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1251 Girls Who Love To Laugh Are Not Too Bad Luck!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Shroud's worry is clearly and easy to see.

     That is whether Wei Shen and the others would take advantage of this opportunity to touch them when Liu Zilang and the others pressed their faces.

     When the time comes, the two sides have just finished a wave of close combat and they are dissatisfied, and everything will be cheaper than the team.

     In fact, before Shroud had time to think too much, the harsh rubbing sound in the smoke went from far to near.

     Although they couldn't see clearly, Shroud and Bieber were also clearly aware that the "steel behemoth" in the smoke was constantly approaching where they were.

     It's definitely impossible to shoot with a gun. The opponent is holding that thing in front of him, and the bullet can't penetrate it.

      Thought until here, the two almost agreed by chance and took out the grenade.

     No matter what they see or not, they always have to throw a few thunders to try their luck.




     The crisp sound of string pulling sounded in my ears.

     In the smoke, the jeep behind the ship was in the driving position.

     Zhang Xiaotong looked at the distance of getting closer and closer, her little face couldn't help being filled with anxiety and nervousness and said, "What should I do? Will they throw thunder and blow me up?"

     "it's okay no problem."

     Liu Zilang said calmly and calmly, "He will make him strong, Clear Moon Shines Upon A River, let's not panic."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong didn't feel any sense of security. Instead, he flipped a supercillious look towards him fiercely.

     Liu Zilang smiled honestly when he saw this, clenched his fists hard and said, "Come on Xiaotongtong! You are the fattest...great!"

     After speaking, he kept a safe distance from the jeep Zhang Xiaotong driving in front of him, not a word or movement, to prevent being accidentally injured by the grenade thrown from the opposite side.Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong driving a Jeep pushing the boat hard in front, and the incomparably obscure figure following behind, the audiences off the field and in the live broadcast room were shocked and dumbfounded!

     "My God! Vic is too brutal."

     "It's so deranged to let Xiaotongjiang wear a shield in front and hide behind herself!"

     "Shameless, shameless! Despicable, despicable!"

     "Knife in hand, follow me, grab Tongjiang, kill the dog!"


     On the commentary stage, Hai Tao also said in shock, "What does Vic want to do? Why do you want Xiaotongjiang to push the explosion-proof shield alone."

     "Um..." Master Rong touched his chin hesitated for a moment, and suddenly his eyes shined, as if he had guessed something. "I understand, this wave of Vic wants Xiaotongjiang to attract firepower in front, so he takes the opportunity to go here Steal people!"

     "Huh..." Tuantuan tilted the head, wondering, "Is this possible?"

     Haitao was stunned, and took a closer look at the situation on the bridge, then suddenly started talking, "Huh? Don't say it, Shroud and the others didn't seem to have discovered it yet, then Vic's trick might really work.

     Hai Tao was right. Shroud and Bieber who were warming up the grenade hadn't really noticed it yet.

     Think about it, if it is under normal circumstances and Shroud's abnormal hearing, even if you can't see anything in front of you covered in smoke, you must have already noticed that there is a missing car behind.

     The problem is that the ship is rubbing sparks scatter on the ground, making the entire bridge deck look like a large construction site, and the noise is "buzzing" in my ears.In this case, even if Shroud's hearing is abnormal, it is impossible to tell how many carts are behind him.

     Cang Dang!

     The sound of the grenade landing suddenly sounded.

     Hearing this sound, Zhang Xiaotong, who was driving the jeep behind the boat, felt his heart tremble, and couldn't help but screamed "Wow".


     The next moment, the explosion of ear-splitting hits!

     Perhaps due to being too close, Zhang Xiaotong, whose eardrums were blown up and trembling, was so scared that he closeds the eyes directly, and some of them were afraid to look at the screen and asked Liu Zilang:

     "Aaaaaaahhh! I'm dead, I'm dead!"

     "It's okay, you're still alive."


     Zhang Xiaotong took a long breath.

     The clinker was just at this moment, and there was a loud sound in his ears, and the thunder that Shroud threw also exploded.

      Not surprisingly, there was another scream in the voice.

     "Ahhh! I'm dead!"

     "Not dead or dead!"



     And when the two repeated the conversation, Liu Zilang had already reached the front with the gun in his hand and covered by smoke.

     Then he decisively fell down and climbed down, moving forward along the bridge deck.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang still didn't forget to encourage Zhang Xiaotong to say, "Don't stop, don't stop, keep pushing forward."

     Zhang Xiaotong hummed somewhat discontented twice, but she still pushed the speedboat forward with a trembling heart.

     "Wow! Didn't Bieber and Shroud's two mines blow up?""Xiaotongjiang's luck is too good, it seems it is another koi from Se7en2."

     "Oh! Shroud didn't seem to give up yet. He found another thunder."

     "It's okay, the girl who loves to laugh will not be too bad luck, Xiaotongjiang will not die in this wave."



     The grenade flew out of Shroud's hand, made an arc in the air, and flew somewhere through the smoke.

     Kang Dang——!

     Kang Dang——!

     Different from the previous two times, this time the grenade seemed to hit twice in the smoke.

     In the next moment, after a brief silence, the court suddenly "boomed" a loud sound!

     Zhang Xiaotong was so scared that he closed his eyes again, lose one's head out of fear and said, "Aaaaaaahhh! I'm dead! I'm dead!"

     In the smoke. The creeping Liu Zilang does not turn round, he said with relief casually, "It's all right, you didn't..."

     Halfway through the conversation, Liu Zilang's voice with a grunting sound it stops, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but "ge-deng".


     Liu Zilang's Adam's apple rolled, and continued with some difficulty, "You...dead."

     Zhang Xiaotong: ...

     She opened her eyes, but found that she had fallen on her knees, and a line of System Notification was flashed on the screen.

     "C9-Shroud used a grenade to blow up Xiaotong sauce!"

     Host the commentary stage.

     Rong Ye and Hai Tao also agree by chance, turn the head and looks to Tuan Tuan who just said, "Laughing girls will not have bad luck".


     The latter couldn't help but raised his hand and scratched his head, and chuckled a few times.During the game, Zhang Xiaotong was shocked for a while, and immediately somewhat flustered, "Hurry up, where are you, come and save me."

     "Come come! Xiaotongtong hold on!" Liu Zilang called in response.

     But he screamed, his body still crawling on the ground, trying to lower his voice little by little and move forward.

     The audience off the field saw the cold-hearted scene, and they all angrily criticized this guy as inappropriate.

      At the same time, Shroud and Bieber in the middle of the bridge saw a thunder blossoming, and the two immediately looked at each other!

     Bieber said with great joy in his eyes, "Nice! Amazing Shroud!"

     "Fortunately, fortunately." Shroud humbled a bit, and took out another thunder from his bag. "That guy must be saving people now. Watch my thunder kill them all."

     "Huh? how do you know he absolutely will save people immediately?" Bieber asked curiously.

     The corners of Shroud's mouth rose slightly, and a smile of food for thought appeared on his face.

     "Because Xiaotongjiang who was just blown down is his younger sister, don't worry, I heard that this guy is a gentleman..."


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