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1248 The Ultimate Snakeskin Tyrannosaurus! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The two jumped to the airport in this game.

     However, the safe zone followed the evil principle of the vast majority of people and brushed it on the upper right of the northern land, almost centered on Y City, from the north to Guangmingding to the south to the air-raid shelter.

     For Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong in the airport, this is undoubtedly a circle of damnation.

     On the airport highway, Liu Zilang originally planned to let Zhang Xiaotong get on his jeep.

     Unexpectedly, Zhang Xiaotong seemed to be still wary of him. After standing in front of the jeep door for two or three seconds, he suddenly turned around and ran towards another small yellow car not far from the road.

     Looking at Zhang Xiaotong's back, Liu Zilang couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitches.

     Hemp egg!

     Am I so careful?


     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "We can see that Vic and Xiaotongjiang have finished cleaning the airport, and both of them are ready to run poison."

     "This circle is a bit far away, Vic and they are probably going to run a period of time."

     "Well, but the problem now is not running laps, but whether anyone is blocking the bridge."

     "I don't think the problem of blocking the bridge is too big. If Vic and the others can't make it, they still have time to find the boat."

     "There are not many people at the airport. It is easy to find a ship, but if you give up the vehicle and go ashore, it is still far from the safe zone."

     "That's true, I also think that if this is not the case is compelling, it is better not to give up the vehicle."

     Just as the commentator was analyzing the situation on the field, the director suddenly shot everything and gave it to the long bridge that connects the two sides of the strait to the east of Jedi Island.


     Da Da Da——!The fierce gunfire suddenly sounded.

     Behind the bunker opposite the east bridge.

     A two-person team holds an AK with one person and an M16 with the other. Two guns are blocked tightly at the bridge head position. They don't give others a chance. This team is from 4AM's Wei Shen and PDD.

     They played against a two-person team that had almost reached the bridge.

     Right now the two people's car had been blown up, and they were hiding behind the flaming waste car and shooting PDD and Wei Shen.

     Objectively speaking, the combination of Wei Shen and PDD in today's double-row charity exhibition match, compared with other double team professional players leading girls and leading stars, the strength of the two is relatively high.

     After getting out of the car, the double team actually played back and forth with them, and the strength is naturally not weak.

     These two are Shroud and Bieber of C9, one is the illustrious North American devil, and the other is a star who is good at singing and dancing Rap and Pubg.

     In addition to these two teams on the bridge, there is another team from South Korean duo Sppig and Baek Hyun from Port N.

     They have not yet intervened in the battle ahead, and are in a state of sitting on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.

     Seeing the three teams on the East Bridge, the commentary on the stage that was still being analyzed was also shocked!

     "Tsk tusk! Are those many people in Dongqiao here?"

     "Well, now Wei Shen and Shroud have just been on the scene, and the Korean Saozhu is a bit wretched. It seems that he wants to take Baek Hyun to pick up the bargain.

     "What do Vic and Xiaotongjiang say here? I think it's better for them to choose Xiqiao.""Although there are people blocking the West Bridge, there is currently only one team from Southeast Asia."

     "Well, but this is God's perspective. How to choose this wave depends on Vic."


     A roar of the vehicle's engine!

     The small yellow car and the jeep quickly left the road and climbed up the hillside north of the airport with a little effort.

     "Which way shall we go?" Zhang Xiaotong looked at Liu Zilang.

     "Come with me!"

     Liu Zilang greeted, turned the steering wheel to the right, and stepped on the accelerator.

     Zhang Xiaotong somewhat suspicious looked at Liu Zilang driving towards the east bridge, tilted the head, and still followed, but he said in confusion:

     "Why go there?"


     Liu Zilang faintly smiled, adding:

     "Man's intuition."

     Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback, curled his lips, "嘁!"

     No words all the way.

     When he arrived near the East Bridge, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched twice as he heard the sound of firecrackers on the other side of the bridge.


     Without turning his head, he sensed the two gazes beside him.

     Liu Zilang looked around and chuckled, "The scenery here in Dongqiao is pretty good."

     Zhang Xiaotong didn't pick up when he heard the words, just listened to ahem'ed.

     Liu Zilang coughed and said seriously, "But not a big problem, come with me."

     With that said, he drove his jeep towards the beach below the east bridge.

     Zhang Xiaotong glanced at Liu Zilang's direction, hesitated, and finally followed him in a small yellow car."Oh! Vic is going to find a boat to cross the sea with Xiaotong sauce."

     "Giving up on the bridge so soon? I don't feel a bit like Vic's style."

     "Maybe to take care of Xiaotongjiang's gaming experience, this game is more stable."

     "Well, it's possible."

     "The problem is that they give up their vehicles and can only run on their legs when they get ashore."

     "Yes, I remember that the fishing villages and farms around Dongqiao Qiaotou, including M City, which is a little further away, were all jumped. The surrounding vehicles should have been taken away by others. Vic and the others wanted to find a car when they came across so easy."

     "Yes, it can only be said that there are gains and losses."


     Chi Chi Chi Chi——!

     On the beach, Liu Zilang flicked the tail of his car, and the jeep's tires and grit rubbed harshly.

     After the brakes came to a stop, he quickly jumped out of the car and rushed over to the speedboat approaching over there.

     Still not forgetting to say to Zhang Xiaotong who jumped from the small yellow car behind, "Xiaotongtong help me set the gun."

     "Don't call me Xiaotongtong!" Zhang Xiaotong bulged, staring at Liu Zilang.

     However, she still drew out the crossbow behind her back and carefully aimed at the direction from the gunfire on the bridge.

     Liu Zilang turned his head and glanced when he got out of the sea, and a few black lines suddenly appeared on his forehead.

     This gun is almost equal to not being held!

     Forget it.

     Take it as comfort.

     Liu Zilang's five-character "You Can't See Me" chanting silently in his heart quickly swam to the speedboat.The people on the bridge may be fighting really fiercely. The two people watching the battle behind Sexypig and Baek Hyun are near the railing on the east side of the bridge, without a view of the sea.

     The sea under the bridge.

     Liu Zilang took a peek at the movement on the Huiqiao Bridge and found that it didn't look like someone was fishing.

     He flipped onto the boat quickly, and drove the speedboat away from the coastline.

     He was holding a crossbow behind and looking at Zhang Xiaotong on the bridge. He turned off the mirror and turned his head when he heard the voice. He suddenly became a little anxious and couldn't help yelling, "Wait for me! I haven't gotten aboard yet!"

     Liu Zilang ignored her and continued to drive away from the coastline.

     "Vic is leaving Xiaotong sauce?"

     "Wow, this ratio is too cruel!"

     "Puff haha, plastic brother and sister love in the same boat under wind and rain!"

     "Xiaotongjiang shoots him! Shoot him with your crossbow!"


     On the beach, Zhang Xiaotong, who was standing stupidly, was also very angry.

     She turned her head and looked at Liu Zilang sitting nearby fiercely, rubbing her little tiger's teeth creakingly, as if she wanted to rush to bite someone at any time.

      but at this moment, the sound on the sea changes suddenly!

     Liu Zilang drove the speedboat with a 180-degree tail flick, and immediately dragged Bai Lian a long on the sea back along the road, rushing back toward the coast.


     You are sensible.

     Zhang Xiaotong's heart was lightly snorted, but her eyes widened suddenly and her small face was full of snorted!

     Liu Zilang actually drove the speedboat to the beach without reducing the speed!

     Meow meow meow?Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotong only felt that the whole person was bad!


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