hammered."

     "Xiaotong sauce is well done, we must be more vigilant for animals like Vic!"

     "By the way, if Xiaotongjiang shakes her hands, how is it?"

     "Uh... maybe there will be an extra chopstick of the same style as Molis on Vic's forehead..."


     After a first aid kit pulled up the blood volume, he looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was holding a crossbow facing him not far in front of him.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help twitching the corner of his eyes twice before pressing the thought of begin to stir.

     Forget it, the future is long.

     In the next moment, the dissatisfaction on Liu Zilang's face disappeared instantly, and a warm and welcoming smile appeared again. He smiled like a heart-warming big brother and said, "Xiaotongtong..."

     Zhang Xiaotong looked at Liu Zilang's appearance, and immediately subconsciously retreated several steps, through childhood. Every time Liu Zilang looked like this, there was nothing good, such as cheating her to go to the haunted house and the pocket money in the little white pig...

     Liu Zilang didn't notice anything, but still said with a smile gently on his face, "The quadruple mirror on your crossbow is pretty good..."

     As soon as Zhang Xiaotong heard this, he immediately turned around for three steps and two steps, and jumped directly from the top of the building.

     "..." Liu Zilang's eyes twitched wildly again.

     ...Next, the two developed at the airport.

     When they finished searching the airport and headed out, they all had Level 3 equipment, which just looked a little weird.

     Liu Zilang's left hand Mini14 and right hand SKS seemed to be fighting with Lian.

     Needless to say, Zhang Xiaotong's left-handed M4, what she loves most is this kind of strong stability, and can also hold the left button of the gun without letting go.

     However, what she offhanded equipment was not her usual favorite 98K, but a simple sniper.

     On the road outside the airport, Liu Zilang sitting in a jeep looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was running over with a crossbow on his back, his eyes twitched slightly.

     He knew that this little girl must have just headed Molis with a crossbow, so he used the crossbow as her newest weapon of faith.

     Of course, this is not important, what is important is that they are about to start running poison now.